Monday, November 23, 2009

Saving Coney Island Depends On You!

The plan to revitalize Coney Island made a big step forward last week when the Bloomberg Administration announced the City will be purchasing seven acres of land from developer Thor Equities. While this releases a big hold from a developer who seemed to only descend on Coney Island under the false impression to change it for the better and only reveling himself themselves as another speculator in the end, the city still needs to modify the current plan in order to keep Coney Island alive with the same character and spirit it has always thrived on.

A word out from the Save Coney Island group makes it loud and clear:

This is good news, but it's not enough to save Coney Island

We're concerned that the City's plan for Coney Island leaves only a narrow strip of land for outdoor amusements. This tiny amusement area would be hemmed in by four high-rise hotels rising up to 27 stories. To add insult to injury, these proposed hotel towers would be built on top of many of Coney Island's most historic buildings, obliterating what remains of Coney Island's rich past.

If this plan is executed, it would ruin Coney Island forever.

Save Coney Island is committed to doing everything we can to fix this plan and making sure that Coney Island reaches its potential as a world-class amusement destination - as the playground of the world.

But we need your help. Over the next few weeks, Save Coney Island will be announcing exciting new initiatives to ensure both the short- and long-term success of the People's Playground. We need you to be a part of our effort. If you have skills to offer as a volunteer, please let us know. If you can donate money, that would be terrific.

With your support, we will help to make Coney Island great again.

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