Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flickr Convoy: Nathan Neons

One of Coney's biggie event is coming fast.  The annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, this July 4th 2010. Albeit, without Kobayashi.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coney Weekend TV - Marsha Malamet Mashup

Singer Marsha Malamet's fan profiles songs from the "Coney Island Winter" album with backdrops of Coney Island.  Rejoin the Hands Across the Sand in Coney Island to protest against one of the worst oil spills in history. And Random Dagy on Coney Island with a music video of Mayer Hawthorne's "The Ills".

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coney Events: Coney Island Film Society "Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman"

The Coney Island Film Society presents: "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman"

From Coney Island USA:
Directed by Nathan Juran, 1958. After an encounter with aliens, a wealthy woman inexplicably grows to a massive 50 feet tall. Deciding to take advantage of her situation she plots revenge on her husband and others that annoyed her. A campy cult classic complete with Ed Wood caliber special effects. Starring: Allison Hayes, William Hudson, Yvette Vickers, Roy Gordon; Warner Bros; R; 66 minutes.
Watch the trailer

Click here to see this years "Sci-Fi Summer" Schedule!

Coney Island Film Society!
"Attack of the 50 ft Woman"
Saturday, June 26, 2010
8:30 pm
Free Popcorn!
All Film Society Ticket sales raise funds for Coney Island USA
at Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coney Events: Sugar Shack Burlesque - Summer Camp In The Sugar Shack!

Enter the Sugar Shack!  Where?  Only at the Burlesque At the Beach!

From Coney Island USA:

School's out and Camp is in! Coming to you live from Coney Island USA, the hottest summer distraction will entertain and educate you only as a good ol' summer camp can! Join camp director Bradford Scobie along with campers and counselors Anita Cookie, Creamy Stevens, Insectavora, Nicki Miller, RunAround Sue and Legs Malone for a raucous night of canoeing, archery, fire safety and striptease!

Burlesque at the Beach
Sugar Shack Burlesque - Summer Camp In The Sugar Shack!
Friday, June 25, 2010
at Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Coney Events: Mr. Victoria at the Freak Bar!

This week a load of events brought to you by the Coney Island USA's cultural experience.  Micheal W. Haar plays the real oldies of the 20th century from original old time records.
Native New Yorker and professional barber, Michael W. Haar has been a discerning collector and provider of early 20th century music since the age of 19. With nearly 1,000 original discs and cylinders from the Acoustic-Recording Era (1890-1925), "Mister Victrola" has been cranking out these nostalgic tunes over the years at indoor and outdoor events across NYC. He was given the honor to provide the classic soundtrack to last summer's 82nd Anniversary of the Coney Island Cyclone and this Friday, the 'cranky' DJ returns with Popular Dance songs from the turn-of-the-20th century through the late 1920's. All original records will be spun on two 1925 talking machines powered only by the cranking of these phonographs.

Come on and hear "Alexander's Ragtime Band", "Sidewalks of New York", "Meet me down at Luna, Lena" and so much more!! You can preview the music on Mister Victrolas weekly radio show, The Ragged 
Phonograph Program on

Mr. Victoria at the Freak Bar!
Friday, June 25th
8pm - 10pm 
Freak Bar at Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Coney Events: 20,000 Legs Under the Sea: A Surrealist Burlesque Manifesto

Media art performances fuse into a surrealistic experience.

From Coney Island USA:
"20,000 Legs Under the Sea: A Surrealist Burlesque Manifesto will literally take over the entire Coney Island USA complex as site-specific, multi-media installations and performances are staged in the Coney Island Sideshow and Coney Island Museum. Artists from a range of disciplines have collaborated on sound sculptures, video installations, mini lectures, and live performances including Bambi the Mermaid, Bunny Love, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Dr. Lucky, Harvest Moon, Julie Atlas Muz, Mashinka Furents, MsTickle, Taro Baugham, and Zoe Beloff. Starring Noah Klein as Salvador Dali. Curated by Dr. Lucky.

Burlesque at the Beach
Dr. Lucky's "20,000 Legs Under the Sea"
Thursday, June 24th

at Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flickr Convoy: Fish Cycling Mermade Paraders

Making way for mesh wired fish bikes to squeeze by one quarter of the boardwalk's original space as the rest of the parade squeezed on through.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coney Weekend TV - Mermaid Parade Hoopla 2010 !

Coney Weekend TV is back!  The parade rolled on by with a new excitement in Coney Island and the promise of better seasons ahead.  At least we hope.  We hope Thor Equities doesn't ruin it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coney Attractions: Fish Tales Show And More At The NY Aquarium

Fish Tales Extravaganza at the New York Aquarium plus other great performances and presentations.  Action-packed weekends feature book readings, live music and theater, as well as book readings, and dance performances on Explore the Shore Plaza.  Shake hands with your favorite animal book characters and meet celebrity authors.  You will literally walk through larger-than-life pages of popular children's stories

The remaining shows continue tomorrow and run through June 27th 2010.

The Can't-Miss Mermaid Parade After-Party Ball, Tonight!

A few years ago it was "all costumed up and no where else to go, now that the parade is over"!  Well, that's been a thing of the past.  The must-do after-party event post the paraded is the grand Mermaid Ball.
Tonight join the craziness at the official after-party of the mermaid parade!  This year on the Oceanic Deck at the New York Aquarium.

From Coney Island USA:
Hosted by Adam (The First Real Man) Rinn and Featuring NYC's finest Burlesque and Sideshow Superstars in all their aquatically themed glory! Confirmed performers Little Brooklyn, Creamy Stevens, Miss Coney Island 2009 Gal Friday, Tigger, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Jenny C Quoi, Fem Appeal, Juliet Jeske as Princess Sunshine, Go Go By LaMaia, Sizzle Dizzle, Lefty Lucy and BeelzeBabe. Shimmering Mermaids...Metal Goddess Belly Dancers. DJ Gregg 'The Dutchman' Van Vranken. Live Music By The Razorbacks! Special Appearance by the Coney Island Circus Sideshow and the Coney Island Girlie Freak Show!

General Admission Tickets will be available at the door beginning at 6pm. Space is limited, so get there quick and don't miss out! $25 CASH ONLY.
V.I.P. Tickets SOLD OUT.

Click here for further info on this years Ball.

The Mermaid Ball 
at the New York Aquarium's Oceanic Deck
Saturday, June 19th 2010
6 pm to 11:30pm
located at Surf Ave. & West 8th St. 
21 and over!

A Great And Zany Day In Coney Island As The Mermaid Parade Rolls Out

Join King Neptune Lou Reed and Queen Mermaid Laurie Anderson along with all the zaniness you can endure at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade
this afternoon, June 19th 2010!

A completely original creation of Coney Island USA, the Mermaid Parade is the nation's largest art parade and one of New York City's greatest summer events.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Chance To Enter Your Film Into The Coney Island Film Festival For 2010

Here is your last chance to get your film gems into the Coney Island Film Festival! and Coney Island USA present the 10th annual Coney Island Film Festival September 24 - 26, 2010
at Sideshows by the Seashore and The Coney Island Museum in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood Coney Island, New York!

Late Deadline June 25, 2010 (postmarked)
Extended Late Deadline July 9, 2010 (postmarked)

Entry categories: Feature, Short, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Experimental, Silent Film, Horror, Animation, Music Video.
The Coney Island Film Festival is open to filmmakers working in ALL GENRES, SUBJECTS AND FORMATS.

The Coney Island Film Festival was named one of the "25 Coolest Film Festivals" by MovieMaker Magazine!
2009 Festival Coverage by MovieMaker Magazine!

Coney's Boardwalk Biz Operators Being Squeezed Off The Boardwalk Due To Half The Space

Image courtesy of Paul Martinka [New York Post]

The long-running businesses that operate along the boardwalk, and who have been on edge every season change in the last couple of years with uncertainties, are now up on arms by the Parks Department ordering that they keep their stuff off the boardwalk for the Mermaid Day Parade.  That means tables, chairs, signs, concessions, and even trash bins, which have already disappeared, two weeks ago..  The boardwalk is half closed due to mismanagement of the boardwalk's repair procedure.  Places like Cha-Cha's, Ruby's Bar & Grill, and Lola Star Boutique could suffer on the first busiest day of the season.

According to various emails we received, the Parks Department says, the little space available is needed for the parade to go through.  And that Sunday (of at least, after the parade marches on through), they will be allowed to put out everything again. "Lola Star's Boutique & Cha Cha's have it worse - if they can't get stuff out - hardly anyone will be able to get in", said Rubys Host.  She and a few of the business owners have been contacting the Parks Department with no success.
The trash problem alone has already demonstrated what a careless decision this is by the Parks Department.  Trash has been stuffed under the benches and thrown around in corners and on the beach itself.  "We just got voted by Travel & Leisure as one of the top 12 boardwalks in the US - this wont last long if it's full of trash.", wrote Rubys Host.

In the meantime while, they work fast to get the Parks Department to change their minds, a few of the businesses are finding solutions.  Cha Cha's may open their rooftop again this season to compensate for loss of boardwalk space. Ruby's Bar & Grill is putting their beer station inside.

Aside from the business, the mere congestion on the boardwalk this season is expected to be a huge problem.  With the new Luna Park, the baseball games, The parade, and the Ringling Brothers Circus, swarms of people along heeps of trash will not be a pleasant site. 

Rich Calder in The New York Post's Brooklyn Blog writes:
That’s because most of the prime boardwalk space is fenced off for renovations, crushing the summer throngs into one lane of pedestrian traffic in the sweltering heat. And it’s no better on nearby streets, as drivers are fuming over new city-enforced traffic patterns that have left parts of Neptune, Surf and Mermaid avenues routinely resembling a parking lot since the warm weather kicked in.

Brooklyn summer bummer [NY Post's Brooklyn Blog]

Play At Coney Island To Your Own Tune

Play it - its yours!  Is that a piano on the boardwalk?  Yes!  Since anything could be used to make art for a visual statement, then why not use something that already makes art for the listening senses.  As part of an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram , entitled, "Play me, I'm yours" pianos will be set down on various parts of the city.  One of those locations is the famous Coney Island boardwalk.
At 9am on Monday the 21st June, 60 pianos will be distributed and then unveiled across New York City by Sing for Hope. Located in public parks, streets and plazas the pianos will be available until 5th July for any member of the public to play and engage with.

Disrupting people’s negotiation of their city, the pianos are also aimed to provoke people into engaging, activating and claiming ownership of their urban landscape.

So, look out for the piano and share your stories and media.  Expect a line or someone who seems never to stop playing it and shoving off. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mermaids To Auction Off Thor's Buildings To Save Coney's Historic Corridor

Please join the mermaids as they fin up to save Coney Island's historic corridor along Surf Avenue from the the greedy whims of Thor Equities. The developer is acting with total disregard for the oldest buildings that still stand in Coney Island. Once restored to their original style, these four buildings would offer the future of Coney Island a preserved corridor that reflects its rich and unique history.

Thor Equities is planning to demolish them, but they must be stopped. Since the city doesn't care and is doing nothing about it, today, the Save Coney Island group urges everyone to attend this mock "auction" in hopes of finding an enlightened developer who envisions a better future for Coney Island's historic.

WHAT: This Thursday at noon, in anticipation of the Mermaid Parade, Join Save Coney Island for a mock auction to draw attention to Coney Island’s endangered heritage.

WHO: Mermaids are going to auction off some of the historic Coney Island buildings currently threatened with demolition by Thor Equities.

WHEN: Thursday, June 17 at 12 noon.

WHERE: Corner of Stillwell Avenue and Surf Avenue in Coney Island.

WHY: Thor Equities is threatening to demolish four of Coney Island’s most historic buildings, and the city government is letting it happen.

Disappointed by a city government and a developer that don’t realize the tremendous value of Coney Island’s history, Coney Island’s mermaids are taking matters into their own hands. They are going to auction off the endangered buildings in the hope of finding an enlightened developer who envisions a better future for Coney Island’s historic Surf Avenue corridor – a developer who understands the importance of a unique Coney Island that honors its rich past.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Congratulations To Our Illuscination Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to both Jill Harrison and Bruce Handy for winning the Illuscination Photo Contest and each receiving a family four-pack of VIP tickets to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus's Illuscination show in Coney Island.

"Ninth Wonder"

"Sunset Photographers on Steeplechase Pier"

The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Illuscination runs from Juney 17th to September 6th.  For further ticket information see Illuscination.  For more show information click here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coney Vid: Todd Berkun At Coney USA's "Ask The Experts" PART TWO

Continued from PART ONE, Todd Berkun talks about Coney, Brooklyn, and Staten Island's old and new at Coney Island USA's "Ask the Experts" series.

Ask The Expert: Todd Berkun -Coney Island Museum 6/5/2010 Part 2

Todd Berkun speaks on "Long Island and New York City Places That Are No More" at the Coney Island Museum as part of their "Ask the Expert" series. June 5, 2010. Part 1 discusses the development of Roosevelt Field mall among other topics. Talk was inspired by the Facebook group, founder by Mr. Berkun, of the same name.

Posted by Trobiik [YoutTube]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three Newbie Events Kick Off This Season In Coney Island

Joining our fabulous annual events like, the Mermaid Parade, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, The Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant, as wel as the Coney Island Beard & Moustache Competition and the Tattoo & Motorcycle Show, these three new events will surely be a highly welcomed stay for our summer seasons.  They are The Mr. Cyclone Contest, the Miss Luna Mermaid Pageant, and the Coney Island Talent Show.

A first new queen will be crowned and ride the Coney Island float along with her four runner ups.  (sorry, we have posted this info after the deadline for contest has past).  Also, searching for strength, endurance, Coney Island wits, creativity, talent, style and romance to become Coney Island's Mr. Cyclone. And last but not least, a call for drag queen, celebrity impersonators, freaks and geeks of the sideshow, dancers, creative kids, sassy seniors, costume contests, and all the talent galore Coney Island can muster.  And that has no limits!

For much more information regarding prizes and more, visit Amusing the Zillion's post: Casting Call in Coney Island: Talent Show, Mermaid Parade, Pageants!

Entry info and deadline (found via Amusing the Zillion) are as follows:

Searching for Mr. Cyclone Contest, Cyclone Roller Coaster
Entry deadline: June 26. Pageant: Saturday, August 7, 12-3 pm

Miss Luna Mermaid Pageant, Luna Park NYC
Entry Deadline: June 12. Pageant: Wednesday, June 16, 7 pm

Coney Island Talent Show, Thirsty Girl Productions
Entry deadline: July 7. Talent Show: Saturday, July 31, 4-8 pm

Friday, June 11, 2010

Coney Vid: The Air Race Ride Isn't Just For Kiddies

From pictures alone, some of these rides like the Air Race looked like fun ride for kids, but this video shows it's a fun ride for the big kids too!  I mean most kiddie rides don't go upside down and swoop down to glide over the surface inches away.  Cool ride!

Zamperla Air Race ride - Coney Island

Posted by suarkttam [YouTube]

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Iluscination Photo Contest Is Now Accepting Your Votes

The photos have been entered!  The Illuscination Photo Contest now needs those who did not enter with their photo to vote for their favorite Coney Island picture!  In three days two winners will be chosen to receive a family four-pack of VIP tickets to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus in Coney Island. 

The circus kicks off their Illuscination extravaganza June 17th and runs through September 6th, 2010.

Visit the Contest Page to Vote!

Coney Events: Coney Island Mermaid Parade June 19th, 2010

Coney Island's biggest and most cultural extravaganza rolls down Surf Avenue, June 19th with King Neptune Lou Reed and Queen Mermaid Laurie Anderson.  If it weren't for Coney Island USA and the Mermaid Parade, perhaps Coney Island would've never survived its comatose years.

All the times and registration information can be found at the Coney Island USA website:

Coney Island – The 28th Annual MERMAID PARADE will step off at 2pm on Saturday, June 19, 2010. This years parade features King Neptune Lou Reed and Queen Mermaid Laurie Anderson.
The MERMAID PARADE is an annual production of Coney Island USA, Brooklyn’s resident non-profit arts organization at the beach since 1980. Coney Island USA also produces Sideshows by the Seashore and the Coney Island Museum.  The Mermaid Parade officially opens the ocean for summer swimming, teaches mythology to Brooklyn families, provides self-esteem for Coney Island and artistic self-expression for the New York City arts community.  Over the years the Mermaid Parade has grown into the largest event of the year at Coney Island and it is also one of the ten biggest parades annually in New York City.
At 2pm sharp the parade will step off at West 21st and Surf and march east down Surf Avenue; past the Judge’s Review Stand at West 12th Street then turn up West 10th Street (near the world famous Cyclone Roller Coaster and Luna Park) to the Boardwalk where the parade will continue West on the Boardwalk itself to the dismissal point at Stillwell Avenue.

Immediately after the parade, approximately 5:30pm; the parade concludes with a Ribbon Cutting Pageant on the beach south of West 10th Street.
From 6pm - 11:30pm the 8th annual Mermaid Parade Ball, the official after- party of The Mermaid Parade will take place at the New York Aquarium's Oceanic Deck, 608 Surf Ave. at West 8th Street.

Registration and additional information are available at:

Images courtesy of Norman Blake

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Let's Go Slumming Through Coney Island's Historic District

Take Another Walk Through Coney Island's History This Sunday.  The Save Coney Island group is once again conducting a walk through Coney Island history to show point out to you that Coney Island does indeed have a historic district.  And that this vital component to Coney's future could be destroyed by Thor Equities and Joe Sitt.  Take an informative tour of these historic buildings while they future unfortunately hangs in the balance of survival or demolition.

Join Save Coney Island on this wonderful stroll as they help you envision what these historic building originally looked like and how they could be restored and preserved.

The guided tour will cover all the historic buildings along Surf Avenue, as well as some of Coney’s existing landmarks.Learn more about Coney Island’s rich history, the importance of preserving it, and what Save Coney Island is doing to protect what remains of this extraordinary heritage.

WHERE – In front of the Shore Theater, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Aves
WHEN – Sunday, June 13th at 11:00 amIT'S FREE! (but suggested donation of $10 appreciated.)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Coney Vid: Todd Berkun At Coney USA's "Ask The Experts"

The wonderful fun and informative event that Coney Island USA had been bringing for years to all Coney lover, fans, and buffs; "Ask The Experts", which this year started Sunday, May 23, 2010 goes until end of the season on August 29th.  May 23rd's presentation had Zoe Beloff, The Life and Work of Albert Grass - founder of the Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society. Also, founder of the Coney Island USA and unofficial mayor of Coney Island, Dick Zigun gave his State of Coney Island Address on May 30th.  This past Sunday, June 6th, Todd Berkun spoke about Long Island and New York City and the their places that are no longer around.  The following video is Todd Berkun speaking at the museum.

Note: The video is a bit inaudible and only ten minutes of the presentation, but worth it for those who missed it.

Ask The Expert: Todd Berkun at the Coney Island Museum 6/5/2010


Todd Berkun speaks on "Long Island and New York City Places That Are No More" at the Coney Island Museum as part of their "Ask the Expert" series. June 5, 2010. Part 1 discusses the development of Roosevelt Field mall among other topics. Talk was inspired by the Facebook group, founder by Mr. Berkun, of the same name.

Posted by Trobiik [YoutTube]

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Illuscination Photo Contest: Enter Your Coney Pics To Win Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets

Kinetic Carnival is proud to offer a family four pack of tickets to two lucky winners by entering your favorite Coney Island photo, taken by you into the "Illuscination Photo Contest"!  The first round to enter your photos starts today and ends Tuesday the 8th of June.  Then the voting starts on the 8th until the 11th of June.  So hurry and enter today with your proud photo of anything in Coney Island taken this year!  GOOD LUCK!  (contest rules after the jump)

Go to contest page to enter photos or voting.

We thank Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus for coming to Coney Island with this brand new addition of their greatest show on Earth: "Illuscination".  Feld Entertainment brings their Ringling Brothers Circus to Coney Island once again, after a successful run last year.  The show starts June 17th and runs to September 6th 2010, in an air-conditioned tent on Surf Avenue and West 12th Street.  Regular tickets are starting as low as $10. and are on sale today.
"Illuscination" presents the host of this all new Gold edition; David DaVincie along with other performers from all over the world.  Viktoriya and Widny, the Empress of the Air, The Kung Fu Kings, Brian McMillan, Ramon Esqueda, The Clowning Caveaga Family, the majestic Asian Elephants including an assortment of animal acts like a rare white lion.
The action at Coney Island Illuscination begins 90 minutes before show time at the Animal Open House followed by the all-access pre-show -– FREE to all ticket holders, where you can meet Ringling Bros. performers and animals, learn circus skills and start creating a lifetime memory for your family before the show even starts!
Regular tickets (not part of this contest) are available via, Ticketmaster retail locations or via phone at 1-800-745-3000.

Prices for WEEKDAY are:$50 (VIP Front Row), $40 (VIP Floor), $20, $10. Prices for WEEKEND and HOLIDAY are: $50 (VIP Front Row) $40 (VIP Floor), $25, $15.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Coney Vid: Luna Park Opens Next Door To Looming Disrepair

Newsys looks at both sides of the controversy as Coney Island's Luna Park reopened over Memorial Day weekend, but it's still in a state of disrepair over expansion disputes. What is the fate of Coney Island?

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by