Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Joey Chestnut Wins It Again at Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest 2017

Joey Chestnut wins 2017 Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest
For the tenth time, Joey Chestnut wins the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest taking in 72 wieners at this year's hot dog eating contest sponsored by Nathan's Famous.  Chestnut stuffed down eight less dogs and buns that he intended to.  His goal was 80.  Chestnut "Jaws" ate two more than last year, beating his record and the most hot dogs and buns eaten at the hot dog eating contest in Coney Island. 

Carmen Cincotti came in second with a walloping 62 hot dogs and buns, and Matt "Megatoad" Stonie lagged behind in third with 48 dogs and buns.

Ten years ago Takeru Kobayashi was the reining champ being the six time winner of Coney Island's annual 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest.  A Coney Island traditional still going strong which draws huge crowds to the area.

Happy 4th of July from Kinetic Carnival

It's been three years since Kinetic Carnival has stopped posting.  In 2012 Kinetic Carnival began to slow down.  There have been a few attempts to restart this blog.  And those attempts have not been terminated completely.  Once again, in the works, is a new verve to start Kinetic Carnival up again along with an audio podcast.  The new proposed Kinetic Carnival will feature the cutting edge and future of world wide attraction based entertainment in this new age of technological advancements as well as throwbacks to the celebrated past while keeping a focus on its Coney Island roots.  We are expecting to announce these new ventures this year.  In the meantime, have an exciting summer!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Riding The Virtual Thunderbolt

Snapshot from the Luna Park NYC virtual ride video (BELOW)

As good as it gets until riding the actual new reborn Thunderbolt this May!

A major new addition which marks another milestone in the victory on the battle over condos in Coney Island is slated to open this May 2014 on the same location of its predecessor.  The reincarnation of the Thunderbolt roller coaster, from the original which opened in 1925 is a steel coaster built by Italian amusement firm Zamperla of Luna Park NYC.  The original Thunderbolt lay abandoned for almost two decades until it was abruptly torn down in 2000 for being considered a future eye sore for the spectators of the new ball park stadium, at the time, by then NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

The Luna Park operated ride, which broke ground on March 10th comes with a $10 million dollar price tag.  And with a set time frame to open in just a couple of months - it demonstrates the rapidness in which coasters are built.  But for the time being you can get an idea of what you’ll expect with the virtual animated ride video which takes you over the 115 foot tower for a vertical drop, a loop that’s 100 foot in height, an 80-foot zero-G roll, a 112 degree over-banked turn , a Stengel dive, a dive loop, a corkscrew, and two airtime humps.  The ride reaches speeds of up to 56 mph.

Amusing the Zillion wonders if they should recreate the Mae Timpano house that sat at the foot of the ride and which was featured in the 1977 Woody Allen movie, “Annie Hall”.  That would be a wonderful idea – perhaps a museum of the house recreating the rumble that little Allen's character felt as he ate his breakfast cereal in the kitchen.  ATZ also states that this reincarnation of the Thurnderbolt Roller Coaster is the first fully custom built ride in 87 years, since the Cyclone in 1927.

Other versions of the video can be viewed at Luna Park’sYouTube channel

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Performance Benefit For Coney Island USA

Courtesy of Coney Island USA
SoHo Rep, a support hub for local contemporary theater throughout New York City is hosting a benefit performance to aid the cultural arts center, Coney Island USA to help them in their recovery and restoration efforts from Hurricane Sandy.  The benefit performance will take place Sunday, November 26th 2012 at
The critically acclaimed production is entitled "We are Proud to Present A Presentation..." by Jackie Sibblies Drury which The New York Times called "An inventive new play...with incendiary results" and Flavorpill named it "one of the best shows of the year." 

All proceeds for this performance will go to help Coney Island USA in our recovery efforts. Thanks Soho Rep.!

Click here for further info and to purchase tickets in advance!

Soho Rep.
46 Walker Street (between Broadway and Church)
New York, NY 10013
By Subway: Franklin St (1)
Canal Street (J, M, Z, N, Q, R, W, 6)
Canal Street (A, C, E)

Bring Back The Boardwalks Fund Raiser

Here is the press release from the organizers of the Silent Art Auction and Fundraiser to help Bring Back the Boardwalks.

BRING BACK THE BOARDWALKS FUND RAISER to benefit the rebuilding efforts in the Far Rockaways and Coney Island Silent auction on Saturday, November 17th from 2pm - 9pm at Trais Gallery in Soho, located at 76 Wooster Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY. 

What: BRING BACK THE BOARDWALKS will donate 100% of the proceeds of the silent auction to the recovery and rebuilding of the communities of the Rockaways and Coney Island. As New Yorkers, so many of our memories are connected to the boardwalks of these wonderful places so close to NYC in the Rockaways and Coney Island. We are all rallying together to help these places recover, rebuild and... come back again. 

ARTISTS:  Alex Sherker, Amanda Wachob, Annie Purpura, Ashley Love, Ben Pier, Billy Gray, Bryce Oprandi, Carter B Smith, Chris Rubino, Chuck Donoghue, Claire Vuillemot, Claw Money, Craig Wetherby, Curtis LOVE ME, Chris Mendoza, David Cook, David Ellis, Dennis McNett, Distort, Damon Way, Dan Flores, Dan Sabau, Deanne Cheuk, Dave Ortiz, Eli Gesner, Eric Patton, FAILE, Fernando Lions, Futura, Giovanni Reda, Greg Bogin, Greg Simkins, Harif Guzman, Hilliary Fisher-White, Ira Chernova, Jack Sabback, James Muchmore, Jason Campbell, Jason Goldwatch, Jeff Mayer, Jeremy Fish, Jen Davis, Joana Seitz, Jocelyn Wilkerson, John Lehr, John Roman, Julian Gilbert, Karine Laval, Kisha Bari, Luis Tinoco, Mariah Robertson, Marilyn Rondon, Megan Burns, Mia Graffam, Micah Ganske, Michael Halsbald, Mike Aul, Milton Glaser, Natalie Keyssar, Nick Sethi, Nina Hartmann, Othello Gervacio, Pablo Power, Paul D. Miller, Paula Scher, Pat Conlon, Peter Donin, Peter Huynh, Peter Pabon, Peter Sutherland, Phil Frost, Ricky Powell, Rostarr, Rob Jest, Sabrina Elliott, Sam Friedman, Schandra Singh, Shawn Barber, Shie Moreno, Shepard Fairey, Stack-Aly, Stash, Sue Kwon, SWOON, Tamara Santibanez,Tat Ito, Todd St. John, Tom Sachs, Twiggy Levi, Vanessa Rondon, Wyatt Neumann 

BRING BACK THE BOARDWALKS Committee:  Ulli Barta, Marilyn Rondon, Dave Ortiz, Tim Strazza, Wyatt Neumann, Elijah Wood, Spike Jonze, Adrian Grenier,  Dante Ross, Paul D. Miller, Willy Wong, Kelley Campau, Joy Deibert, Kyrie Tinch 

When: Saturday, November 17th from 2pm-9pm 

Where: Trais Gallery in Soho, located at 76 Wooster Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY. 

Contact: Bringbacktheboardwalks@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zipper Documentary's Encore Screening

One of the best Coney Island documentaries screens again at the NYC DOC film festival this Thursday, November 15th at the IFC Center located at 323 Sixth Avenue. "Zipper - Coney Island's Last Wild Ride", directed by Amy Nicholson.

Q and A after screening with directer
The film follows the closing of a long-time running carnival wild ride; the Zipper and its operators as they are forced to zip up and shut their Coney business. What started as a small film about the stomach-churning ride, turned into a full scope of the greed and politics behind the fight and plight of the world famous amusement area in Brooklyn, New York. The film's director, Amy Nicholson, presents a well-informed and entertaining look at the up and back between power figures and their critics. Both reactionists and those really effected by its change. At times, facial reactions by speakers, breeds new statements which speaks for themselves.

After the first showing at the SVA Theater, there was a question and answer session by the festival's moderator and the film director. Audience members were treated to fun Coney gift bags, and a invited to the after-party.

After screening gift bags

"Zipper: Coney Island's Last Wild Ride" film celebrate it's encore presentation with two more showings at the IFC Center located at 323 Sixth Avenue at W. 3rd Street, Thursday, November 15th at 3:00 pm and then again at 9:30 pm.

Visit the Zipper's Facebook page for updates.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

First Snowfall In Coney Island

The first winter storm of the season was a light snow fall for the New York area but a further annoyance for those that just recently got power back and started to dry up from Hurricane Sandy.  But winter storm Athena was no Sandy, and it wasn't expected to be.  Snow mixed with rain causing slippery conditions was it's worse outcome, for most people.  Some did lose power right after it came back on after superstorm Sandy put them in a blackout for many days.

Last week the hurricane washed sand inland past the boardwalk, and the sand dunes, some created by winds, others by releif workers for the cleanup, got a coating of Athena's snow.  As well, the debris-laden beach received a blacket of snow, obscuring any evidence of a hurricane aftermath.

But signs of a post-storm Coney was evident from the stacks of furniture and merchandise from businesses that were piled outside to be hauled away by santitation.  The non-profit Coney Island USA organization also lost merchanise that was destroyed by the storm.  For me it was a tempting pile of 'garbage'.  Coney beer glasses from the Shmaltz beer company, Coney Pilsner bike shirts, and other Coney t-shirts and items sadly destroyed and now useless with no value.

Overall, the quiet white boardwalk was still with nothing but Tom's Restarant open with some activity.  A few guests coming in to warm up and eat, as well as a few Coney denizens strolling in and utilizing the corner boardwalk restaurant as a meeting place.   Coucelmember Domenick Recchia walked in tall and celebrity-like to meet with a group of people at the back of the restaurant. A few usual Coney figures like Stanley Fox were slumming around the Restaurant.   

The clean up and relief seems to have slowed down compared to last week.  More assesment needs to be made in order to get a better picture on what the outcome for the coming Spring and Summer seasons will be.

Coney Vid: Coney Historian Braves The Hurricane

He dared to stay and confront the crashing waves of Hurricane Sandy as she roared onto land and flooded the shoreline at Seagate Brooklyn. Coney Island historian and author Charles Denson braved the flooding waves to make his video. This is rare footage that shows how the sea level rises in a storm and gushes in over the shoreline and begins its path of havoc and destruction.

Hurricane Sandy Devastates Sea Gate And coney Island

Posted by Coneyologist [YouTube]

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Relief Efforts In Coney Island Continue Needing Your Help

Image Courtesy of Timothy Murray

Coney Island took a big hit with hurricane Sandy. Though the Huffington Post writes about the uncertainty of Coney Island; hanging in the balance - Coney Island's cleanup is still in need of more help in order continue with the relief efforts.

We could use the following to assist in cleaning up our flooded Ground floor at 1208 Surf Ave. - Daily food for workers, coffee maker, filters, coffee, dehumidifiers, fans, squeegees, mops, mop buckets, protective clothing such as hazmat suits, household heavy duty rubber gloves, N95 disposable respirators, paper towels, cleaning cloths, brooms, Lysol concentrated cleaner, disinfectant. If you are able to donate any of the above items, we would kindly accept them from Noon - 6pm, seven days a week. Please bring or ship to Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave. Brooklyn NY 11224. We are between Stillwell Ave and West 12th street.

Visit Coney Island USA website for more information:

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beyond Coney: Video Compilation Of Superstorm Sandy

New York is only beginning to assess the damage, the clean up, and all the repair work ahead. This was one of the worst storms in our recent history.  Here is a compilation of videos that were posted on YouTube in the last couple of days titled or tagged with Sandy hurricane and storm.  Granted, some posters uploaded videos that may not actually be from Sandy but some were hard to tell for sure. It seems like palm trees are in the background in one clip, but we took the liberty to let one pass for creative expression.  All YouTube posters have been credited at the end of video.

Hurricane Sandy - the superstorm!  A YouTube Compilation

Description: October 28 -30, 2012, the North Eastern United States experienced one of the worst storms in history.  This is a compilation of YouTube videos about the storm that wreaked havoc on the north eastern United States.

Posted by: Omar Robau [YouTube]
A KinetOscope presentation