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Lola Staar And Micro Celeb Friends On Coney Testimony

Here are the scoping testimonies of Lola Staar and friends (Some New York Celebs with some New York micro celebs) giving their 'Save Coney Island' testimonies while have having a splash at the "Dreamland" movie [movie?] premier somewhere outside of Coney Island, of course. Despite some Coney Island celeb fans (like Rosie Perez, and Drena Dinero) and a few micro celebs making their quick in-party-mode 'testimonies', Diana (Lola) introduced the video and reminded us of our chance to make our testimony in writing before June 11th.

Meanwhile, the usually peeved and bitter poster,
FixConey on the Coney Island message board has singled out Lola (Diana) Staar and the 'Save Coney Island' group as a sham for not showing up at the scoping meeting last Tuesday and instead was looking pretty rubbing shoulders with Manhattan's high society at the premier of her movie "Dreamland" (Where can we see the movie trailer?). In her defence one poster pointed out that Diana is not the exclusive representative of the "Save Coney" group. It also includes the Coney Island USA organization and some at the Coney Island History Project.

Follow the discussion on the Coney Island USA message board.

Scoping Testimonies from "Dreamland" Movie Premier

Public Scoping Hearing Testimonies broadcast from premier of Dreamland, a new documentary about Lola Staar's Dreamland Rollerrink. Special appearances by Rosie Perez, Angie Pontani, Dreena De Niro, Murray Hill and Lola Staar.

Posted by
SaveConeyIsl [YouTube]

Mermaid Video By RocketBoom

Click image to go to video

Daily with Joanne Colan brings us this Coney Island video of the 2008 Coney Island Mermaid Parade by Rocketboom.

City Zones In To Color Their 9 Acres For You

With rendering after rending Coney Island 'visionaries' have been presenting to the public new sketches and drawings. Each have come more muddled then the one before. All except for the city's (Bloomberg's) plans presented last November, which have showed, thus far, the most reasonable and somewhat fair plan able to do justice to a realistic functionality of a huge redevelopment, while preserving the largest possible amusement area. But now that the city has made some swift behind-the-curtain changes to the plan and shrinking the amusements to a mere nine acres, they have given us a muddled water color view of street level amusements that look generically carnivalesque yet without the name brand establishments they have stated the new Coney (retail) entertainment will consist of.

Here a a couple of watercolor renderings presented at the last public Scoping meeting this past Tuesday, June 24th.

New York Observer reports:

All goes without saying that renderings are a crucial tool in the battle to win public support for development projects in the city. The last batch made by the city, now somewhat obsolete given that the plan has since been modified, emphasized rides and roller coasters, whereas this time the city seems to be trying to stress the street-level vitality that could come as a result of the plan.

At Coney, City Switches To Watercolors To Win Over the Masses [NY Observer]
City Presents New & Different Coney Island Renderings [Gowanus Lounge]
Coney Island V3.1 Renderings, Watercolor Edition [Curbed]

Friday, June 27, 2008

Charles Denson Speech At Coney Scoping Meeting

Here is Charles Denson speaking at the 2nd Public Scoping Meeting. The Coney Island Development Corporation (well not all its member directors) and the City has taken their time to develop this plan and has also taken the time to present their case at the public meeting. A time limit for the public to speak sounds fair for the flow of the evening. However there should not have been a time limit for individuals like Dick Zigun and Charles Denson. It is unfortunate and sad to see how the moderator was adamant in not letting Mr. Denson finish his speech. He even stood up and demand Mr. Denson step away from the microphone. This is unfair and does not seem to reflect the purpose of a public scoping meeting.

Charles Denson Speech At Coney Scoping Meeting

2nd Scoping Meeting held by the CIDC and the City to hear public opinion the now revised plan that many feel does not represent the Coney Island character and spirit because it turns Coney Island into a corporate retail every-where-else America.

Posted by *ConeyHOP [YouTube]
*Send to Kinetic Carnival by Bill Nicholson

The New Coney Island USA Building Sets The Stage

Photos courtesy of the Coney Island News And Events Blog

The glorious new stage at the Coney Island Museum comes with a new proscenium and plush stage curtains. This past week the new and still-under-construction Coney Island USA building interior had a bit of activity with the public. First it had a dry run during the Mermaid Parade...

Coney Island News And Events blog writes:

Our first customers!! Saturday was amazing. The parade was the best I've ever seen it and having people in the new bar brought tears to my eyes. It will only get better from here.

...Then right after the Mermaid Parade the scenery was set for
Savitri D's hunger strike station where she spent most of her time chatting live over the Internet with many who kept here company to chat about anything including the issues regarding Coney Island and the upcoming Scoping Meeting.

Keep up with the Coney Island building progress at the Coney Isand USA construction blog.

Derelict Building Ready To Be Demolished Along Stillwell Ave

Found to be ready for demolition by Coney Island USA message poster Coney_Islander, this old decaying building located on 2864 Stillwell Avenue between Mermaid and Neptune Avenues has been practically crumbling on its own. It has been abandoned for many years.

Dick Zigun posts:

It is a wooden residential building on Stillwell that has been derelict and unused for years. Sorta nice but pretty far gone. They will also demolish another building in similar bad condition directly behind it. Wouldn't surprise me if the demolitions was the first step in putting up a new residential bldg on the site. Better there then south of Surf Avenue.

Photos courtesy Screwtape (CIUSA message board poster)

Follow the discussion on the Coney Island USA message board where Mr. Zigun asks Charlie Denson what this building demolished were. Where they small hotels or rooming houses and did they once have names?

Flap Your Flippers At The Aquarium

Get a $3 dollar discount and submerse yourself in an underwater world at the New York Aquarium.

From the NY Aquarium website:
Experience an underwater world filled with fascinating marine life and make sure to check showtimes for the Sea Lion Celebration! Experience this one of a kind show featuring our California Sea Lions. Come wet your curiosity with an interactive show full of acrobatics, education and fishy sea lion feedings.

Visit their website for discount information.

Test Your Coney Knowledge

In honor of the Cyclone's 81st Anniversary, Jason Plautz's Mental-floss writer wants to test your Coney Island knowledge with this Coney Island Quiz.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

They Are Giving The Cyclone Roller Coaster Away.

It may not be the actual Cyclone but a miniature replica, presented by Bank of America, which you could home with you, if you are one of the first of 2,500 fans in attendance for the game against Hudson Valley which takes place on June 30th. For info visit the Brooklyn Cyclones website.

Coney Events: Seaside Summer 2008 Concert Series

From the Seaside Summer Concerts, in Brooklyn, website:

The 30th Annual Seaside Summer Concert Series performances are held
Thursday nights at 7:30 pm
at Asser Levy/Seaside Park
at West 5th Street and Surf Avenue
in Coney Island/Brighton Beach, across the street from the New York Aquarium.
Performers are subject to change without notice.
Call the concert hotline for updates at 718-222-0600
Bring your own chair.
Only a limited number of chairs will be available for
a $5 rental fee is required.
NO cameras, NO audio or video recording, NO alcohol, NO pets, NO bottles NO smoking!



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Scoping Meeting Flickr Pics From GerritsenBeach.Net Blogger

Posted by GerritsenBeach.Net (

Scoping Meeting Vids: Reverend Billy, Queen Mermaid, Amos Wengler

These were recorded and posted on YouTube by the wonderful blogger

Reverend Billy and Save Coney Song

Posted by
gerritsenbeach (YouTube)

Mermaid Speech

Posted by
gerritsenbeach (YouTube)

Dick Zigun Scoping Meeting Speech Vid

Dick Zigun Speech

Posted by
gerritsenbeach (YouTube)

Scoping Meeting Video From WNBC NY

Scoping Meeting

Posted by
coney112006 (YouTube)

Scoping Meeting Video From NY1

Scoping Meeting

Posted by
coney112006 (YouTube)

Coney Public Scoping Meeting Turns It Up

Photo by Getty Images

Mostly headed by performance/activist Reverend Billy, the Coney Island Public Scoping Meeting was a bit livelier with "Coney-lujah" praises including the night's theme song by Amos Wengler. Though there were many supporters to the city's plan to redevelop Coney Island despite a much smaller amusement core, there were many outspoken opposers. Dick Zigun, former board director of the Coney Island Development Corporation, who announced his resignation which took affect the night of the meeting, accuses the new plan of defining entertainment as a video game simulation for a fancy Radio Shack store, giant piano keys for a Toys R Us, and a rock climbing wall for a Niketown.

As reported by the AM New York

“Two months ago, the process broke down,” he said. “I didn’t change my mind on the plan; the city gutted our plan. I didn’t leave the CIDC; the CIDC left me.”

“Who is this plan for?” asked Savitri D., the Memaid Parade queen who had been on a hunger strike since Saturday to protest the proposal. “Is it for a developer? Is it for an elected’s legacy? Is it for an elected’s pocket? Because I don’t see the people of Coney Island in very many of these drawings.”

The City and the CIDC, however continued defending the plan. The NY1 writes:

"It's certainly an important part of the public process for zoning. So I'm actually glad that people came out tonight so that we can hear their opinions and modify the scope accordingly," said Lynn Kelly of Coney Island Development Corporation.

See the NY1 Video here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is the moment you've all been waiting. It's time to stand up and save the spirit of Coney Island Amusements! Come in all your splendour and voice yourselves at the Public Scoping Meeting!

Public Scoping Meeting
Tuesday, June 24th 2008

at Lincoln High School
2800 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, New York

Click here for directions to Lincoln High School.

If you can't go, present your thoughts in writing until July 11th.

by Mail:
New York City Economic Development Corporation
110 William Street
New York, New York 10038
Attention: Rachel Belsky, Vice-President

by E-mail:

Walrus At NY Aquarium Dies

Ayveq, the walrus 14 year old walrus from the New York Aquarium has died reports the Brooklyn Paper:
“We are all still in shock about it,” Aquarium Director Jon Forrest Dohlin said. “He was an absolute delight. He had a magnetism and a charm that was totally his own. He loved people and he knew how to work a crowd and entertain guests.

Denson And Savitri D On Brian Lehrer Show

Charles Denson and Savitri D spoke about the revised city plan for Coney that has diminished the amusement core to a mere nine acres of retail 'entertainment' on the Brian Lehrer Show yesterday morning. Savitri D who was this year's Queen Mermaid of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade has been protesting since the parade march by refusing to eat while being on exhibit through a window at the Coney Island USA building until the Public Scoping Meeting that will be held tonight at 6pm at Lincoln High School located at 2800 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11235. For directions click here.

Starving For Attention
(Note: To listen click on forward arrow in box at bottom left below)

You can follow the discussions on both the
Brian Lehrer Show message board and the Coney Island USA message board.

Picture above courtesy of Rubys Host

Monday, June 23, 2008

KC Chat With Hunger Striking Savitri D

Savitri D went under the username coneyislandmermaid. Chatter is another person who commented.

* * *

KC: Good morning - you look in good spirits this morning

coneyislandmermaid: Thanks yes I slept!

KC: Is this the first time you put yourself through this kind of thing for a protest?

coneyislandmermaid: Yeah I have never fasted like this or lived in a window before, I have fasted before with juice and maple syrup but never just water and never with this other value

KC: Sorry to bring up food but have you planned what and where you'll eat when the fast is over?

coneyislandmermaid: no i was thinking a smoothi first, then I will probably crave something a bit stronger

KC: Sounds good. Do you believe with the opposition the city has received through Zigun’s resignation, the recent Save Coney rallies, your hunger strike, and tomorrow’s most likely huge turnout, that it will be enough to sway the city into rethinking it’s strategy?

coneyislandmermaid: I think we have to make a very strong showing tomorrow, we have to love Coney Island on the record, send a signal that we are game and passionate and ready to fight for a long time

KC: It seems that the city doesn’t quite know how to define the character of Coney and what kind of 'entertainment' belongs here. Do you agree that we (all who want to save Coney) need to do a better job to help,, specifically define that for them - instead of just opposing every plan that comes from them and the developers?

coneyislandmermaid: Yes absolutely some development, some change is inevitable, I think we have to be realistic but that doesn't mean we have to surrender to a complete makeover, a totalizing change that doesn't do anyone any good, because the reason people come here is because it's special - if it looks like Houston then who cares. Its a long ride on the F train just to get to here. I think it's critical to build a protection for independent business and support the local economy. The minute you let the chains in here it's over

Chatter: Charlie Denson is the man who has the city's ear.

coneyislandmermaid: I expect him to represent the neighborhood well tomorrow night.

coneyislandmermaid: Yes he knows everything about this place.
He's the true hope, the one who has the influence. He and i are going on Brian Lehrer in about an hour.

KC: I agree. And that's tough because the city and past administrations have never thought like that when it comes to 'revitalizing' a part of the city. Also with the weakened economy it's difficult for independent biz to thrive. But you're right - the city needs to work towards aiding them and attracting the small biz to function here.

Chatter: We have to be clear on one thing though; Coney island has had chains in its history. the space you are in right now was a subway sandwhich shop.

Chatter: Carvel was next to the El Dorado bumper cars, Mcdonalds was on the boardwalk, Kentucky Fried Chicken was on the boardwalk.

coneyislandmermaid: Small businesses have been weathering this economic storm better than the big ones, because they are more flexible and adaptive. NYC has a real decision to make about local business, we can pretend that big stores and little stores are all playing an a free market game but the game is rigged - big boxes receive millions in subsidies etc...

Chatter: One thing that many of these chains have failed and places like Ruby's and Gregory and Paul's, on the boardwalk, have been around a long time.

coneyislandmermaid: i know there have been chains her in the past, but nothing like what you will see with this development, and those fast food places tend to be franchises as well which means at least some of the money stay local, Im talking about Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Toys R Us, these are huge multi national stores and they don't play nice.

Chatter: Sstarbucks is creeping in, they are on cropsey ave only a mile away!

coneyislandmermaid: Yeah it's interesting--why do the local shops thrive here and the chains come and go?*

: Because chain food is awful

KC: Well I'm looking forward to hearing you at the meeting and getting this across to the city.

coneyislandmermaid: Thanks for coming around! See you at the meeting.

KC: And we appreciate what you're doing and what you've done before for what's best for this city.

coneyislandmermaid: I LOVE NEW YORK SO MUCH!

KC: thanks!

Live Feed Of Hunger Strike Comes With Live Chat

Well past midnight, the live cam and chat went on with Savitri D as she protests the city's revised plan for Coney Island. The live feed and hunger strike is up until the Scoping Meeting Tuesday, June 24th at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Lincoln High School and everyone who wants to keep the character and amusements thriving in Coney Island should attend the meeting and express your opinion.

Watch the live feed below, which will be up for the duration of the hunger strike.

LIVE FEED-Queen Mermaid SAVITRI D's Hunger Strike!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Flickr Pics Of 2008 Mermaid Parade

Image courtesy of joe holmes ( pics of Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2008


Don't forget to get dressed in all your hoopla and get out to see the Mermaid Parade today! Bring along that active spirit to SAVE CONEY ISLAND!!!

Professor Solomon Laments The Future Of Coney

A little while back I had asked a few questions to Professor Solomon about his feelings as to what's shaping up or not in the continuing saga of the Coney Island redevelopment. Here's what he answered about the uncertainty of Coney's future. One that even mechanical Gypsy fortunetellers in booths can't predict!

Professor Solomon bills himself as an “amateur professor” Professor Solomon is a findologist - which basically means an expert at finding lost objects. He has also written a book about Coney Island which explores the amusement area and its history and interviews with Coney old-timers. The book "Coney Island" is available for free and can be downloaded in full here.

His bio states:

He has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” National Public Radio’s “What Do You Know?” and other shows. He was recently seen in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary “Lost and Found.” His Twelve Principles were featured by Family Circle magazine as their “Great Idea” of the month.

* * *

KC: What are your feelings on the proposals for Coney Island by Thor Equities and Joe Sitt?

PS: What I've always enjoyed about Coney Island has been the character of the place--carnival-like, raffish, "downscale." The vision offered by Thor is one of a glitzy, Las Vegas-like, upscale sort of place. Such may be inevitable, economically, but lamentable to anyone enamored of the old Coney Island.

KC: What are your feelings towards what the Mayor announced [last November] recently?

PS: The Mayor's plan offers hope that the present character of Coney Island will be at least partly preserved.

Do you think his parkland plans will be stopped?

PS: It's hard to say if the plan will succeed. There does seem to be political opposition to it in some quarters.

What do you think will happen--what are your predictions? Do you think this will be the usual promises-made-promises-broken that will keep Coney Island in waiting for many more years?

PS: Until recently, there were [mechanical] Gypsy fortunetellers to be found in booths at Coney Island. But even they might have hesitated to predict the future of the place. It may be that political squabbling and other complications that will keep Coney Island in its current state for many years. (Although maybe that's to be welcomed!)

I also wanted to know what you feel or fantasize Coney Island SHOULD be like.

PS: I guess I wish that Coney Island could just be left alone by the various powers that be. For all its obvious problems, I much enjoy going out to Coney Island at present. That would no longer be true if it got glitzified. (Not to mention the years of construction noise and such.)

I would welcome improvements at Coney Island--but on a small operator level, rather than by corporate entities.

Alas, that's probably not going to be the case.

Its future? I'm no fortuneteller, so I'll just wait and see.

* * *

Solomon is the author of How to Find Lost Objects, published by Penguin Books. His other publications include Japan in a Nutshell, Coney Island, How to Make the Most of a Flying Saucer Experience and The Book of King Solomon.

Here's Your NYC 2008 Mermaid Parade Transit Advisory

(Click image for larger view)

Coney Treasure Finds Of Handmade Jewelry

(Click image for larger view)

Get your Coney fix with these beautifully handmade pieces from Etsy, the place to buy and sell all things handmade. They have many items inspired by Coney Island. Included in their Coney item list are the Parachute Jump ties we mentioned before.

(Click image for larger view)

Esty writes:

I love the noise of a carnival and Coney Island is the most treasured carnival in the world. I included photo charms of old and new photos of coney island each covered in a super glossy professional finish. Then the charms, some wonderful charms of a Ferris Wheel, bumper cars, a roller coaster, carousel horse and a roller coaster car. The beads are blue and green lamp work with a little pink glass pearl for some vibrant color splash. The silver plated chain is 8 1/4 inches long and fully adjustable with the little lobster claw clasp.

Coney Island New York Mermaid Souvenir Charm Bracelet

Coney Island was born in an age before the omnipresent personal injury lawyer. As a result, rides tended to be less "keep your hands inside the car at all times" and more "hang on and hope you don't shatter your femur".

Ferris Wheel Color TTV Photographic Earrings

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'Stacey & Tony's Wedding' Alive At The Sideshow

It's actually a real wedding, not a new take on the old interactive off-Broadway production. Here is a nice little video of Stacey & Tony's very Coney Island Sideshow wedding. And it comes will all the Sideshow workings and trimmings from matching Smiley Face wedding bands, Sideshow banner wedding cake, personalized Marie Robert's style sideshow wedding banner, freakshow performances, and a romantic newlywed walk through the famous backdrop of the Coney amusements.

The video which you can watch
here is a picture collage of photos taken by Marcie Revens Photography.

Before The Mermaids!

Photo courtesy of The Bowery Boys

The Coney Island event that marked the end of the season by giving it the grand finale was the island's original parade that drew on an average, from about a *quarter of a million spectators *and grew to a half a million, from 1903 to 1954. It was the Coney Island Mardi Gras Parade, which took place every September for about half a century.

The wonderfully fact filled website that takes you through New York's memory lane: The Bowery Boys pays tribute to this historic Coney Island tradition in time for this weekend's Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The current parade, a huge New York cultural event, pays homage to the Coney Mardi Gras parade. Conceived and created by Dick Zigun of the Coney Island USA organization, The Mermaid Parade
marches on this Saturday, June 21, 2008 at about 2pm.

The Bowery Boys writes:

Despite rampant (probably exaggerated) violence, the parade became the star of a wacky Fatty Arbuckle-Buster Keaton film, the 1915 'Coney Island'. It hit celluloid later in 1935 in the Popeye the Sailor Man short 'King of the Mardi Gras'.

By 1921, the parade had to deal with a new menace -- Prohibition. "
It was agreed that Prohibition had struck Coney Island a staggering blow." Many revelers dressed in costumes that "referred satirically to blue law advocates."

* 1913 and 1921 New York Times articles

Coney Island Wishing!

New York news guy, George Weber, who's been broadcasting for more than a decade on WABC stations cries out for someone to think out of the box and save Coney Island from something it ain't supposed to be. He also says he's spoken to a Disney Park Development person about Disney stepping in to save Coney. It's known, or speculated, that the Disney Company has given it a slight thought but hesitated.

George Weber the news guy writes:
About eight years ago, while working for WABC, I had the opportunity to have an email conversation with the man in charge of theme park development for the Walt Disney Company, which owned our radio station. I suggested to him that Disney should consider resurrecting the dying amusement park

Like it or not, they did it to Times Square and they could easily do it to Coney Island. They call themselves Imaginears (get it, think Mickey), but unfortunately, they're not being very imaginative when it comes to Coney Island. Someone needs to step up to the plate and think out of the box and make this place as magical as it was for a little kid growing up in the roaring 20's.

Hunger Strike To Protest Coney's Retail Entertainment Hell

In protest to the city's newly revised plan which shrinks the amusement core even further in order to place the kind of 'entertainment' that belongs to retail etablishments, this year's Mermaid Parade Queen Savitri D will go on a hunger strike. The will be begin her fast during the Mermaid Parade and go without eating until the scoping meeting on June 24th at 6pm.

And so it is our freaky-monarchical DUTY to use this power to SAVE Coney Island from the gentrifying apocalypse of RETAIL ENTERTAINMENT HELL!

There will aslo be a live webcam feed which will start Sunday, June 22nd where Savitri D can be montired during here strike.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Retro 1991 Coney Island Sideshow

Photo courtesy of Julie Wilson World (

Julie Wilson, native Brooklyn painter and illustrator, has posted more photos, of which we posted earlier this week, of 1991 Coney Island Sideshow on She has created two sets on her Flickr page: Coney Island and Mermaid Parade 1991.

Julie Wilson now lives in Santa Monica, California and has a website: "
Welcome to the Wonder World of Julie Wilson" and two blogs: "The World of WHATEV" and "A bit of Whatev"

Coney Vid: Retro 1986 Dainty Adora at Coney Island

Here we have more glimpses into the not so distant Coney Island when the Coney Island USA Sideshows by the Seashore was housed on the boardwalk. Dainty Adora is fired up and funny.

Dainty Adora at Coney Island 1986

Dainty was a wacky drag queen opera diva in 1986 and she adored having Nelson video her antics. Video by Nelson Sullivan .

Posted by
nelsonsullivan [YouTube]

Coney USA Building May Open Provisionally For Mermaid Parade

Photo courtesy of Coney Island News and Events blog

The designy walls have been finished and ready for coloring at the Coney Island USA building. They plan to be open provisionally in time for the Mermaid Parade, though the interior may still be in the process of completion.

The white walls we've gotten used to over the last few months are just about to disappear. Our new creation is going to go from being a clean, white sculpture to being a real venue. It's a transformation that will only happen once.

Community Board 13 Upcoming Meeting

Coney Island's Community Board 13 (which also covers Brighton Beach, Seagate, and Gravesend) will be meeting next Wednesday at the Coney Island Hospital.

June 25, 2008

7 p.m.
at the Coney Island Hospital
Ocean Parkway (Avenue Z)
For more info call: (718) 266-3001

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Image courtesy of weissfoto (

Visions for Coney Island Differ: Breathtaking Rides, or Shopping? [New York Times - Big City]
Everything was closed at Coney Island [Skipping throug life]
Daily News writer chokes in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest trial run [NY Daily News]
Has Thor's Hammer Come Down on a Coney Dissident? [Brownstoner]
Coney’s Summer of Hope Experiences Shrinkage [Gowanus Lounge]
Coney Island Case Study Part II: Public Scoping Meeting Redux [The Campaign For Community-Based Planning]
Get On Board With Giz's NYC Summer Meetup at Coney Island [Gizmodo]
The NYPD Harasses a Photographer at Coney Island [Village Voice - Runnin' Scared]
Hugs In Coney Island [The Sarah That Never Sleeps]
Bklink: Dangerous Cyclone? [Gowanus Lounge]
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How Long Is a Coney Island Minute? [NY Times - City Room]
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The 19th Annual Ancestors of the Middle Passage on Coney Island [why? because I feel like it]
Many chances to get to the beach this summer by bike [Bike Blog]
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Coney Island [The Piper Times]

Coney Island []
The Week In Pictures [The New York Times]
Touch New York? Coney Island Night [Geng's space]
Reminder: Coney Island Art Festival on Sunday June 8! [The View Point: Marino Phtography Blog]
Coney Island [English Scholar Initiative View]
Visions of Coney Island [The Errant Aeshtete]

Coney Island Chris

Coney Island Chris in action with an animal trap and eats a light bulb!
Posted by
nerdy4121 [YouTube]

Coney Music Vid: Cleaning up Coney Island

This music video which played at last year's Coney Island Film Festival comes to us from Jollyship the Whiz-Bang,

Jollyship the Whiz-Bang in "Cleaning up Coney Island"

"When our lord in Heaven Jesus Christ created the universe he made a few mistakes! Vile Monsters he was embarrassed at the sight of, so cast away into a deep pit. And this he covered with water and called The Ocean, and in those briny depths lurks things no man should touch! Only hunt, kill... never love"

Jollyship the Whiz-Bang in "Cleaning up Coney Island" is a video for their song "Kill it if it Don't Got Feet."

Directed by Noah Todd, Director of Photography: Gill Seltzer.
Filmed on location at Coney Island NY

Posted by
captainclamp [YouTube]

Fab New Look For Coney Island History Project's Website

The Coney Island History Project has revamped their website with a great new look along with many more updates.

The Coney Island History Project website has many marvelous updates! First of all, there's a fabulous new home page, with boxes that change color when you scroll your mouse over them like a carnival game. The home page also has a link to the CIHP's new flickr photostream. It's in the same box as the MySpace link. The flickr site was conceived as a visual diary of visitors and activities at the exhibition center.

Updates include a new and nicer collections search. At the bottom of the search page you can find a rotating display of Featured Items from the Collection including most recent searches. You can search from :
postcards, tilyou, tilyou portrait, the whip, elephant hotel, Roller coasters, Stauch's, magic carpet, mermaid, carousel horses

They have also modified the Photo Gallery and Hall of Fame as well as an events calendar which includes archived events. And coming soon: more info on the Coney Island Amusement Icon exhibit which starts this month and runs to September.

Last but not least the Ask Mr. Coney section was upgraded and a new answer from Mr. Coney added:
Remembering Ravenhall’s June 12th, 2008

What became of the swimming pool known as raven hall? I remember passing it on my way to the beach. Wasn’t it a salt water pool with access to the beach from the swimming pool through a gate near the boardwalk? I remember dancing under the boardwalk at Bay 12 . What a great time back in the early 50’s. — Joan

Image courtesy of the Coney Island History Project collection
(click image for larger view)

There's more to view at the CIHP collection like wonderful advertisement brochures that were produced by the Coney Island Chamber of Commerce. It's all worth more than a gander for all those Coney Island lovers.