Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Coney Film Docs On DVD

Six historic Coney Island short subjects on one tape.
You can get these wonderful short films on DVD (high quality transfers direct from 16mm prints) with deep and richer colors than what you see through YouTube.com .
From Edison films of 1903 to 1954's "Coney Island USA." Some of the very best historic Coney stuff you'll ever see. A must for any Coney lover.
Coney Island Films Collection
Obtained through Coney Island U.S.A.'s Gift Shop
"Coney Island" (1939)
"Shorty at Coney Island" (1939)
"A Day's Outing" (1930)
"Coney Island USA" (1954)
"Edison Films" (1903-04)
Available in both DVD & VHS
a bargain for $25.00

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