Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coney Island Shuts Down For Hurricane Irene

Image courtesy Jim McDonnell (facebook)

As Mayor Bloomberg announces Coney Island and the rest of Zone A to evacuate before the first major threat of the 2011 hurricane season hits the north eastern states, police SUV's rove the streets warning Coney residents to leave, boardwalk businesses board-up and flee, and all Coney events cancel and post-pone.

The CIDC's Coney Island Fun Guide has put out an important Hurricane Announcement.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke this morning from Coney Island informing New Yorkers about the city's transportation and power stoppages during the hurricane. Most of Coney Island events for the weekend have been canceled.  They include: The Cyclones baseball game, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, and CIUSA's Ask The Experts Series.  Indie Rob Leddy, Coney Island USA administrator has put out detailed information on the Coney Island USA message board about event cancellations and postponements for their organization. 

Many Coney Islanders are bracing for what is not a usual event in New York.  They are expressing their concerns on their Facebook spaces.  "Starting to slightly rain in Coney - breeze going - waves crashin", writes Rubys Host.  "I think it's time to go to the grocery store, you know, before hell breaks loose", says Coney photographer Lorna Keuning.  Lola Star, hopes to be laughing after it's all over, realizing we were all just being over-cautious. "I hope we laugh about the paranoid way we fortified you [her store] by making a wall with our outdoor displays and sandbags to keep the water out", she writes on her Facebook.  It now seems that paranoid we're not being. Irene is considered a major threat despite its waning strength.  "The Red Flags of Coney Island were back in force tonight as they prepare for Irene", writes Jim McDonnell with his photograph (image above) on Facebook. 

(Image courtesy of Eric Kowalsky)

Coney photographer, Eric Kowalsky snaps an ominous shot of W. 12th Street, which depicts an impending doom to loom over Coney in the next few hours.

To maintain a current live view of Coney Island's amusement area, keep an eye on EarthCam's Coney Island Cam. (hopefully a constant picture stream will not be affected by the Hurricane).

The beach along Zone A, stretches from Sea Gate to past Manhattan Beach. And is under a mandatory evacuation ordered my New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. A mandatory evacuation has, supposedly, never been ordered in the New York City area in our life time.

In 2008, KC reported about a possible flood of biblical porportions that could inundate America's Playground.  As reported in the Weather Channel's documentary, "It Could Happen Tomorrow".  the documentary depicts the possibility that scientists predicts could happen in the next couple of years when the next big hurricane travel up the east coast could head directly for New York City.  Let's hope this scenario doesn't happen here tomorrow. 

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