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Friday, December 21, 2007

Nathan's Hot Dog Champion to Tackle Wings

The sports blog Hugging Harold Reynold's has reported that Nathan's Hot Dog eating champ Joey Chestnutt is preparing to contest buffalo wing eating champion Bill 'El Wingador' Simmons in February 8th's Wing Bowl 16 in Philadelphia. HHR holds the Philadelphia event in the same regard as the Coney Island event.
Wing Bowl seems to bring out the best eaters each and every year, and in all likelihood is as responsible for "legitimizing" the mainstream "appeal" of competitive eating as much as the famed Coney Island 4th of July Nathan's Hog Dog eating contest.
Unfortunately, Wing Bowl 16 is rumored to be the last wing bowl ever. The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, however, is not going anywhere.

The REAL Bill Simmons [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- post by Ben Nadler

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posted by Omar Robau @ 12/21/2007 02:36:00 AM 


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