Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Found Dreamland Relilc On Display At Coney History Project

Image courtesy of Gregory P. Mango (NY Post)

As announced by the Coney Island History Project yesterday: The newly found Dreamland Pier bell that once welcomed guest by steamboat to Coney Island has been found resting in its murky grave, twenty five feet below sea level, for almost one hundred years by commercial diver Gene Ritter. Ritter found the bell last November and this week went under with his team to bring the relic out. The Dreamland bell will be on display at the Coney Island History Project for a short time until a permanent home is found (hopefully) in Coney Island.

Free Exhibit: Coney Island Bell on View at History Project under the Cyclone

Special exhibition for Labor Day Weekend – September 5-7, Hours are 1- 6 pm

From the History Project press release:
The historic Coney Island Bell from the old Dreamland Park was raised from the ocean floor yesterday after nearly 100 years underwater. Charles Denson, Executive Director of the Coney Island History Project is pleased to announce that the Bell will be on special exhibition this weekend at the History Project‘s exhibition center under the Cyclone roller coaster. Also on view will be period photos of Dreamland and the Bell along with Charles Denson’s photos documenting the raising of the Bell. The Coney Island History Project’s free public exhibition center is located under the Cyclone at 824 Surf Avenue just east of W 10th Street. FREE ADMISSION for One and ALL! The center is open for Labor Day weekend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Sept. 5-7). Hours are 1 to 6 p.m.

The 500-pound brass bell once welcomed visitors arriving at the pier of Coney Island’s old Dreamland Park, which was on the site of the New York Aquarium. The following Channel 7 News video shows the bell arriving at the dock yesterday after a successful rescue mission by the team from “Cultural Research Divers.” The historic bell survived the Dreamland fire of 1911 and was discovered after a 20-year quest by Coney Island diver Gene Ritter.

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