Monday, December 27, 2010

Featured Video: Tribute To Henderson Building In Coney Island

Coney Island connoisseur and historian Charles Denson honors one of Coney Island's oldest buildings that no longer exists that will soon be demolished.  The building is  currently in the state of being demolished by Thor Equities.  They, along with the city, was  not interested in preserving a few of these old buildings in Coney Island to create a historic district.  The  other buildings that were of historic significance;  the Shore Hotel and the Coney Island Bank Building are gone.

In this video, Charles Denson gives us a brief yet detailed account of the Henderson building and what it meant for Coney Island.  The building was originally established by Fred Henderson in 1899 as the Henderson Music Hall.  It featured top vaudeville and musical acts of its era.  In the 30's Stillwell Avenue was extended to the boardwalk cutting through half the Henderson building.  Parts of the stage area remained unused for over seventy years until it was rediscovered and brought up to current codes and opened as a nightclub called Velocity. In the video Denson shows wonderful images of the space inside shortly before its impending doom.  Denson describes that the renovated space would've been a great performance space if the building was saved.  But unfortunately, Coney Island has recently been desecrated by a greedy developer in cohoots with the city to, once again, do what right for business and not what's right for the community, the city, or the world. 

Update: This post was rewritten to clarify that the building still stands though it faces a certain demolition.  Only a miracle, at this point, could help save it.

Coney Island's Henderson Theater

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flickr Convoy: Before The Aftermath Of Demolition

Image courtesy of coolfelix  / KC Flickr Pool

A quiet day Coney before the changes for the good and bad came upon Coney Island as male Statue of Liberty stares into the wake of demolition.

Join the Kinetic Carnival Flickr Group to add your Coney Island images and have them featured on this blog.

note: Wrong title was used in this post in confusion of a different photo.  This is the modified title.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coney Events: Live At The Highline Ballroom

The shows continue right into the new year at the Highline Ballroom with DONNY VOMIT, Human Blockhead, MC, ANGELICA, Fire Eater, HEATHER HOLLIDAY, Sword Swallower, SERPENTINA, Snake Charmer, SCOTT BAKER, Twisted Shockmeister!

Coney Island Circus Sideshow Highline Ballroom

January, 2nd 2011

1 pm Matinee (all ages)

located at 431 W. 16th St., New York, NY

$10 in advance, $12 day of, V.I.P. Tickets $20

Tickets and further info, click here

Coney Events: The Coney Island All Stars

Catch the sideshow off season and witness a stage full of Coneyesque craziness as Coney Island USA presents: “The Coney Island All Stars”  On stage performing live will be: THE GREAT FREDINI, Sword Swallower, Mc and Magic, JENNIFER MILLER, The Bearded Lady, THE AMAZING AMY, Contortionist, PRINCESS PAT, Nigerian Hotsie Totsie, and ADAM RINN, The First Real Man
Coney Island All-Stars
Live at BB King Blues Club
located at  237 west 42 St, New York, NY

Thursday, December 30th
2 pm matinee (all ages)

$10 in advance, $12 day of
Tickets and further info, click here

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gotta Love Coney Island All Over Again!

The Coney Island website by Jason Sferlazza, aka Elephant Man; "Gotta Love Coney Island" is back in full color and plentiful display.  Jason launched his site a couple of years ago and for some reason took it down.  But it's back with full of Coney Island treats.  It's slogan says it all:  "Celebrating the past, present and future of the people's playground, Coney Island"  After you pass the opening flash page that sets you up in the mood for nostalgia, the home page features some video clips that highlight Coney's eccentric past. It's Luna Park page takes you into the history of the what we can now call the first and original Luna Park and ending up at today's Zamperla's Luna Park.  The Roller Coaster page, which is still in the works will feature the great roller coasters of Coney Island's past and present. Which will more than likely follow the process as the new roller coaster coming for today's Coney Island emerges from an empty lot of the fertile kind.  (One not owned by Thor Equities).  The links page will have all your connections to all things Coney.  We're glad 'Gotta Love Coney Island' is back again and we'll be looking forward to more of its content.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Coney In A Day

During the last three years I've been having dreams of what I would feel like when I get to see Coney Island again.  Upon my one-day business trip to New York this week, I had to make it over to Coney Island to see, in person, all that I've been missing out on over the last three years.  Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that I have been away for so long from this beloved place, which I claim to love so much.  Through the rigid winds of southern Brooklyn, I hopped off the F train and jumped onto Surf Avenue and...there it was.  "Finally, I'm here", I said.

My favorite little place in the world.  And there it person; the fabulous grand gates of Luna Park.  And there they were...a few henchmen working on the destruction of the Shore Hotel and Henderson buildings.  I cringed and jogged down Surf Avenue while my hands and ears were hurting with the nipping of the winds and hoping that the bank building was still there.  I was hoping that all those picture of its demise that I've been seeing on the internet were not accurate.  I was hoping it was just a nightmare.  But as I neared the Coney Island USA building I heard the bulldozer.  I thought on, one hand I should have been here to make "Thorasick Park 2" (a sequel to my little short back in '07 about Thor's destruction on Stillwell Avenue).  But on the other I got mad at the city for not stepping in to stop this madness.  All they've done is once again give  greedy developers the freedom to destroy what's best for Coney Island.  So, there it was...or wasn't.  The Coney Island Bank Building's remains lay there resting on its own pile of rubble.  I was sad and angry.  I got closer to take a picture of the shame as two demo henchman gave me a look.  I was not going to let them stop me and I walked onto the lot and aimed my camera.  As I gave my condolences I walked around through the frigid air which occasionally blew my hood off and slapped my ears with a brisk painful frost.  I wasn't used to this cold since being in Florida for the three years. 

As I walked out of the Coney Island Beach Shop on Stillwell Avenue I bumped into Coney connoisseur and author of "Coney Island Lost and Found" Charlie Denson.  He was videotaping the Henderson building as more demo henchman were viciously at work.  I was glad to see him again after so long.  He expressed a similar sympathy with losing the historic buildings and the long-standing businesses along the boardwalk.  We departed and I gave my goodbye to Coney Island...for now.  I know it won't be long before I head back up.  And when I do I hope to see a better place.  I hope I don't see empty lots.  I hope to find Ruby's open to grab a beer.  I hope to see the gates of Paul's Daughter open to gorge on a funnel cake as a I look up and take another snapshot of that Astro burger boy. And I hope that time it will be to stay!

[view slideshow of Coney in a day after the jump]

Monday, December 13, 2010

Coney Island's Shore Theater To Finally Be Landmarked

Image courtesy of Municipal Arts Society of New York

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 13th 2010, The Landmarks Preservation Commission is set to landmark the long standing Shore Theater located on Surf and Stilwell Avenues in Coney Island.  The structure was built in 1925 and houses a 2,400-seat theater.  It was first used for vaudeville theater then used as a movie house for popular films until it ended up a porn theater in the seventies.  The structure also contains six floors of office space above it.  It's been sitting vacant for over thirty years and is currently owned by Horace Bullard, who operated the Kansas Chicken fast food chain, of which sits at the corner in the building.  The land-marking will ensure that the Shore Theater will have a place in the future of Coney Island.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Save Coney Island Group Presents A Night Of Short Films

More film culture in Brooklyn the second Sire Screen Series.  Presented by the Save Coney Island group's.  The Siren Series Deaux, Electrique Boogaleux will be taking place this Thursday, December 9th 2010 at the Black Horse Pub in Park Slope.  Of the many short films screened, "Avenue X" by Leslie McCleave, which was shot in late 1992 and early 1993 and played at the Sundance Film Festival in 1994 will also be seen. It features a scene that was shot at Ruby's Bar & Grill on the Coney Island boardwalk.

The series, designed by Save Coney Island's John Salvatore, to promote local filmmakers and to raise money for a cause. 

[Further film festival info after the jump]

Monday, November 29, 2010

Coney Events: The Bible Show II

From Coney Island USA:
Storybook Burlesque is thrilled to bring back their Bible Show, but This Time, It's Personal! Featuring new acts and old favorites, including a brand-spanking-new group number, this reboot is one you won't want to miss! From Genesis and the Garden of Eden to Revelation and the Second Coming, the Bible Show re-imagines everything you thought you learned in Bible Study. Start your holiday season right with blasphemy and boobs!

Featuring performances by
BB Heart
Cherry Magdalene
Jenny C’est Quoi
Lefty Lucy
Magdalena Fox
Rosey La Rouge
Victoria Privates
and Tigger! as Father McTigger!
with help from boylesque newcomer, Et Tu Booté!

Skip church and save your soul at the Sideshow with Storybook Burlesque! Praise for Storybook Burlesque: “The Bible Burlesque dancers -- Jenny C'est Quoi, BB Heart, Magdalena Fox, Lefty Lucy, Cherry Magdalene, Victoria Privates, and Rosey La Rouge -- never looked as hot as they do in this risqué show.” --Asylum “Just when we thought burlesque had sold out and become all mainstream, ‘Bible Burlesque’ by Storybook Burlesque arrives to save our souls.” --Trendhunter Magazine About Storybook Burlesque: Storybook Burlesque was formed in the summer of 2009 by seven of New York burlesque’s rising stars. Our mission: to produce literary burlesque inspired by variety of storybooks, from Tabloid Magazines to the Bible, Greek Myths to Dr. Seuss"

Burlesque At The Beach!
Storybook Burlesque Presents: The Bible Show Ii: This Time It’s Personal
Friday, December 3, 9pm, $15 at the door
coney island usa - sideshows by the seashore
1208 surf ave.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coney Goodies: Black Friday Turns Pink At Lola Star!

All images courtesy of Lola Star

This holiday season you'll have to walk over from Union Square to Soho to find all the Lola Star goodies.  But it's well worth the wintry walk.  Forget the kiosk, here you'll find a beautiful 1,500 sq ft boutique of wonderland.  After ten years of the frigid cold of the Union Square outdoors Lola set her stars onto this cozy Soho boutique. 

Lola Star newsletter says:
She set her sights on finding a new holiday alternative to the Union Square Holiday Gift Market! As fate would have it, We are thrilled to have found a spectacular new space to house our holiday wonderland! It is much much bigger and much warmer than our little booth! It is the beginning of a brand new holiday Soho adventure!!

For the last decade, determined fashionistas have been making the nearly hour long pilgrimage to Lola Star Souvenir Boutique to indulge in the whimsical retail offerings of Dianna Carlin, a k a Lola. Now, a version of that Coney Island institution can be found in SoHo.

Lola Star will be returning to the Coney Island boardwalk in the future.  Hopefully, next season.  Last month All of the Coney Island boardwalk businesses except Lola Star and Nathan's were terminated by the new Amusement operators of Luna Park who were given that parcel on the boardwalk to operate in the 10 year contract with the city.  But Lola Star will still be in Coney Island.  You can find her store in the Stillwell Subway Station on Stillwell and Surf Avenues.  However, you won't find the outlet at the Dreamland Roller Rink.  Unfortunately, the landlords of the Childs Building on the Boardwalk have decided not to bring back the Roller Skating for a third season.  But you can't complain...Lola Star is still everywhere!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Boardwalk Blues Un-HOOPLA!

Image courtesy of jamie nyc (

The past few weeks in Coney Island have been tainted with a disrespect for the old.  A killing spree starting with the old Coney Island Bank Building by Thor Equities and a big sweep-away of practically all of the old businesses along the boardwalk.  But the resistance by Coney Island denizens to preserve their endeared history was, once again no match for the big greedy developer and the new big amusement operator on the block - while the city allowed it all to happen.  They served as the accomplice.

Here are some of the links to the past few weeks.  Unlike a couple years ago, Coney Island links have have increased greatly due to the enormous growth of blogs and news sites.  Here are a few highlights!

Preserving the Best of the Boardwalk
Mourning Coney Island Institution, Ruby's Bar, 1934-2010

Coney Island boardwalk sweeping out all the old businesses

Ruby’s, a Coney Island Institution, Closing for Good

Coney Island Takes One Step Closer to Disneyland
Complete Shmendriks Destroy Coney Island Boardwalk

The Coney Island Bank Building Is Gone Forever – R.I.P.

Evicted Coney Island Businesses Say They Won't Go
Why Not Tear Down Coney Island?

Coney Bank Building Demo Halted

Coney Island Loses Historic Bank Building

Coney Island Bank Building Demo Stopped... For Now

Demolition of Coney Island Bank Building Halted: Full Stop Work Order Issued


 A Zillion HOOPLA!

Joe Sitt’s Gang Punches Holes in Bank of Coney Island Building
DOB Stops Thor Demo of Coney Island Bank, Cites Hazardous Conditions
Thor Resumes Demolition of Doomed Bank of Coney Island
Nov 16: Concrete, Wood or Plastic? Discussion on Future of Coney Island Boardwalk
First Pieces of Zamperla Flying Coaster Arrive at Coney Island’s Future Scream Zone
This Week in Coney Island: Party at Paul’s Daughter, Hypocrisy at NYCEDC

Featured Video Hoopla:

Historian Charles Denson; Ruby’s Daughter Speak for the Real Coney Island

Denson; "These are family businesses. These are businesses that are Coney Island. This is Coney's not some plastic amusement park.  And it's not some generic, gentrified restaurant.  This is the real Coney Island".

Audio Hoopla:

In Memory of Scott Fitlin 1962-2010

What's Coney Island Without Ruby's?

Indulge Yourself In Coney Island And Brooklyn Culture This Weekend

Brooklyn writers; Michael Schwartz and Elizabeth Gaffney share their work and passion of Brooklyn and Coney Island this Saturday at the Brooklyn Historical Society with written works as well as poems, performance, and song in this exiting event.
From the artists:
MICHAEL SCHWARTZ will to perform;"Hey Gerry!" and Other Selected Short Stories, Poems, Monologues, and Song.  His Coney Island writings have been exciting and entertaining audiences all over New York City.  In addition to a reading by acclaimed Metropolis novelist Elizabeth Gaffney.  She'll read from her new historical Brooklyn set novel.  The event is followed by Q & A session with each of the two writers.
The event is part of part of: "Artist & Artifact - Re-visioning Brooklyn's Past"  Which is the culmination of the "Interpreting Brooklyn" grant from the Brooklyn Historical Society, awarded to ten artists, including two writers (Michael Schwartz and Elizabeth Gaffney), several visual artists, and one composer, who will all be exhibited in the show.  Each artist has focused on a different section of Brooklyn and an aspect of its history.  The month long exhibit includes an audio recording of Schwartz performing one of his stories, a book containing all of the fifteen pieces he contributed, and an enlarged, wall-sized excerpt of a stirring section of his Cyclone roller coaster set short story "Hey Gerry!  (Besides being a writer, Schwartz is also an actor and director.)

Artist and Artifact: Re|Visioning Brooklyn's Past
Writers: Michael Schwartz and Elizabeth Gaffney
Saturday November 20th 2010
2PM to 4PM
Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

The exhibit runs: 
November 11 - December 17 2010
at the Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
located at 33 Clinton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

(Schwartz's work is being exhibited at Brooklyn Historical Society.)


Getting there:
R train (and maybe also the M?) to Court Street station
or 2, 3, 4, 5 trains to Borough Hall station
or A, C, F trains to Jay Street Borough Hall station 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coney Events: Stuff Yourself Silly!

From the Coney Island USA website:
Adam the First Real Man Presents: Stuff Yourself Silly...A Variety Show With All The Fixins.

Spend Thanksgiving Eve in Coney Island with a cornucopia of extraordinary talent.
Get your fill of unusual acts and death defying feats with some of New York's most talented and outrageous variety performers.

Ventriloquist Pete Michaels
Contortionist Amazing Amy
Twisted Shockmeister Scott Baker
Belly Dancing and Accordion duo Bellow Dancer
Singer Princess Pat
Illusionist Eric Wilzig
Champion Western Artist Chris McDaniel
Fire Eater Angelica
Hula Hooper Justina Flash

"Its what they'll be talking about at thanksgiving dinner, don't feel left out!"

Freak Bar opens at 6:30pm.

Stuff Yourself Silly
A Variety Show With All The Fixins
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
$13 in advance or at the door
located at Coney Island USA - Sideshows By The Seashore
1208 Surf Ave.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coney Island USA Building Brightens Up All Night , All Year!

Image courtesy of The Great Fredini (CIUSA message board)

After always being somewhat quiet in the dark for a long time, the Coney Island USA building finally brightens up to a delight all night every night of the year.  Coney Island USA  artistic director; Dick Zigun describes the enhancements to the structure on the Coney Island USA message board:

We are two weeks away from finishing a major upgrade to the exterior of our building:

The entire facade has been power washed;  the fancy tin cornice at the top of the building is being cleaned, primed and painted;2nd floor windows frames are also being painted;  anti-bird spikes are being installed and the exterior lights (which have not worked for twenty years) have all been repaired.

The Surf Avenue facade will be illuminated every evening, 365 days a year; the West 12th Street lights will be on when we are open for business any evening.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Fight To Keep Ruby's Alive Begins!

Image courtesy of Ruby's Host (Flickr)

With all the opposition against Zamperla's decision to axe Ruby, the people are gathering to protest.  They will not let it go down without a fight.

This Saturday, November 6th at 1pm, there will be a big rally to make noise towards Zamperla, Borough Prez. Marty Markowitz, Domenic Recchia, Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, and the Coney Island Development Corporation.

You can sign the petition here and then email, call, and fax these city officials with your pleads.  Help save Ruby's Bar and Grill!

Here are the contact numbers for city officials:

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz:
phone: (718) 802-3700

Zamperla Amusements:

Phone: (973) 334-8133 ext. 201

Councilmember Domenic M. Recchia

phone: (718) 373-9673
fax: (718) 373-0195

from the petition:
In business since 1934, we are the Oldest Bar and Grill on the Coney Island and is famously located directly on the boardwalk with the Atlantic Ocean as our front yard.

RUBY'S is  family owned and operated. We are the only full service bar & grill on the boardwalk with indoor seating. RUBY'S was Voted the 14th sexiest beach bar in the world by the TRAVEL CHANNEL. Other awards include best Dive bar in Brooklyn 1999, 2002, 2005, and. best jukebox on the boardwalk 40 years running.

RUBY'S has been featured in Films and TV

Our season is from (April) Palm Sunday thru Halloween Oct 31st.

Zamperla's Shiny New Boardwalk

(click images to enlarge)
Images provided to KC by Zamperla spokesman Tom Corsillo

With a huff and puff of the new giant in Coney Island, Zamperla Amusements will blow the boardwalk house down and wash in a shiny new row of glitz.  It’s out with the old honky tonk and in with the old Luna-esque; “amusement architecture”. A style designed and coined by Fred Thompson himself.  Which aspect's seems to express the missing link  somewhere, between the Tivoli Gardens and the World’s Fairs of the nineteenth century in design.

The masses who make their Coney visit may indeed welcome the new eye candy with its commercial theme-parkish flare, but die-hard honky tonkers may still scoff with mourn.

This Monday, boardwalk merchants received notice that they will not be receiving leases for 2011 and must vacate the premises by November 15, 2010.  The only three businesses that will be coming back, at this point, are Lola Star Boutique, the Coney Island Beach souvenir shop, and Nathan’s.

"The place has been there for 76 years. It's history," said Ruby's bar co-owner Michael Sarrel, to the Daily News.  Sarrel plans to appeal to the city, which owns the property and leases to Zamperla.  Probably a hard bargain, since the city has been neglecting any chance of saving any history in Coney Island by not stepping in and saving the currently destructive demolition process by Thor Equities.

What’s really hurting Coney lovers and denizens is the end for Ruby’s Bar and Grill, which has been a favorite in Coney Island.  It would be fitting for Zamperla to find a place for Ruby's in their new themed establishments.  Along with Shoot the Freak which is probably the most memorable attraction that most locals and tourists  will remember of Coney Island during the last decade.  However, it seems that Ruby's and Shoot the Freak aren't what Zamperla has in their vision for Coney Island, since their spokesman Tom Corsillo, said these decisions were based on what the company thought would fit with that vision.

What is part of their vision is a sit-down restaurant and sports bar which will be open year-round.  The new possible tenants have still not been named.  The company did mention to the Daily News that they’ve been in talks with Shake Shack and Atomic Wings about opening boardwalk outposts.

“They didn’t have the vision that we have for the Boardwalk,” Ferrari told ATZ. “It’s a business decision.” He says Zamperla/CAI’s vision is to revitalize the Boardwalk by making it a lively place open 365 days a year. But it’s also a matter of investment dollars. Luna Park is investing $1.4 million in a new restaurant at the corner of Surf and 10th Street, formerly occupied by Gregory & Paul’s. A Boardwalk restaurant/bar hoping to get a lease renewal would have had to make a million dollar investment as well, Ferrari said.

Image courtesy of Amusing the Zillion (Tricia Vita)

ATZ went around on the last day of the official season taking some of the last pictures of the 2010 season of the boardwalk businesses before going into Coney memory forever.

But while the axing of the existing structures along the boardwalk seems inevitable, Ruby’s people will be fighting back this week with full force and a vengeance.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Is Zamperla Trying On Thor's Boot? Coney Boardwalk Establishments Given The Heave-Ho!

According to sources close to one of the businesses on the Coney Island Boardwalk.  A few of the major long-standing businesses on  the Coney Island boardwalk have been given the boot by operator Zamperla of Luna Park.  The list includes: The Grill House, Ruby's Bar & Grill, Tom's Souvenir shop, and Paul's Daughter.  No word on Shoot The Freak or Lola Star yet. 

The New York Daily News called it judgment day today for the long-standing businesses on the famous Coney Island Boardwalk.  Today they were scheduled to receive word whether they would get another lease for next or vacate the premises.  According to letter via special delivery to the business operators, they will not be granted a lease for next year and must vacate the premises within two weeks.

It's sad to see some of them go, especially, Rubys' Bar & Grill which has been a staple of the Coney Island boardwalk for so many years. At this moment word buzz has it that Beer Island will be low and dry next year as well.

Zamperla operates the new Luna Park and is also in control of the businesses along the boardwalk.  Part of their plan is to bring in a new eat-in restaurant and sports bar to the boardwalk.

update 11/1/10 12:30 pm: Electricia phoned Valerio from Luna Park and got word that Nathan's stand and Lola Star will be coming back.
[NY Daily News article after the jump]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rally To Save Coney Island's History Gathers For Last Time While City Does Nothing

We've been pointing out Coney's nemesis Thor Equities for not giving Coney Island's historic district a chance to survive, but the city is equal to blame.  Last year the city saved the amusements in Coney Island by purchasing the land under the former Astroland.  But now they, are sitting still and allowing Thor Equities to bulldoze the only remaining historic buildings in Coney Island.  What seems like part of their plan with Thor Equities to allow him his chance for profit while disrespecting New York's important culture, the city is doing nothing but allow this killing spree to take place.  

The last chance to save Coney Island's historic district will take place this Saturday October 30th 2010, which will include the last walking tour of the historic area, Sunday, October 31st, before it's dead and gone thanks to greed by those who simply don't care about the city and its people but merely their own profit.

From Save Coney Island group:

Please join Save Coney Island for a rally to preserve the amusement district's endangered historic buildings.

Four of Coney Island's most historically significant buildings -- three more than a century old -- are in danger. Demolition appears imminent. Developer Thor Equities has thus far ignored the pleas of leading historic preservation groups.

We need to raise our voices and say that we want these buildings saved, restored, and made part of Coney's future.

One of the endangered buildings, the Henderson Music Hall, is where Harpo Marx made his stage debut, alongside his brothers Groucho and Gummo.

That's why we're giving our demonstration a Marx Brothers theme - "A Many Marxes March to Save Coney Island's History."


WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 30, at 11 a.m.
WHERE: Meet at the corner of Stillwell and Surf Avenues in Coney Island

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself and your friends. Signs focused on the importance of
saving these buildings and preserving Coney Island' s history are welcome. (We are
trying to keep our message as positive as possible.)

WHAT TO WEAR: Costumes are optional but welcome. In particular, we need Groucho
Marxes and Harpo Marxes! (Groucho glasses are available for $5 at most Halloween

AFTERWARD: Stick around to watch the brand-new Coney Island Children' s
Halloween Parade at noon.

Walking Tour on Sunday (last one!)
Don't miss your final chance this season to join us in our walking tour of historic Coney Island! The guided tour will cover all the historic buildings along Surf Avenue, as well as Coney's existing landmarks. We will discuss the famous history of the district and the importance of restoring its historic buildings in order to create a unique 21st Century Coney Island.

WHERE - In front of the Shore Theater, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Aves
WHEN - Sunday, October 31st at 11:00 am

FREE! (but suggested donation of $10 appreciated)

All comers get a free Save Coney Island button and a copy of our brand new Save Coney Island map! (while supplies last!)

Forward this to a friend! As always, thanks for your support!
Save Coney Island

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coney Island Nemesis Thor Equities To Start Killing Spree!

Thor Equities will end up on Coney's wall of shame

In the style of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Thor Equities slowly begins the drilling of holes in its victim before the final blow to death!  In the name of pure disrespecting greed, Thor Equities will demonstrate more than ever how little they care about Coney Island.  Ever since Joe Sitt and Thor Equities stepped into Coney Island, they have nothing but lied, fabricated stories of redevelopment, and in their wake, killed existing amusements, turned honky tonk into trailer-trash 'amusements', while creating more rotting dead zones than Coney Island has ever had in the last three decades.  Their meddling has risen property  value to a level that will impede most amusement operators from existing here.  The future of Coney Island will will place Joe Sitt with the likes of Robert Moses and Fred Trump on the list of nemesis that tried to kill the spirit and amusements of Coney Island for their own selfish gain.

Dahmer-style holes by Thor Equities
Now, without any remorse, Thor Equities is moving quickly to demolish the oldest buildings remaining in Coney Island for what only they could replace it with; temporary, tasteless boxed run-of-the mill retail spaces.  Instead of working to profit from creating a historic district for Coney Island - that could probably turn out to even more profitable then the lackluster they are planning - Thor Equities is shooting themselves and their investors in the foot.  It's hard to imagine selling the vacant property to another developer, which is really what they are planning, in order to build high rise hotels in an amusement area which, due to its size, will not merit it.  All is traced back to the real scenario at play here; which seems to be the stubborn push for condos.  Their hope is that even with a shiny new amusement park now thriving at Coney, a high rise condo will still be of value, since the noise below could be cushioned with distance.  The distance being a few floors or retail and other indoor facilities.
And like the serial killer; selfishness and a lack of consideration carries them through their senseless actions. 

Bank Building Images courtesy of Eric Kowalsky (Facebook)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lola...The Shiniest Star Above Planet Coney

If one person has all the zing zing and bally hoopla of the Coney's Lola Star.  Her Burlesquesque sparkling style keeps popping up everywhere like Coney rabbits overloading on pink popcorn!  From the rebirth of the boardwalk boutique to the long anticipated shiny spot at the subway terminal, and now all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge to the hottest pink pop-up this side of Houston Street in Manhattan's Soho district!

A soft opening for the Soho location is going on right now.  Every day from 11 am to 7pm.  Located at 435 Broome Street at Broadway.  The official opening will be on October 23, 2010 for this 1,500 square feet of pure Coney Island magic!
Lola Star boasts:
Unicorns, shooting stars, roller skates and rock and roll bunnies... All my seven year old fantasies have exploded into day glow rainbow reality in our massive new pop up boutique in Soho!
Coney Island was named by the Dutch settlers. The word "Coney" is the Dutch word for Rabbit. Bunnies were the first to rock the Island we know as Coney Island. They filled it with thrills, magic and enchantment. The Dutch settlers were shocked to find that the Island was populated by millions of starry eyed bunnies, already christening the land of enchantment with their bunny pizzazz. The bunny party was already rockin' way before the Dutch settlers arrived!

This marks the third store for the Coney Island impresario.  After her original boardwalk boutique was shut down by Coney's nemesis; Thor Equities, there was a well deserved rebirth and reopening of that location on the boardwalk.  Then after a long awaited and overdue wait by the Transit Authority's over-long process, the Lola Boutique at the Stillwell Subway terminal was finally opened for the summer of 2010.

So, just in time for the fall and upcoming holiday season you can shop for all your Lola Star goodies at all three locations.  Well, there's more.  This holiday season you can also stop by the annual Union Square kiosk (not yet announced) and the hopefull return of the Lola Star Dreamland Roller Rink...?

As somewhat secretly announced on the Lola Star website; the Dreamland Roller Rink may be open again.  Or will it?  We hope so!  The Lola Star website says, "Well, start getting ready because we have some exciting plans which we cannot tell you just yet... but hopefully by springtime we will have a Dreamland Roller Rink for your to rock your roller fashion once again!"

All pictures courtesy of Lola Star