Monday, August 31, 2009

400 Million Year Old Species Live At NY Aquarium

Prehistoric Creature of the Deep at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium. Chambered Nautilus now on exhibit. Like the coelacanth, the nautilus has remained unchanged for over 400 million years and are considered living fossils. During prehistoric times, there were about 10,000 different species of nautilus, but only a small handful are known to survive today. The nautilus is closely related to other cephalopods such as the squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. Like most cephalopods, it can use jet propulsion to reach speeds of over two knots. The life and habits of the nautilus are still largely a mystery since it spends most of its time in deep water up to 1,800 feet. Visit the New York Aquarium today and view these interesting creatures.

The New York Aquarium opens every day of the year at 10am, and closing times vary seasonally.
Admission is $13.00 for adults, $9.00 for children ages 3-12 and $10.00 for senior citizens (65 and older); children under 3 years of age are admitted free.
Fridays after 3pm, admission is by suggested donation.
The Aquarium is located on Surf Avenue at West 8th Street in Coney Island.
For directions, information on public events and programs, and other Aquarium information, call 718-265-FISH or visit our web site at

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ringling Circus Invites Coney Community For Night Of Appreciation

If you already have or haven't seen the Ringling Brother Barnum & Bailey Circus's Boom-A-Ring extravaganza in Coney Island, here's your chance for a discounted ticket of more than half off. All for appreciation of the Coney Island Community.

GET $20 TIX FOR $8
We'll be selling $12 Gold Unit Collector's Programs for just $8, too!
CLICK HERE to buy now!
Use promotion code "THANKS"when ordering to take advantage of this special offer!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ask The Experts: Behind The Myth Of New York

Elizabeth L. Bradley, deputy director of the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library, will discuss the creation, evolution, and prevalence of the New York "attitude" through Washington Irving’s imaginary historian, Diedrich Knickerbocker.

Here is the remaining schedule for the 'Ask the Experts' Series:

13 - D.B. Denholtz, Masterpieces of Sideshow Photography: From Daguerreotype to Snapshot (1852-1987)

Ask The Experts
Elizabeth L. Bradley: The Great Knickerbocker Hoax
Sunday, August, 30

4 pm
$5, Free for Coney Island USA members
at the Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Avenue

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thor Needs To Get Out Of Coney Once And For All

It is now plain as the summer sunlight that Thor Equities and Joe Sitt is just another Fred Trump or Robert Moses; the foes in the Coney Island history. Joe Sitt has done nothing to prove wrong what everyone has said about him and his company. They they are mainly speculators out to rip off with Coney Island and its legend and charm.

After bulldozing thriving attractions and a theme park that could've still been left to function while the new Coney Island finally happens, Thor Equities has only made a shambles of everything they touch. As recent as a few days ago, they shut down their own amusement park; Dreamland, which was supposed to be the fill the void they left empty after carelessly evicting the long standing Astroland Amusement Park. Thor has made a mess of their empty lots from a hooky kiddie inflatable slide to a distressing flea market and they yearly short-lived makeshift carnivals that goes kaput before the season ends. Actually coming in late and leaving early.

And even though they could still reopen in a few days they have already displayed a lack of respect. A lack of business savvy doesn't seem to be at the crux of the problem here but a mere lack of respect with a sole interest in financial gain.

There is now a
petition going on to boot them out as well as an angry 'Save Coney Island' coalition retort to the matter.

Save Coney Island writes:
“The closure of ‘Dreamland,’ Thor Equities’ half-hearted attempt at anamusement park, is only the latest installment in Thor's deliberatecampaign to blight Coney Island,” said Save Coney Island spokesman JuanRivero. “First, Thor senselessly drove out many of Coney Island’slong-established amusements — including the beloved Astroland amusementpark — now Thor is even shutting down the amusements that they themselvesbrought in.”

So, sign the petition, make your comments heard on the Internet, and pressure the city to give Thor Equities its 'Get out of Coney card'.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Two 'This Or That' Shows Left

Just two more Friday shows left for America's Favorite burlesquey zany show.

Come see the Julie Atlas Muz, the Great Fredini, the This or That Girls Bambi and Bunny, Brian Fisherman, and some of the most outrageous acts you've ever seen in the smash show people are raving about! Several lucky audience members will compete in America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow! Be prepared to have a great time!

Burlesque on the Beach
This or That: America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow
Friday, August 28, 2009

10 pm

at Sideshows By The Seashore
corner of Surf and West 12th street

Last show Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

ATZ Interviews An Eccentric Personality Extraordinaire

Amusing the Zillion blog goes deep into the eccentric with Justin Case, comedic and wild performer of the the Coney Island Boom-A-Ring for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus which is still playing in Coney Island until September 7th.

"The Australian plays a flustered Frenchman who brilliantly pedals his way through the show and into our hearts", says Tricica Vita of Amuzing the Zillion. ATZ goes in depth with the virtuoso cyclist, stunt performer, comic, and

Image courtesy of Ringling Bros.

ATZ asks Case about Coney Island:
Q: What are your impressions of Coney Island? What are some of the amusements, attractions, or restaurants etc that you and your wife have enjoyed?

A: We’ve very much enjoyed
Footprints, Gargiulo’s, Tatiana’s and Umi Sushi who deliver all the time to the circus lot! My favourite dish is the New Zealand lamb at Gargiulo’s. My wife and I have enjoyed walking along the boardwalk a lot – especially after shows in the evening when it’s cooler – so many different nationalities, families, couples etc all just enjoying the ocean – it’s very relaxing – we’ve also enjoyed exploring and shopping at Brighton Beach.

Q: Have you had a chance to ride the
Wonder Wheel? Swinging or Stationary Seat? The Cyclone? How was it? Time Magazine quoted Charles Lindbergh as saying that a ride on the Cyclone was more thrilling than his historic first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

A: Not ridden them yet but they are on our list of must-dos before we leave!

Read the full interview at Amusing the Zillion blog.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coney Events: Step Back To The 1930's

Slumming on the Coney Island boardwalk back in the 1930's was filled with an exuberant you can't find today. From the Marx Brothers, Gipsy Rose Lee, to your fill of amusement rides and sideshows. The Pinchbottom bothers and a few sisters brings you a sideshow extravaganza specially created for the Coney Island USA Sideshow by the Seashore.

From Coney Island USA:

When Hugo J. Porkenbush, house doctor to the Coney Island Sideshow, accidentally incapacitates all the performers, he has to find replacement acts -- and fast! So he recruits a pair of Boardwalk grifters (Nasto& Tiggo) to shanghai "volunteers" for the show. But when, instead of hapless victims, they abduct a bevy of burlesque performers from the Mermaid Parade, the show goes on... a lot further than anyone expected! Starring: NASTY CANASTA, JONNY PORKPIE, and TIGGER! as THE PINCH BROTHERS plus ALBERT CADABRA, DONNY VOMIT, GAL FRIDAY, JULIE ATLAS MUZ, LITTLE BROOKLYN

Burlesque by the Beach
Pinchbottom Presents: A Day on the Boardwalk, A Night at the Sideshow
Friday, Auguest 21, 2099

10 pm

at Sidehows by the Seashore
Coner of Surf Avenue and West 12th Street

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Save Coney Island's Movie Night And Briefing

Watch the "Little Fugitive" the classic film that captured our hearts of a little boy romping through a glorious Coney of yesteryear's 1950's.

From 'Save Coney Island':
Save Coney Island will continue to pressure the City to buy as much land as possible for outdoor amusements. We will push for the landmarking of the historic buildings that this rezoning plan puts at risk. We will fight against the construction of those high-rise towers proposed for the heart of the amusement area. And we will resist the privatization of parkland in Coney Island, insisting that it remain devoted to public use.

We will be launching several initiatives in the coming weeks, and we look forward to your continued support.

This Wednesday, Vox Pop will be hosting a screening of a slate of films about Coney Island:
- The '50s era Coney classic LITTLE FUGITIVE (1953, 80min), in which a little Brooklyn tyke mistakenly thinks he has gunned down his older brother and runs away to Coney Island.
- THE RELEASE OF JAN, a short film by Jordan Roettele
- footage shot from the world-famous Cyclone
- "Don't Shrink Coney! Fix the Plan!", our very own advocacy video

After the screening, we will brief everyone on the latest developments in the fight to Save Coney Island.

Coney Island Movie Night and Briefing
What: Vox Pop Movie Night - Save Coney Island - Little Fugitive and The Release of Jan
Where: Vox Pop, 1022 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn - 718 940 2084
When: Wednesday, August 19th
at 7:30 PM - 9:30PM

Coney Events: Skate Through The Jungle...Only In Dreamland

Who said you can't skate in the jungle? Only in Dreamland.

At Dreamland Roller Rink..."We got fun 'n' gamesWe got everything you wantHoney we know the names"

DJ Misbehavior will be spinning the wild

Jungle Skate Party
Dreamland Roller Rink
August 22nd 2009
8 pm - 12 am
$12 addmission / $10 if you come dressed in jungle attire
Free Skate Rentals i fyou arrive before 8:30
$5 Skate Rentals (or bring your own)
21 and over
at the landmark Childs Building on the world famous Coney Island Boardwalk.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get Your Tickets To Warriors 30th Year Reunion And Screening

Here's another chance to get your tickets before this second event brought by popular demand goes sold out too. It's been thirty years since the popular "Warriors" film was released taking NYC by storm. The film has gone on to be a b-picture, underground classic of sorts. And it all started right here in Coney Island. Join the rumble again!

From Coney Island USA:
Warriors Come Out To Plaaaaay! Can You Dig It!!!!??? Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity on the films 30th Anniversary!! Be a part of history where the film was shot in the heart of the Coney Island Amusement District, and all for a good cause!

11:15pm Festivities Include:
• Cast Appearances by Michael Beck (Swan), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Brian Tyler (Snow), Thomas G. Waites (Fox), Terry Michos (Vermin), Apache Ramos (Orphan)
• 11:15pm - 11:45pm - A Discussion and Q+A with the cast prior to the screening
• 11:45pm - 1:20am - Special Screening of The Warriors at Sideshows By The Seashore!

Please Note: There is No Private Meet and Greet with the cast at the 11:15pm Show. Autograph Signing will only occur from 7:30pm - 8:30pm outside the Sideshow on West 12th Street (fee set by cast member). No autographs will be signed in the building. Tickets for the 11:15pm show are $20 (non-refundable)
Click here to buy tickets for the 11:15pm show, ADVANCE SALE ONLY!

For those with 7:30 screening tickets, here's a briefing:
7:30pm sold out! With Festivities Including:• Cast Appearances by Michael Beck (Swan), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Brian Tyler (Snow), Thomas G. Waites (Fox), Terry Michos (Vermin)• 7:30 - 8:30pm - Autograph Signing outside Sideshows By The Seashore on West 12th street (Additional Fee set by cast member). Please Note: This is the only time autographs will be signed. No autographs will be signed in the building. Exclusive Events for 7:30pm Ticket Holders Only:• 8:30pm - 9pm - Meet and Greet inside with the cast!• 9:00pm - 10:35pm - Special Screening of The Warriors at Sideshows By The Seashore! • 10:35pm - 11:05pm - A Question + Answer discussion with the cast right after the film!

The Warriors 30th Year Reunion and Screening
A Benefit/Fundraiser for Coney Island USA
Saturday, August 29
7:30 pm [sold out] & 11:30 pm
Demand, show added 11:15 pm
at Coney Island USA
1208 Surf Ave.
Videotaping/Filming is strictly prohibited inside the building.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gone Beyond Coney

We'll be back shortly to our beloved place in the world: Coney Island. But for now, a short trip takes us to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for a good dose of enthralling inspiration.

We'll be back shortly!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Exploring Coney: New Coney Walking Audio And Video Tour For Your Podcast

The Coney Island History Project and Charles Denson (CIHP Executive Director, Coney Island native and author of the award-winning book Coney Island Lost & Found.) brings you a wonderful audio and video tour for you to explore while walking through Coney Island and experience its glorious history while standing in its present. The feel will leave you anticipating Coney Island's future with hope.

NEW! "The Amusement Area: Past & Present," the first-ever Audio Walking Tour of Coney Island! Archival and contemporary photos, historical facts, anecdotes, and guided observation are used to explore Coney Island's past and present as well as its future possibilities.Highlighting historic landmarks and sites endangered by redevelopment, the Coney Island History Project's free audio tours make the People's Playground accessible to visitors and armchair travelers 365 days a year. The tours provide valuable perspective on the historic and cultural importance of a world-famous neighborhood on the cusp of redevelopment.

Currently in beta test version, the History Project's free tours are downloadable as:
-- Audio + pictures/video on desktop/laptops
-- Audio-only MP3 file for download to portable players (older iPods + non-iPod players)
-- Audio + pictures/video for download to iPods and iPhones.
There is also a version for playback on the iPhone via the AT&T mobile network.

For more information see the wonderful C
oney Island History Project website.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flickr Convoy: Happy Chap Wedding Guest

Image courtesy of Rubys Host / KC Flickr Pool

Another wonderful image brought to us by our friend Rubys Host aka Diana. A delightful crisp colorful chap enjoys being a guest at a Coney Island wedding.

Join the Kinetic Carnival Flickr Group to add your Coney Island images and have them featured on this blog.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coney Events: God Damned Women Of Burlesque

Women burst into flames to show there firey side. Well, they may or may not burst but they'll sure make you do.

Join Jo Boobs as she presents Gal Friday, Julie Atlas Muz, Dr. Lucky, World Famous *BOB*, and special guest Devilicia of Boston's Black Cat Burlesque in an exploration of the firey side of women. It's going to be a hellacious show, with surprise performers and a finale that will damn the entire audience!

Burlesque at the Beach
Jo Boobs Presents: God Damned Women
Friday, August 14, 2009
10 pm
at the Sideshows by the Seashore
located on the corner of Surf Avenue and West 12th Street

Ask The Experts: Panel Discussion 'Why Small Meseums Matter'

Coney Island USA's Ask The Expert Series is a not-to-be missed event for all those interested in this marvelously historic place of the world.

PANEL DISCUSSION : WHY SMALL MUSEUMS MATTER. Small museums and collections are growing all over New York at rates that are unprecedented. But many are finding it difficult to thrive in the current economic environment. Does it matter? What's so Important About Small Museums?

Join us for an informal discussion.

Dave Herman, President of the City Reliquary
David Sharps, President and Barge Captain of the Waterfront Museum
Deborah Schwartz, President of the Brooklyn Historical Society (Moderating)
Pam Green, Executive Director of the Weeksville Society
Kathleen Laziza, Executive Director of the Micro Museum
Aaron Beebe, Museum Director at Coney Island USA

Coney Island USA's
Ask The Experts

Sunday, August 16, 2009
admission: $5 Free for CIUSA members
at the Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Ave. (between Stillwell and West 12th st.)

Here is the remaining schedule for the 'Ask the Experts' Series:

August 16 - Panel Discussion, Why Small Museums Matter
August 23 - Uncle Monsterface
August 30 Elizabeth Bradley, Knickerbocker: Behind the Myth of New York
September 13 - D.B. Denholtz, Masterpieces of Sideshow Photography: From Daguerreotype to Snapshot (1852-1987)

Coney Events: Seaside Summer Concert Series

The 31st Annual Seaside Summer Concert Series performances are held Thursday nights7:30 pmAsser Levy/Seaside Parkat West 5th Street and Surf Avenue inConey Island/Brighton Beach, across the street from the New York Aquarium. The public is encouraged to bring their own chairs. A limited amount of $5 rental chairsin a specially designated area are available on a first-come first-served basis.

For information regarding disabled seating/parking please call 718-222-0600

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coney Events: Alice In Dreamland

Well, actually it's a Wonderland skate party where you can join Alice on wheels.
Rolling in from Dreamland:
Alice's technicolored dreams of wonderland will become a reality at Dreamland Roller Rink this Saturday!

Dress as Alice, The White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts or any of the other fabulous Characters from Lewis Caroll's masterpiece for a discount!

Coney Island's magical Dreamland Roller Rink is the perfect place to roller skate down the rabbit hole of your own wonderland fantasies!! Join us!!

One white rabbit we expect to see there is our friend, Rapid T. Rabbit. A true Coney Island character.

Dreamland Roller Rink
Alice in Wonderland Skate Party!!
Saturday August 15th!!
$12 admission!
$10 if you dress in Alice in Wonderland attire
21 and over!!
at the landmark Childs Building on the world famous Coney Island

Coney Events: Pirates Shipwrecked At Coney Island

This Thursday pirates, sirens, and sea creatures along with death at sea will frolic its way to the Coney Island shore and storm right into a night a burlesque.

Coney Island USA presents Remy Vicious presenting: "Shipwrecked! Pirate Love Lost at Sea"

Burlesque at the Beach
Remy Vicious presents: "Shipwrecked! Pirate Love Lost at Sea"
Thursday, August 13, 2009
9 pm

at the Sideshows by the Seashore
corner of Surf Avenue and West 12th Street

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Reminder: Ask The Experts "Ghosts On Fire"

MICHAEL SCHWARIZ: GHOSTS ON FIRE An Afternoon of Sex, Stickball, Mrs Stahl's Knishes, the Cyclone and the Sea, short stories, poems and colorful characters. Michael Schwartz, Coney Island resident, author, playwright and performer, will entertain with a series of vignettes, stories and performances about Coney Island.

Ask the Experts
Michael Schwartz: Ghosts On Fire
Sunday, August 9, 2009
here for more info or visit Coney Island USA

Flickr Convoy: Sunset Grill On The Boardwalk

Image courtesy of Rubsys Host / KC Flickr Group

Steve's Grill House on the Boardwalk enjoys a quite summer sunset.

Join the
Kinetic Carnival Flickr Group to add your Coney Island images and have them featured on this blog

Friday, August 07, 2009

Ask The Experts: Ghosts On Fire In Coney Island

Image by Gary Schwartz
Growing up in Coney Island gives you the gift of wonderful stories and experiences. Michael Schwartz takes you on a wonderful journey through his life with short stories and poems from an his upcoming book, an excerpt of a graphic novel set in different historic eras in Coney, you'll hear a couple of songs, he'll even do a character monologue, a scene, followed by a Q & A. An afternoon sure to be of pure delight whether you share an appreciation for Coney Island or not.

Ask Coney Island USA has greatly provided us for years now, their 'Ask the Experts' series takes you in depth with those who know very well about Coney Island. This Sunday afternoon:
MICHAEL SCHWARIZ: GHOSTS ON FIRE An Afternoon of Sex, Stickball, Mrs Stahl's Knishes, the Cyclone and the Sea, short stories, poems and colorful characters. Michael Schwartz, Coney Island resident, author, playwright and performer, will entertain with a series of vignettes, stories and performances about Coney Island.

Ask the Experts
Michael Schwartz: Ghosts On Fire
Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 pm
$5, FREE for Coney Island USA members!
at the Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Ave.between Stillwell and West 12th st.

Here is the remaining schedule for the 'Ask the Experts' Series:
August 16 - Panel Discussion, Why Small Museums Matter
August 23 - Uncle Monsterface
August 30 Elizabeth Bradley, Knickerbocker: Behind the Myth of New York
September 13 - D.B. Denholtz, Masterpieces of Sideshow Photography: From Daguerreotype to Snapshot (1852-1987)

The City's Claws Could Swipe Your Hot Dog

Image by ConeyHOP

The passing of the Mayor's Coney rezoning and revitization plan which carries a major flaw; one that would shrink the amusment area by shadowing it with useless highrises is also a big threat for an iconic structure in Coney Island: Nathan's Famous!

Fortunately, forces are underway to stop the city's claws from eradicating Nathan's as we've known it.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported:

Two separate petitions have started on that are aiming to protect the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Stand building in Coney Island.

The hot dog stand, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell avenues, is the very first of the national chain’s outlets, founded by Nathan Handwerker in 1916. It is also the most iconic of the amusement area’s many food merchants, each year hosting the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The building would be torn down to make way for one of several high-rises planned for the neighborhood. Dick Zigun, representing Coney Island USA, an arts center, has said, “We are in favor of the amusements and the housing but we think there should be more room for more rides and less room for hotels. And the demolition of Nathan’s? No way.”

Here is the online petition started by Funtime3 to save Nathan's Famous. We urge you to go and sign it now. At the moment it's at 251 supporters with a goal of 50,000. There are apparently a few petitions for Nathan's at, search their site and find the one you like.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Coney Events: Hip Hip Hooray Burlesque

Over the top show-stomping hips drag across hysterical stage at this Burlesque sideshow hoopla!

Burlesque at the Beach:

Over the top showgirls, drag stars, choreographed production number, hysterical comedy, & bumps-n-grinds! Victor Victoria on (melted) ice!

Starring Darlinda Just Darlinda, Sequinette, Dave End, Taylor Mac, Marni, Poison Eve, Dirty Martini, David Bishop and hosted by World Famous *BOB*

Burlesque at the Beach
Hip Hip Hooray, a Musical Tribute To Everything Gay
Firday, August 7

10 pm

at the Sideshows by the Seashore
corner of Surf avenue and West 12th Street

Coney Events: Angels and Devils Dreamland Skate Party

The good, the bad, and the Blondie will skate away at Dreamland Roller Rink this Saturday

Straight from Dreamland:
"Tonight make it magnificent!!"

On Saturday Aug 8th Dreamland Roller Rink will be hosting the official Pre-party in preparation the FREE Blondie concert in Coney Island next week!!
DJ Misbehavior will spin the glamorous new wave sounds of Blondie at our Angels and Devils Skate party.

Fashion icon, former playboy bunny lead singer, Debbie Harry's voice is said to be "a bombshell zombie's voice that can sound dreamily seductive and woodenly ansonite within the same song"! We are paying tribute to the heavenly devilish sound of Blondie with our the angels and devils theme!

Dress in angel or devil costume and get reduced admission! Devil horns! halos! glittering angel dust! let the heaven and hell inside you shine as you skate to the sultry tunes of Blondie!

Dreamland Roller Rink
Angels and Devils Skate Party!
Blondie Tribute!

Saturday, August 8th!

8PM to 12 AM!
Admission $12 ($10 if you dress in a Angel or Devil costume)
$5 skate rentals (or bring your own!)
21 and over!
located on the famously fabulous Coney Island boardwalk

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rant On Coney Activists Causes Spurn

Yesterday's post on our beloved Coney Saviors taking a break to recoup and recharge in, yet again somewhere north Brooklyn, has caused quite an upset. The post was taken as an attack of labeling them as hispsters who don't even live in Coney Island.

In clarifying the intent of the post, I do apologize for any sentiments it has caused. The point in the post was more 'between the lines' with no insult in mind. More like a rant without the shouting. But many took it as a direct attack, nevertheless. The complaint was about the fact that most events are held in north Brooklyn without taking Coney Island's limited venues more in mind. While one does have to recognize that north Brooklyn neighborhoods like Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Heights have more desirable spaces for these events, it would be nice for more of them to take place in Coney Island, regardless. Most e-mail complaints from the event's organizer and members of 'Save Coney Island' indicated that Dumbo was a better suited center-point to meet after work. The commute to Coney and back would be too long for a weeknight. While I strongly agree, however, I also feel that more of an effort should be made to have more events take place in Coney island. At least the ones that take place on the weekends, not necessarily on weeknights

A meet to rethink the next strategic move in Saving Coney Island is fine at a convenient location in North Brooklyn, where most pro-amusement activists do happen to live. But events such as fund raisers, benefits, and performances to promote and further the causes for Coney Island have in the past couple of years mostly taken place in North Brooklyn. Vox Pop, SouthPaw, and other exhibit halls and galleries, to name a few, have all taken place in north Brooklyn nabes like Dumbo and Williamsburg. While it's true that Coney Island is very limited in having these facilities, I maintain that with an effort to find spaces for them, an encouragement for growth is created in Coney Island. The 'rant' in the post was a general discomfort about these decisions to utilize north Brooklyn for most of these events.

In summary, I do apologize for while at the same time surprised by the reactions directed towards me. However, I've always welcomed criticism. And I hope most of you understand that my diatribe on this matter was in no way an attack or a difference in a way of thinking to yours. This blog has always been pro-amusement and has always been in line with the desire to protect Coney Island and the fight to keep its historic integrity intact while revitalizing it for its future.

Coney Events: Frankie Marra At Surf & Turf Grill

You may have come across this band along the seashore and festival events around Brooklyn. Frankie Marra & His Band will be performing at the Coney Island Surf & Turf Grill this Saturday, August 8th.

Frankie Marra & His Band
Saturday, August 8th 2009
8:30 pm to midnight

at Coney Island Surf & Turf Grill
1315 Surf Avenue (directly across from Nathan's Famous)
Brooklyn, New York
(917) 315-6491

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's High-Towered Curtains For Coney Island...I Need A Drink!

Image compiled from photo on reBar's website

Image note: The above image is a replacement. The previous image composition was removed due to one of the elements that was taken from another photo was mistakenly used here without permission. My apologies to the original photographer.

While the city wins this round, making the future of Coney Island look bleak, the Coney Island saviors feel the need to regroup at the nearest watering hole to recharge their batteries and find refuge, once again, away from Coney Island in the 'hipper' parts of town; North Brooklyn!

Last week New York's City Council voted to approve Mayor Bloomberg's plan to revitalize Coney Island, which will bring in a six-story entertainment mall within four high-rise hotels, while shrinking the open-air amusements and threaten important historic buildings like Nathan's Famous. This will turn Coney Island into a clone of other gentrificated urban centers around the country. A fate that will no longer represent the the uniqueness that has always been Coney Island.

Feeling powerless against the city that has shown no remorse or respect towards Coney's character, our fight has driven us to the nearest watering hole to recoup, re-plan, and recharge for the charge. Though, unfortunately not in Coney Island, the Save Coney Island team is gearing us to all to stay together in keeping up the fort:

In their latest press release:

This much is clear. Save Coney Island will continue to ressure the City to buy as much land as possible for outdoor amusements. It will push for the landmarking of the historic buildings that this plan puts at risk. It will fight the construction of those high-rise towers within the amusement area. And it will resist the privatization of parkland, insisting that it remain devoted for public use.

Here are the details of our pit-stop watering hole just a few stones throw from Coney.
Happy Hour (next steps!) at the Rebar (the backroom).
Located at 147 Front Street in DUMBO.
Directions are: take the A, C, or F
Be there this Wednesday, August 5th
at 6:30 PM

You could leave your Coney rally garg at home but don't forget your torch and your will to keep on fighting!

Coney Events: School Of Burlesque Master Class

Come see students of Burlesque academia twitch their higher yearnings at none other than Coney Island USA's Burlesque at the Beach.

Burlesque at the Beach
New York School of Burlesque Master Class Student Showcase
Thursday, August 6, 2009
9 pm
at Sideshows By The Seashore
located at the corner of Surf and West 12th street