Saturday, July 15, 2006

Gangs back in Coney? The Warriors revisit their old stomping grounds this August 2nd

The Netflix Rolling Roadshow celebrates classic American movies by screening them in the locations they helped make famous. And to kick of the Rolling Roadshow – first up to the plate with bats in hand are “The Warriors”.
Each screening will include cast reunions and question-and-answer sessions with the filmmakers. As well as a special interactive event for each screening. Interactive? No, this is not smell-a-vision. This is something more.
In the movie, a rival leader kills Cyrus and the Coney Island gang called "The Warriors" is wrongly blamed for his death. Quickly, the cops and every gang in the city are after the Warriors. In the film, the Warriors make their way from one end of New York to their home turf back in Coney Island.
So, too, will your gang run the gauntlet, traversing all five boroughs on the subway if you
choose to join "The Warriors Subway Scavenger Hunt."

The scavenger hunt will take place before the movie.
1:00 PM
97th Street and Riverside Park

Here is the scenario:
The Warriors Subway Scavenger Hunt
Teams can sign up in groups of nine delegates. All participants are requested to be in full "colors", just as gang members are in the film. Cyrus will be there to kick off the rally and give your team instructions. The team that arrives at the screening location first with all aspects of the scavenger hunt completed wins.

Grand Prize:
Nine leather "Warriors" vests, and an August 3rd brunch with the cast and crew of The Warriors!
To sign up for the scavenger hunt;
click here.

If you get to the screening in one piece – the movie goes on at:
8:30 PM
Asser Levy Park amphitheater
Between Sea Breeze and Ocean Parkway at W. 2nd street (off Surf Avenue)
Coney Island, NY

Good luck and please scavenge safely.

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