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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloomberg's 40,000 Square Foot Skating Rink Plan

Bloomberg announced today that one of the features of the new Coney Island amusement area will be an ice skating rink situated at the base of the Wonder Wheel. According to NY1, the "40,000 square foot skating rink that would be bigger than Wollman Rink in Central Park […] and will be converted into a sailing pond in the summer."

In theory, this plan sounds pretty good. Considering that the lack of year round attractions (and employment) is one of Coney Island's primary problems, any plan that emphasizes a cold weather component should be welcomed.

At the same time, releasing such a fanciful tidbit as a follow up to the vague redevelopment plan seems like it might be more of a publicity move than a serious bit of actual planning.

Skating & Sailing Beneath Coney Wonder Wheel? [Curbed]
Smooth Sailing at Coney Ice-Land Skate Rink [New York Post]

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