Friday, May 28, 2010

Coney Vid: Time-Lapse of Luna Park Construction at Coney Island 2010

Time-Lapse of Luna Park Construction at Coney Island 2010

This time-lapse video was taken over the last few months. Constuction has come to an end and Luna Park opens to the public tomorrow, May 29, 2010.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coney Media Event: Luna Park Sneak Peek

The Coney Island Development Corporation has organized a media event for tomorrow morning for a sneak peek at the new Luna Park which opens this weekend. The event will be broadcast live on Good Day New York.  

Luna Park Sneak Peek Media Event
Friday, May 28th
7 am to 9 am
at W. 10th Street and Surf Avenue

A Tour To Save Coney's History From The Destructive Hammer Of Thor Equities

With the eminent danger of Coney Island's current historic building being demolished by by Demolition Thor, the greedy company who couldn't care less about the integrity of Coney Island, it's imperative to get the word out to save these buildings before it's too late.  'Save Coney Island' is conducting a walking tour on Luna Park's grand opening and point out the significance of these historic buildings like the Henderson, the Shore Hotel, the bank building, and the Grasshorn building.  And the importance of preserving these structures that go back over a hundred years to form part of Coney's historic district.  New York City has sacrificed too much of his history to new and wrong development.  This kind of greed and carelessness has run too rampant in our culture. 

Here is the full press release by 'Save Coney Island':


Grassroots Activist Group to Lead Preservation Tour on Park’s Opening Day

New York, NY – Thursday, May 28 — Grassroots activist group Save Coney Island today hailed the opening this weekend of Zamperla USA’s Luna Park as a key step toward the revitalization of Coney Island.

But, at the same time, Save Coney Island warned that Coney Island’s historic heritage is in grave danger, with speculator Thor Equities planning to demolish several of Coney Island’s most historically significant buildings.

“The opening of Luna Park is a cause for great celebration, a step toward restoring Coney Island to its glory days,” said Save Coney Island spokesman, Juan Rivero. “But at the same time, our celebration is tempered by the fact that the last remnants of those glory days are in danger of imminent demolition.”

This coming Saturday, May 29, as we celebrate Luna Park’s opening day, Save Coney Island will be leading a walking tour of Coney Island’s historic buildings to raise awareness. (The tour will meet at 11 a.m. in front of the Shore Theater, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Aves.)

While the city and ride manufacturer Zamperla USA are busy trying to create an exciting summer season for Coney Island, Thor Equities has been busy planning to destroy its history. “This summer is going to be about the demolition,” Thor Equities spokesperson Loren Riegelhaupt told The Brooklyn Paper.  Thor announced last month that it would immediately begin demolishing the properties it owns along Surf Avenue, including several historic buildings more than 100 years old.

“This is a tale of two Coney Islands,” said Rivero. “Luna Park is laying the groundwork for an exciting summer, while a block away Thor is planning to lay waste to Coney Island’s heritage, threatening to ruin all at once the area's past, present, and future.”

Among the structures believed to be in immediate danger are the amusement district’s oldest remaining building, the Grashorn Building (built in the late 1880s); the Henderson Music Hall building (built circa 1899), where Harpo Marx first performed with his brothers Groucho and Gummo; the Shore Hotel (built in 1903), which was until recently Coney Island’s last operating hotel, and the 1920s classical revival Bank of Coney Island.

“The Bloomberg administration needs to decide: Will this summer be remembered as the beginning of Coney Island’s rebirth? Or will be remembered as the summer that the City allowed an opportunistic developer to demolish Coney Island’s history?” Rivero said.

Along with Save Coney Island, those urging the preservation of these buildings include Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitzthe Municipal Art Society, and the Landmarks Conservancy.

Save Coney Island has joined other Coney Island and preservationist groups to propose the creation of a Coney Island Historic District to protect these and other buildings. Save Coney Island believes that Coney Island’s historic buildings should be restored and reused as a historic core around which to build a new and exciting 21st-century Coney Island, with attractions such as Luna Park.

“The opening of Luna Park is a key step toward creating a bright future for Coney Island,” said Rivero. “Equally important to ensuring Coney Island’s future is protecting and honoring its rich past.”


Save Coney Island is the volunteer, non-profit organization committed to restoring Coney Island as a world-class amusement destination for all New Yorkers and visitors.  For more information, see

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coney Events: Maximum Cowgirlesque!

Just like the "Old-Days" but even better... Two Shows in One... Chris McDaniel's Cowgirlesque PLUS The Great Throwdini's Maximum Risk.

You'll see knife throwing, trick roping, contortion, bullwhipping and burlesque in tonight's Burlesque at the Beach series. It'll be the second reunion of the cast of Maximum Risk - World Champions on the Edge! "Imagine what happens when a cowboy (Chris McDaniel) a pretty lady (Ekaterina) and a gentleman (Throwdini) play with ropes, whips, and knives" and watch Rosie 151 and Honi Harlow put the 'wild' in 'wild west'!

Burlesque at the Beach
Maximum Cowgirlesque
Friday, May 28th

10 pm
at the Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Flickr Convoy: Funny Face Adorns Tickler Ride Sign

Image courtesy of Pablo57 (

The new spinning coaster ride coming to Luna Park, called The Tickler, takes an original ride ('Wild Mouse') from Zamperla; the amusement company building Luna Park and renames it to pay homage to an old ride in Coney Island's original Luna Park.  

Join the Kinetic Carnival Flickr Group to add your Coney Island images and have them featured on this blog.

Coney Events: A Walk Through History

Take advantage and help highlight the importance of preserving the history of Coney Island with a tour of Luna Park on its opening day and of the last remaining buildings of Coney's history. 

...for a stroll down Surf Avenue in which we will discuss Coney Island's surviving historic buildings. Unfortunately, several of these buildings are threatened with imminent demolition.  These include Henderson's Music Hall, where Harpo Marx first performed with his brothers Groucho and Gummo, and the Grashorn Building, Coney Island's oldest structure.

We will have historic pictures so we can see what the buildings once were; and a few brand-new renderings illustrating how these buildings could be creatively restored and reused.

Coney Island History Walking Tour
Saturday, May 29th at 11:00 am
In front of the Shore Theater, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Aves.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birth Of Luna Park: Grand Entrance Gateway Is Up!

Images courtesy of Bruce Handy (facebook)

Would've been outstanding if these half moons and circles will actually swirl and rotate with magnificent lights.  However, they are already showing a new Coney Island coming to life with a promising future.  These great images were taken by Bruce Handy and found on his facebook. More of his images can be seen at 'Birth of Luna Park'. (facebook account required)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mayor Dick Zigun's State Of Coney Island Address

Coney Island's unofficial Mayor gives his annual State of Coney Island Address end of this month.
SUNDAY, MAY 30, 4:30PM, $5
at the Coney Island Museum 1208 Surf Ave.
between Stillwell Ave. and West 12th Street
Subway - D, Q N or F train to Stillwell Avenue/Coney Island

Dick Zigun, the Officially Unelected Mayor of Coney Island, will give his
annual overview of the current state of affairs in America's Playground.
Zigun is expected to highlight the launch of the New Luna Park, the
excitement of the long-anticipated "rebirth" of the amusement area, and the
remaining questions about the future of the important historic structures
that remain intact in Coney Island's historic district.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coney Vid: Bike Ride Passed Coney

Coney Island Impressions

Short film I made about going to Coney Island on a bike. Original music score by Pat Muscarella.

Posted by rapheevanoff  [YouTube]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rally To Save Coney Island's History Gathers Today

A citywide rally will form at City Hall this morning to help save what's left of Coney Island's history before Thor Equities destroys it forever.  Join Save Coney Island and the historic district council in support to get the remaining four buildings landmarked. The Henderson Building, the Coney Island Bank Building, the Shore Hotel, and the Grasshorn Building are all in the path of Thor's wrath.  If the New York Landmark Preservation doesn't line up these buildings for calendering.  The Shore Hotel and the Coney Island USA building (former Childs Building) were considered for landmark designation.

Save Coney Island press release states:
This Wednesday, May 12, at 10:00 A.M. Save Coney Island will be joining with other preservation-minded groups from across New York City at a citywide preservation rally at City Hall.

Please join us. This will be perfect opportunity to put Coney Island's preservation battle for in the citywide spotlight. We need you to make your voice heard.

WHAT:  Rally for Preservation
WHEN:  Wednesday, May 12th at 10am SHARP
WHERE:  City Hall Steps - 4,5,6, N or R Trains to City Hall.

For more information visit the Save Coney Island website.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Rebirth Of Coney: History Is Returning To Coney's Future

Image courtesy of Pablo 57 (

While some parts of Coney are being murdered, there still is a rebirth in other areas.  Out of the ashes left by the demise of Astroland, a bright new amusement park emerges.  And as if brought back from the past in high definition and in full color (for those who only know the old Coney through the recorded image), Luna Park is here again.  Paying homage to the original Luna Park, these entrance signs bring back the half moon designs that are so familiar to us from a part of Coney Islands' glorious and historic past.  It's exciting to see when there is respect for history in our city and a dedication to preserve it.

What Happened To The Coney Island Arcade Skeeball Mural

Image courtesy of Amusing the Zillion / Tricia Vita

After the devastating fire that hit the Coney Island Arcade last week, we were worried that the beautiful mural that was bestowed atop the Skeeball game was in direct place of the fire.  But after pictures of the aftermath, by Amusing the Zillion, reveal a missing mural with no direct fire damage, we wonder if the mural was saved.  Or perhaps it was luckily removed prior to the fire and saved by chance.

Killing Coney: Coney Historic Building Will Soon Be History

Image courtesy of Rubys Host

As Rubys Host brings to our attention, the Henderson building on the Bowery and Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island will is being prepared for demolition.  'Shoot the Star' game concession was closes and in the process of being removed.  Everything was beginning to come out for gutting prior to demolition.  A sad video will the the actual demolition of this historic building.  Preserving a few historic structures for Coney's future is of no importance to Joe Sitt and Thor Equities.  They are not interested in the community but their self gain.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Dreamland Roller Rink Will Not ReOpen This Season

It's going to be interesting to see how this summer season of 2010 will pan out with a new amusement park and possibly vacant land at Coney Island's front gates.  Unfortunately, Lola Star's Dreamland Roller Rink at the Childs Building on the boardwalk will not be part of the new season. 

Landlord, Taconic Investment Partners, did not want the rink back.   Diana Carlin a.k.a. Lola Star was saddened by the fact as she stated in her blog:

Dreamland Roller Rink won’t be returning to Coney Island this summer  [NY Post]

Coney Island Landlord Gives Roller Rink The Boot -
Posted by sltube7 [YouTube]

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

News Alert: Coney Island Arcade Catches Fire!

Coney arcade on the Bowery in Coney Island was on fire a couple of hours ago!  No known cause as of yet.  The building is on the corner of W. 12th St and the Bowery.  Next to the building is the Coney Island Bank Building which is owned by Thor Equities that has been rumored to be on the endangered list of Thor demolitions.  The fire seems to be between the arcade building, owned by a long-time Coney arcade operator, and the adjoining concession.  No word yet and the current status or outcome.  It is presumed that the fire has, at this point, not spread.

Discussion is undergoing at the Coney Island USA message board.

Images were e-mailed to Kinetic Carnival by an undisclosed tipster.

More images after the jump

Coney Events: America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow

Join The Great Fredini and special guest stars from the burlesque scene for America's Favorite Burlesque Game Show, This or That!

Burlesque at the Beach
This or That!
Friday, May 7th

at Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Coney LUNAtics Calling All LUNAtics For A LUNy Hoopla Fest

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and City Councilmemeber Dominic Recchia along with CIDC prez Lynn Kelly and Central Amusment Internationl's Valerio Ferrari has called to rally all Coney lovers for a campaign of support for the opening of the new amsusement park coming to Coney Island from the Italian amusment company; Zamperla.  As this was posted the LUNAtics should've formed and reallied by now.  We hope nothing but good vibes come out of this along with some new images for the new park opening happening this May 29th.

The LUNAtic campaign is to help best promote the opening of the newly arriving park.  Zamperla has been working round the clock to make sure the park opens with raving reviews on time and to make the best of what has been a failed Coney Island in the areas belonging to Thor Equities.  The plight of Thor is still a threat with new impending vacant lots that will may be newly created to welcome Coney visitors upon exiting the Stillwell Subway station.