Friday, October 27, 2006

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A slight error on the map that was posted here outlining the Thor properties was brought to our attention by a Coney-Isle-O-Phile who goes by the name of Thor-Hater, a business operator in Coney and also a frequent commentator on the Coney Island USA bulletin boards, which is in fact where KC first learned about the Thor tenants being given 'eviction' notices.

Also, to correct a misstatement in the Gothamist web site:
Kinetic Carnival did not speak with Mr. Dick Zigun. Zigun was replying to Thor-Hater on the CIUSA board.

map correction:
Thor does not own the building on the corner of W.12th & Surf Ave housing the Coney Island USA to the Surf Express car service.

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ABC reporter went to Coney Island to interview Thor tenants

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