Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zamperla Plays Nice Landlord For One More Year

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Amusement operator of Luna Park; Zamperla, which recently starting showing Thor-like signs has had a change of heart and let the small businesses on the boardwalk stay for another year. As reported on Amusing the Zillion, the Boardwalk ,8 as they've been called, were supposed to sign leases yesterday.  Also noted by ATZ was that the deal could still go either way.  Sources said the lease has many stipulations, including a confidentiality clause which, may indicate the make or break in the deal.  No word yet on whether the Boardwalk 8 has already signed the lease.  All but Shoot-the-Freak will stay in their current locations.  The paint but attraction will relocated to make way for the entrance to Scream Zone; the long awaited coaster for Coney Island.  

This reprieve from Zamperla is supposedly temporary.  At the end of 2011, the Boardwalk 8 must vacate to make way for Zamperla to continue with their plans to remake the boardwalk in their own taste.  A taste some will scoff at and some will welcome.

ATZ writes:
The one-year reprieve for the Mom and Pops would end on November 1, 2011, when they will be required to pack up and go. The lease is said to be for the same amount of rent as previous years. Ruby’s, Paul’s Daughter, Cha Cha’s and others paid $100,000 for the season. An additional season would give the businesses an opportunity to set aside some money for moving costs and time to find a new location. Zamperla’s Central Amusement International has a 10-year lease on the City-owned property. As ATZ first reported last year, Zamperla also has an exclusive contract with Sodexo for food and facilities management.