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Friday, August 04, 2006

Indigenous Industry Of Carnival Junk Food

Edible Brooklyn dishes out its quarterly summer ’06 issue with a front cover of Gregory & Paul’s by rolling out the history and fanfare of carnival junk foods. From its posh resorts and honky-tonk to the birth of Feltman’s hotdog which gave way to the nickel empire.

The memory of rich whiffs that emanated throughout the 40’s & 50’s….
…warm waffles from Maxie’s; potato knishes at Shatzkin’s; walkaway sundaes; pango pops; cups of fizzy,and just-mixed sarsaparilla.

To present food stands laden with hand-painted signs and neon…
…their fried brown and yellowy foods lined up beneath heating lamps, and while most items don’t look appetizing that hardly seems to matter; people enthusiastically dig in.

Luckily, the blend of today’s new New Yorkers are still represented.
...Puerto Rican mamis hawk homemade empanadas, and Mexican girls spear mangoes with sticks, dousing them with chili powder and lime.

Edible Brooklyn boasts about our borough’s rich food history and celebrates the borough's diverse food and delicious culture

Indigenous Industry Above the Boardwalk (pdf) [Edible Brooklyn]

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