Friday, November 19, 2010

The Boardwalk Blues Un-HOOPLA!

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The past few weeks in Coney Island have been tainted with a disrespect for the old.  A killing spree starting with the old Coney Island Bank Building by Thor Equities and a big sweep-away of practically all of the old businesses along the boardwalk.  But the resistance by Coney Island denizens to preserve their endeared history was, once again no match for the big greedy developer and the new big amusement operator on the block - while the city allowed it all to happen.  They served as the accomplice.

Here are some of the links to the past few weeks.  Unlike a couple years ago, Coney Island links have have increased greatly due to the enormous growth of blogs and news sites.  Here are a few highlights!

Preserving the Best of the Boardwalk
Mourning Coney Island Institution, Ruby's Bar, 1934-2010

Coney Island boardwalk sweeping out all the old businesses

Ruby’s, a Coney Island Institution, Closing for Good

Coney Island Takes One Step Closer to Disneyland
Complete Shmendriks Destroy Coney Island Boardwalk

The Coney Island Bank Building Is Gone Forever – R.I.P.

Evicted Coney Island Businesses Say They Won't Go
Why Not Tear Down Coney Island?

Coney Bank Building Demo Halted

Coney Island Loses Historic Bank Building

Coney Island Bank Building Demo Stopped... For Now

Demolition of Coney Island Bank Building Halted: Full Stop Work Order Issued


 A Zillion HOOPLA!

Joe Sitt’s Gang Punches Holes in Bank of Coney Island Building
DOB Stops Thor Demo of Coney Island Bank, Cites Hazardous Conditions
Thor Resumes Demolition of Doomed Bank of Coney Island
Nov 16: Concrete, Wood or Plastic? Discussion on Future of Coney Island Boardwalk
First Pieces of Zamperla Flying Coaster Arrive at Coney Island’s Future Scream Zone
This Week in Coney Island: Party at Paul’s Daughter, Hypocrisy at NYCEDC

Featured Video Hoopla:

Historian Charles Denson; Ruby’s Daughter Speak for the Real Coney Island

Denson; "These are family businesses. These are businesses that are Coney Island. This is Coney's not some plastic amusement park.  And it's not some generic, gentrified restaurant.  This is the real Coney Island".

Audio Hoopla:

In Memory of Scott Fitlin 1962-2010

What's Coney Island Without Ruby's?

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