Friday, November 30, 2007

Art Gallery Shows Coney Some Love

Image courtesy of artez'n

Artez'n - a store and art gallery located in downtown Brooklyn- will be holding an opening for their 'I Love Coney Island' group show this Friday. Artez'n seems to be more devoted to practical things than most art galleries; the show consists of not only paintings and photographs, but 't-shirts, bags, barware, & more,' as well. Nonetheless, you can't argue with a show called 'I Love Coney Island', and it might be a good chance to pick up some Coney themed Christmas gifts.

Opening:November 30

444 Atlantic Avenue
show runs through January

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Hot Dog!

Gothamist has done an in depth posting on the vanishing art of New York City hot dogs. While Nathan's does not make their list of 'legendary hot dog outposts' at all, Coney Island Joe's is right at the top of that list. This is quite impressive, considering that Coney Island Joe's is now "abandoned […] fenced in and shuttered."

Image courtesy of Gothamist

Let Us Now Praise Famous Hot Dogs [Gothamist]

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Director Charles Denson Presents: Coney Island Past, Present & Future

Director The Coney Island History Project, Charles Denson Presents to discuss the city's new parkland plans to revive Coney Island along with exclusive images never seen before!


Charles Denson, executive director of the Coney Island History Project, will talk about the city's new proposal to revive and preserve the amusement area by making it into parkland. He will also explore the fascinating changes Coney Island has undergone, from its extraordinary amusement park identity to its decline and to its survival, using never-before-seen photos. Denson is a Coney Island native and the author of the award-winning book "Coney Island: Lost and

CIHP Director Charles Denson Presents:
Coney Island Past, Present & Future
December 12, 2007

at 6.30pm
at the American Folk Art Museum
$10 Admission
$5 for members, seniors, students

Kruger Watch

An article- first published in Brooklyn View and since reprinted in part on and The Gowanus Lounge has drawn attention to the unusually intense competition for the presidency of the Manhattan Beach Community Group. The two contenders are Dr. Ron Biondo and Ira Zalcman, the group's current president and vice president, respectively. The major point of contention has to do with the proposed privatization of the beach. Rumors have apparently been circulating that connect State Senator Kurger to the situation:
Some members opposed to Biondo, say he has already garnered support from Councilman Mike Nelson and State Senator Carl Kruger. Politicians don't usually get involved with civic groups. State Senator Carl Kruger's office denies his support wholeheartedly. However, members of he community say he and Councilman Mike Nelson are secretly endorsing Biondo. Community residents say Nelson and Kruger are heavily influenced by developers
This last accusation, in particular, is interesting, considering the unanswered questions surrounding Kruger's well funded protest of last week's CIDC meeting.

Beach Drama [Brooklyn View]

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"A" For Effort

The web magazine Last Exit posted an interview yesterday with Kent Barwick from the Municipal Arts Society. The interview touches on many aspects of New York development, including Jane Jacobs, Robert Moses, Soho, The Atlantic Yards project and, of course, the redevelopment of Coney Island. Barwick seems optimistic about the Bloomberg administration's plan for Coney Island… or at least about the intentions behind the plan:

I think in the case of Coney Island, they're really –as I can see, from reading the papers— made an effort to hang onto the essence of what's important about Coney Island, and to carry that spirit forward. And more power to them. "A" for effort, and maybe more.

5 questions for Kent Bartick [Last Exit Magazine]

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Day At The Aquarium For The Little Keepers

Photo courtesy of Daily News: Egan-Chin/News

Tuesday's Daily News ran an article about a program at the New York Aquarium called 'The Keeper Experience,' which provides 8-12 year old students with some hands on learning experience:

Anya Gips, 9, may want to grow up to be a marine biologist.

She and other children got to see just what that might be like - working as animal keepers for a day at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island

"It's a chance to get them excited about the life of a keeper," said instructor Melissa Karp. "I was really happy to see so many girls interested in a career in science."

They're all keepers [New York Daily News]

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Coney Island, Welsh Style

The Welsh news site posted an article today about the rise and decline of some of their own beach side amusement areas, such as Barry Island Pleasure Park and Porthcawl's Coney Beach Pleasure Park. The latter park's name clearly shows what the area's inspiration was. Apparently, though, the more immediate comparison these Welsh developers were concerned with was Blackpool, England (which has been previously discussed on Kinetic Carnival). When Princess Margaret asked what Port Talbot was going to be like, she was told "Blackpool or better, Ma'am."

The article is interesting, as it provides a look into a place quite far from Brooklyn, which features some parallel experience. Hopefully, however, the information about Welsh towns in the article is more accurate than the information about Brooklyn. The article erroneously states that, "They've revived America's creaking Coney Island with Las Vegas-style casinos complete with Mob move-in." The casino idea was floated by the city the late 70s, but never came to pass. A Mafia 'move-in' was not part of the proposed plan.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coney Events: Coney Island Museum Open All Winter

While most of Coney Island's amusements are strictly seasonal, the Coney Island Museum is open on weekends year round. Not only is the Museum a great educational resource; at only 99 cents, it makes for a cheap yet classy date. In addition to the museum's standing collection, "Nostalgia"- a show of Coney related paintings and drawings by Aaron Beebe- will be on display throughout the winter.

The Coney Island Museum
at Coney Island USA
Saturdays & Sundays 12-5 pm

1208 Surf Avenue
All winter long!

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The Marx Brother's, Live! At Coney Island

Once again, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has given us a peek into Coney Island history. Last Friday's 'Brooklyn Today' column revealed how the Coney Island amusement area helped launch one of America's all time greatest comedy teams:
Today is the 327th day of the year. It is the birth anniversary (1893) of comedian Arthur "Harpo" Marx. Harpo first performed at Coney Island in 1908 as part of a vaudeville act known that eventually evolved into the Marx Brothers. At first, Harpo talked onstage. But after several reviewers praised his pantomime act while panning his jokes, he decided to focus on the mime act exclusively. His name, of course, comes from his harp playing. One tape of his voice has surfaced on the Internet – him
telling the story of how he once played the piano at a brothel.

Brooklyn Today: Friday, November 23, 2007 [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

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Monday, November 26, 2007


Image courtesy of Rubys Host []

It's Coney 'Ire"-Land [New York Post]
The Unbearable Lightness of Kruger's NIMBYism
[Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn]
The Embers of Gentrification [New York Magazine]
Bklink: Another Coney Trip and Fall [The Gowanus Lounge]
Coney Island, 1913 [Fastlad]
Nuts & bolts of new Coney - Inside Bloomberg’s plan to spur development [Going Coastal]
Democracy Discarded at Coney Island [Brit In Brooklyn]
Manhattan Offices - New York Commercial Real Estate [Manhattan Offices - New York Commercial Real Estate]
More Details About the City’s Plan for Coney Island [Brownstoner]
The New Coney Island [Queens Crap]
City Unveils Plan For Coney Island: Sitt Is Out [OTBKB]
City's Coney plan similar to Thor's [The Real Deal]
City Planning And EDC Announce Comprehensive Coney Rezoning [New York Real Estate]
A Coney Island of the Mind [CitySpecific]


Coney Island Photo Show by Lara Wechsler

A show of 'street photographer' Lara Wechsler's color photographs of Coney Island street scenes is opening at 440 Gallery in Park Slope this Thursday. Some of Wechsler's Coney Island photos (as well as other examples of her work) can be viewed on her website.

Coney Island: The Last Horizon
Color Street Photography by Lara Wechsler
Opening: Nov. 29th
6-9 pm

Show runs: Nov. 29th- January 6th
404 Gallery 440 6th Ave.
(between 9th St. & 10th St.)
Brooklyn, NY

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Community Board Meeting Wednesday

Community Board #13 which serves Coney Island, as well Sea Gate, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Bathbeach, Bensonhurst, and Homecrest- will be holding its monthly meeting this Wednesday.

Community Board meetings are always a great way to stay involved in what's going on in the community. Unlike last week's Community Information session, it is extremely unlikely that the Community Board meeting will be canceled.

Community Board 13 Meeting
November 28, 2007

Coney Island Hospital Auditorium
2nd Floor

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Coney Events: Gay Pride Comes Ashore at Coney's Surf & Turf

This month the CIDC put out a year-round calendar of events that was displayed at the CIDC meeting Tuesday, November 8th at Our Lady of Solace Church. The calendar which laid out all Coney events with additions of other events they are working to get started throughout the calendar year, included a gay pride event for the summer.

Now, the
Coney Island Surf & Turf Grill (and bar) is offering different nights to keep business thriving year round. Included in their events are Latin Nigths happening every Friday with live DJ, they are serving up Pride Night. An evening for gay and lesbians called Whir!.

It's pride night at Whirl! Starting this Saturday and continuing every Wednesdays starting December 5th.

Coney Island's Surf & Turf Bar
Saturday, November 24, 2007

Doors Open at 10PM

1315 Surf Avenue (corner Stillwell) across from Nathan's
call 718-513-6491 for info!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Coney Boys Elfed Out For The Holidays!

Here's a little early Holiday fun from some of our good 'ole Coney Island Boys!

Click image to watch them play!
cut and paste this link to your browser:

Note: May not play on some browsers.

Brought to you by

Ocean Tenants Owner Angry at New Owner

The preservation of affordable housing continues to be a major issue for the Coney Island community. Today's Daily News ran an article about tenant outrage over the loss of affordable housing in he Ocean Towers building:

The preservation of affordable housing continues to be a major issue for the Coney Island community. Today's Daily News ran an article about tenant outrage over the loss of affordable housing in he Ocean Towers building:

A Coney Island building dedicated to affordable housing has been sold to the owner of the historic Woolworth Building, a move that tenants say has triggered massive rent hikes.

Ocean Towers, a 360-unit Mitchell-Lama building, was sold in February for $5.9 million to Cammeby's International, a group that acquired similar buildings in Manhattan and Queens only to raise rent before reselling the properties.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1010 Wins Radio Bit On CIDC Meeting Cancellation

Click Image to listen or visit 1010 Wins Face-To-Face.

Coney Island Community Outraded [1010 Wins Face-To-Face via the
CIUSA board, posted by MuscleMonster13]

Urban Archaeologists Dive Into History

If you are not already familiar with the wonderful work done by our local Cultural Research Divers, then here's your chance to discover the worlds that been lying beneath us in our waterways for decades.

Gene Ritter and a group of other modern day urban archaeologists provide a valuable service in various programs to educate us through relics of our past.

The Cultural Research Divers website states:
Cultural Research Divers has been bringing our Research Diving programs to schools and other educational venues since 1987. We've been instrumental in many of the positive changes in our community; environmentally, economically, and developmentally. We've brought our discoveries to thousands of children throughout all of New York, in an effort to share our knowledge of the ocean and our love for our historic shorelines.

Working with local and statewide partnerships the organization continue to provide public and private programs to help communities preserve and revitalize our culture by providing a new awareness to the historic and archaeological resources around us.

Yikes sharks!
Take a voyage through their wonderful website full of valuable information, tons of still and moving images along with a visit to marine life in the
Virtual Aquarium.
(Or click shark image to watch video)

Artifacts found at foot of Steeplechase Pier

Image courtesy of researchdivers (

The site even includes a Coney Island page:
The Research Divers have a Coney Island web page because so much of our history comes from this place. As you will see our humble beginnings began in the early 1970's. Come explore with us as we take you back in time to the early years of Marine Science in Brooklyn's Famed Coney Island.

Dilapidated Boardwalk Causes Yet Another Injury

While the New York Post didn't do the best job of covering last night's canceled meeting (the "Coney 'Ire'-Land" headline was a little tortured, to say the least), they continue to do a fantastic job of keeping on top of the sad situation of the boardwalk at Coney Island. The Post's November 19 write up of the most recent boardwalk related injury was brought to our attention by the keen eye of Gowanus Lounge.

The New York Post reported:

Another person in Coney Island says she's walked the plank - becoming at least the eighth victim to be injured falling through the boardwalk of Brooklyn's famed but rotting landmark in the past two years.

Linda Schoenholz, 64, said she and her husband were walking on the boardwalk on the morning of Nov. 7 when a rotting board gave way under her feet and her right leg plunged into the hole, injuring her and trapping

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Unanswered Questions About Kruger's Protest

The main story to come out of last night's canceled meeting is State Sen. Carl Kruger - the new de facto opposition leader against Bloomberg's plan- arriving with bus loads of yellow hatted supporters. The Brooklyn Paper captured the tone of Kruger's speech:

"Score one for the good guys," state Sen. Carl Kruger (D–Bensonhurst) shouted to his supporters after the Coney Island Development Corporation hastily canceled the meeting. "We won the ground war. You made a point tonight, and that is that Bloomberg isn't going to push his Manhattan plans on Brooklyn without hearing from Brighton Beach, Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay."

It is not clear if the meeting's cancellation was Kruger's intended goal, or an unexpected result of his stunt. He denies that it was his intention, but at the same time, he is claiming a victory.

Another unclear issue is who exactly the members of Kruger's 500 strong group were. The New York Post describes them vaguely as people who were "concerned about Mayor Bloomberg's grand plan to rezone Coney Island's beachfront" and 'outraged' by the city's violation of open public-meeting laws last night. The Brooklyn Eagle, on the other hand, quoted a boardwalk business owner who, "said the yellow-hatted crew seemed confused, resigned to being shuffled around by a woman carry a clipboard. 'It seemed like they were paid to be there.' "

The debate raged on the Coney Island USA Message board as well, mainly centering around the issues of Kruger's intentions and funding. User 'Capt_Nemo' started a thread entitled, 'Kruger, who paid for the buses?,' which he began with the question, "The citizens of Coney Island want to know, who is helping you scuttle Mayor Bloomberg's plans for Coney Island?" 'Tricia' gave her own answer to this question in another thread, making an apparent allusion to Thor Equities: "Now [Kruger's] in our faces because he's running for Borough President next year. I guess a lot of $$$$$$$ from big developers like you-know-who and all his minions will come in very handy."

One thing which is all too clear is that last night the many people who came to the meeting of their own accord to engage in a public discourse were left literally out in the cold, with no way to voice their opinions.

- post by Ben Nadler

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CIDC Pres. Lynn Kelly Letter In Responce To Meeting Cancellation

Lynn Kelly has sent out a letter in response to last night's cancellation of the Coney Island Development Corporation Public Meeting. She gives reason why on Monday they were anticipating many attending that are not RSVPed and therefore printed a letter with a form to take their contact info to be informed on the next meeting.

She also makes it clear that the community will have full participation and be given the opportunity to make themselves heard.

The CIDC is now working on obtaining a larger venue and will soon announce the time and place.

Here is the letter in its entirety:

Dear Friends and Residents of Coney Island:

As you may know, last evening we had to postpone our planned Community Information Session at Coney Island Hospital when, after consulting with hospital security and the NYPD, it became clear that the auditorium simply could not safely accommodate the number of people who attended. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this caused and can assure you that we will reschedule this Community Information Session in the near future in a venue that can accommodate larger numbers. We remain committed to ensuring that any and all residents who want to learn about the plan have that chance.

We had originally chosen the hospital auditorium as the venue in hopes of providing the opportunity for true interaction between community residents and planning staff in a smaller “working group” environment, as we had with the successful community-based planning of the Coney Island YMCA. Unfortunately, we immediately recognized that this would not be possible upon the arrival of large groups of individuals who were bused in for the meeting and who we simply could not accommodate in this limited space. Had we been notified by the organizers of this effort in advance that such large numbers were interested and would be bused in, we could have tried to find alternate space. We have the greatest respect for each and every individual who wants to be part of this important conversation and we regret that we were not able to fit everyone.

As we had noted on our original public session notice, we had asked for RSVP’s simply to help us to gauge the level of attendance and ensure that the venue would suffice. By late Monday, we realized through our RSVP’s that we were potentially approaching capacity for that evening (by which point it was unfortunately too late to move the venue). Therefore, we sought to be as responsive as possible to anyone who had not RSVP’ed in advance and could not be accommodated by having a form ready to take their contact information and ensure that they were directly contacted to participate in the next upcoming meeting. While this smaller “working group” structure was the result of good intentions and our honest desire to provide an interactive discussion with the residents of Coney Island, we again are sorry for any inconveniences that the logistical limitations of this format may have caused.

Finally, it is important to note that last night’s session was not a public hearing as part of the official land use review process, and was simply a public information session that is an opportunity to inform Coney Island residents in advance of the public process. Not only will everyone have a chance to learn more about the plan in the re-scheduled public session, but you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard as part of the official record once the ULURP process begins in 2008.

We will be back in touch soon with a re-scheduled date for the meeting in a larger venue and we look forward to working with you to make Coney Island the best it can be. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to call us at 212-312-4233 or email at for scheduling updates and additional info. Thank you.


Lynn Kelly

Letter was also posted on the CIUSA board.

CIDC Canceled Meeting Video

See council member Domenick Recchia and Senator Carl Kruger along with amusement operator Stan Fox comment on the cancellation of the Coney Island Development Corporation Meeting that was to be held at the Coney Island Hospital Auditorium on Monday, November 19, 2007.

CIDC Meeting Abruptly Canceled

Community Information Session Canceled

Tonight's " 'Community Information Session' on The Proposed Coney Island zoning framework" was canceled at the last minute.

A letter signed by the director of the Coney Island Development Corporation was distributed at the entrance to the site of the planned meeting, the Coney Island Hospital Auditorium. The letter read, in part, "Unfortunately, we reached capacity for the auditorium with RSVPs earlier today, so if you did not contact us advance we would ask that you join us at our next session, which will feature exactly the same information and format and will be scheduled within the next several weeks." However, the CIDC representatives who were distributing the letter (and taking down people's contact information) announced that the meeting had been canceled altogether, as far more people than expected had shown up, and it would not be fair to hold a meeting which not everyone was able to attend.

It is unclear why and when it was decided to cancel the meeting altogether, rather than allow in only those who RSVPed, as the letter indicated.

The meeting had indeed drawn a large and diverse crowd, many of whom milled around outside the hospitals front entrance for a long time, frustrated and reluctant to leave.

It is possible that the CIDC and Community Board 13 (the event's co-hosts) were genuinely caught off guard by the large turnout. It is possible that this was a simple case of poor planning. It is even possible that city cooked up an excuse to cancel a meeting they were not prepared for.

In any case, the information session will hopefully be rescheduled in the near future, and held in a venue that is large enough to hold everybody.

- post by Ben Nadler

Coney Island Art Auction Opens For Online Bidding

Many artists have contributed their art work to auction off to benefit the Coney Island USA organization.

Coney Island USA website:
All Proceeds benefit a Phase I winter renovation of our building at 1208 Surf Avenue in Coney Island. Prices for work range from $40-$1500! Shop Online Now!

Visit the CIUSA website for more information and
start bidding.

The artwork in this collage are by the following artists:
Africasso (top left), Norman Blake (top middle), Matt Marello (top right), Marti Wilkerson (bottom left), Timothy White (bottom middle), and Hank Adams (bottom right).

CIDC Cancellation Letter

(Click images to enlarge)

This is a copy of the letter that was handed out due to cancellation of the Coney Island Development Corporation public meeting which council member Domenick Recchia displayed to reporters yesterday, criticizing the CIDC as not only having these pre-printed but ready with the intent on handing them out. He accused them of canceling the meeting 'on purpose'.

The CIDC states that the cancellation was due to an overwhelming turnout and blaming the bus loads of people that arrived in droves without reserving their place beforehand. The meeting was RSVP only.

The letter was posted on the
Coney Island USA bulletin board by TV puppeteer and costumed character performer Rapid T. Rabbit.

History Of Coney Vs. The City

(Click image to enlarge)

Here is a copy of the form distributed by State Senator Carl Kruger's aides at last night's CIDC public meeting which was cancelled. It maps out in a timeline what it states are the many times since the 1050's which the city has made promises to revitalize Coney Island only to end up with broken promises.

The flyer was posted on the Coney Island USA bulletin board by TV puppeteer and costumed character performer Rapid T. Rabbit.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Abruptly Canceled CIDC Public Meet Fumes Recchia and Kruger

The community, the press, some city officials, members of the CIDC, a few nice folks from the Coney Isand USA bulletin board, as well as a bus-load of about 400 to 500 people, all spilled out onto the Coney Island Hospital parking lot due to a cancellation of last night's Coney Island Development Corporation Information meeting due to an overwhelming amount past what's alloud at the hospital's auditorium.

Lynn Kelly was very apologetic and told KC that the meeting was cancelled due to so many people that were not on the RSVP list showing up in bus loads. Roughly over 400 showed up out of nowhere wearing yellow ball caps that read "Bloombergs plan: How much? How long? Who pays?", which resulted in the cancellation of the meeting. The hospital's auditorium capacity is no more than 200.

Recchia, who is one of the Mayor's first opposers to the plans as they stand now said, "We're trying to work with the Mayor, we like his plan, we agree with parts of it but the way he's going about it is not the right way." Then Recchia went on and blasted the CIDC and accused them for cancelling the meeting on purpose. When a community member stood up in their defense and said that the cancellation was due to the overcrowed situation which got out of hand, Recchia retaliated and reaffirmed that it was on purpose. "They had pre-printed cancellation letters...right here!", said Recchia as he whipped out and flashed a copy of the cancellation letter handed out by the CIDC. It is still not clear whether the hospital cancelled the meeting or if it was the CIDC themselves. As Recchia has said before, the city should work with the landowners not against them. He feels the plan is not addressing the issue with the boardwalk which is in,"unbelievable disrepair. It needs major work. There is no mention about putting the money in the fixing of the boardwalk", he said. He was also in an uproar about the cancellation of the meeting on a school night and disrupting people's schedules, and demanded that Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff should address the community. He said, "It shows no respect for this community and we're not going to stand by it." He was up in arms at reporters saying that the city should work with the landlords, fix the aquarium, fix the boardwalk, and also denounced them for having a meeting last week and not allowing the community to ask questions.

However, the CIDC meetings have, always in the last few meetings, been open to the public for viewing but not for participating.
They should have meetings in a big enough place, he added.

Well, we could thank Mr. Horace Bullard for that one.

But the new twist in the continuing saga of Coney's revitalization was State Senator Carl Kruger who, earlier had announced his plan to attend and criticize the plan - and in fact did just that! And with bus-loads of back-up support to make his case heard, he told reporters that this raises serious questions. "They cancelled the meeting, not, because they wanted to label it as an overflow crowd, they cancelled the meeting because it was not going to be one-sided. This was going to be an opportunity to ask questions. Questions which city administration does not have answers to", said Kruger. He also pressed the questions, "Who is going to pay for this scheme? Who is going to build it? How long is it going to take? And what is the impact on our community?" He also gave a stern warning, "If this bill for parkland sees the light of day in Albany, then the Mayor is going to have a real fight on his hands, trying to get it through the state senate!" He proclaimed, "It's not going to happen! This is a backdoor approach to eminent domain!. He also said he will not allow Coney Island to be given away without community input.

Now it will be very interesting to see what turn of events occur in the days ahead. And what will counter the block-in-the-road by Recchia and Kruger that could double-handedly bring the Mayor's parkland plan to a screeching halt.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blackpool Dreaming: Brief History, Promising Future

Located along the coast of the Irish Sea, Blackpool is a popular amusement English seaside resort boasts an array of diverse attractions and magnificent appeal. A major tourist center during the 19th century – it’s considered to have enjoyed its heyday from 1900 to 1950.

The name is thought to have come from the fact that a large drainage ran over a peat bog. The water from the drainage spilled into the Irish Sea creating a huge ‘black pool’. Today, Blackpool is mainly dependent on its tourism. Though some suggest it is suffering from a recent drop in tourism.

As a comment to this blog pointed out, Blackpool is having ‘something of a crisis at the moment’. And that the area is lacking quality amenities and attractions. Yet by recent images of Blackpool this hardly seems to be the case. The commenter also indicated that there is no ice skating rink at the foot of a Ferris wheel (0r ‘big wheel’), although it does have both.

However, in order to cope with competition in the tourism industry, the area is being proposed for a few revitalization projects. Recently they were awaiting a decision to allow casinos to operate in Blackpool but the decision by Parliament’s was to allow them in Manchester.

Above image courtesy of Skintype (

Now, unlike other old seaside resorts that have remained stagnant, like Coney Island or have been wiped off the map to make way for housing like Rockaway in New York, Blackpool is readying itself for yet another new mega-project – in addition capitalizing on its slower winter season, like what is being planned for Coney Island, they are building a place for Blackpool called Storm City.

It’s a £500m multi-themed indoor entertainment complex on a 30 acre site. Storm City would comprise of a 12,000 seated Arena, four world class hotels, shopping facilities, themed entertainment districts complete with rooftop gardens, and Blackpool’s own version of the London Eye.

A second plan is to revitalize a rundown area and create Talbot Gateway, a £285m Civic Quarter comprising of new office and retail space which will include Talbot Plaza, a public square. Talbot would be built around the main North Railway Station allowing travelers exiting the station to spill onto its new plaza and be confronted with magnificent views of the seafront.

Image courtesy of John*Frum (

What’s interesting about Blackpool is that there hasn’t been any mention of private residential components or affordable housing. Which shows urban ventures like these don’t have to come with such financial security and insurance for its developers. They are brave enough to gamble using their imagination as their upper hand.

Image courtesy of Skintype (

Blackpool even has a Steeplechase ride. (below)

Image courtesy of mtl shag (

Ride on the Steeplechase roller coaster in this POV of the ride video.

Steeplechase Roller Coaster Blackpool Pleasure Beach England

Roller Coaster POV of Steeplechase at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England. To order Theme Park Review's DVDs click here: note - on-ride footage in this video was taken with permission from the park and filmed by professional ride photographers. Please DO NOT attempt to take video on roller coasters without proper permission from the park as filming on rides can be DANGEROUS!!!

Posted by Robbalvey on YouTube

See how the Blackpool goers know how to have a blast in their loved place in the world in this great little video.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach & Pepsi Max Roller Coaster Video

This one is the same description from the video above.
Posted by
Robbalvey on YouTube

Coney Island Images Around The Web

A lot of fun Coney Island images have been popping up online: Some photos of Coney Island have been posted by photographer Sarach Coffman on the JPG Magazine site, Gowanus Lounge has posted a video for Death Cab for Cutie's song 'Coney Island' (which features classic Coney Island footage), and a new montage of video and photos from this past summer's Mermaid Parade has been posted on You Tube.

Image courtesy of Sarach Coffman (JPG Magazine)

- post by Ben Nadler

Obituary for Coney Basketball Mentor, 'Mr. Lou'

The death of Coney Island basketball coach and mentor, Robert 'Mr. Lou' Williams received a lot of attention after it was revealed as the reason behind Stephon Marbury's temporary absence from the Knicks. The basketball website Slam has run a moving obituary for Williams by Coney Island native and former NBA player, Jamel Thomas.

In the discussions surrounding Coney Island, the youth growing up in the projects of Coney Island are often forgotten about. It sounds like Robert Williams was somebody who never forgot about these kids for a moment.

A Coney Island mentor is remembered by pro baller Jamel Thomas [Slam Online]

- post by Ben Nadler