Thursday, September 22, 2011

11th Annual Coney Island Film Festival Line Up

The 11th Annual Coney Island Film Festival starts its weekend of screenings this Friday, September 23rd, 2011 and runs through Sunday, September, 25th 2011.  The screening venues will be at:
SIDESHOWS BY THE SEASHORE 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor and CONEY ISLAND MUSEUM 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd Floor including a special screening at The New York Aquarium's 4D Theater.

The line up for the festival include:

"The Last Immortal", a documentary film by Charles Denson kicks off the festival,  It screens at the Coney Island Museum at 1208 Surf Avenue on the 2nd floor at 7:30.

"Somebody's Hero"
The festival boasts 16 programs, full of short and feature length narratives, and documentaries.  Opening night parties on with live sideshow featuring Insectavora and Kryssy Kocktail and burlesque performances by Lefty Lucy, Creamy Stevens, and Sizzle Dizzle.  Plus variety acts and go go girls.  You can do both the party and opening night screening with the festival pass. 
"Guard Dog Global Jam"
Program 1 has; Tony Sirico from "The Sopranos" and "Somebody's Hero" about an accountant who moonlights as a superhero.  Program 2 includes a few animated films like "Guard Dog Global Jam", and "Place Stamp Here", in addition to short films exploring the lives of young adults, which include "Perspective", "DayDreams", and "Three Things".   Program 3, features the full-length "Nefertitty", which looks like some hilarious send up of the seventies underground cinema gone Tarantino!  But the titties 'nefer' ends, 'cause "Love Is Hard: A Burlesque Fairytale" screens right afterwards. 

Program 4, and Program 5 gives you a bit more serious fare of the mysterious and spooky.  An aging escape artist goes over the edge in, "Goodbye Winter", while a "Posthumous Proposal" is made when a widower attempts to suppress his grief by altering his perception of reality.  There is an awkward meeting at an "After-School Special", while a lonely "Imposter" is desperate for a woman.  In the feature film "The Super", looks like he may go over the edge with his tenants.  Program 6 seems to offer a bit of the surreal with a Psycho-Fugue Circus in "Carny", and hopelessness and paranoia set into the "Holes for Eyes".  There is also "A Fable about Beauty", some "Good Taste", and feelings that are brutally unmasked at "The Dinner Meeting".
"The Open City"
There are dolls and animated characters running around in Program 7, amidst a portrait of the city as "The Open City" makes New York artists open their eyes.  Program 8 will downright horrify you!   You'll see "Boys From Coney Island" in Program 9, which also includes a silent film, "Ode To Charlie" and celebrity Chef Ronnie leads a double life in "The Craving".  A yearly ritual brings "The Warriors" - and they'll be waiting for you in Program 10.  "Tom And Sabrina Divorce" in Program 11 as "Ma In Her Kerchief" comes to terms with death, and her daughter in law.  There's a "Hidden Star" and a "Dame Factory" along with a "First Kiss", and a "Heart Break", and a few ladies of Booby Hatch that say "Suck It!", all in Program 12! Oh, there's also a film about boners with a "Flagpole".

Light fare and music can be found in Program 13.  A music video, a "Death of a Popstar", and "Tommy's Pumpkin" screen in Program 14Program 15 features a "Heavy Metal Picnic", and a "Great Disaster", while a documentary film takes an in-depth look as "Long Island Uncovered", visits the chaos, trials, and tribulations in the life of musicians.  When it comes to Coney Island films you can "Take Me There" anytime.  Whether it's to "Shoot the Freak"or "Save Coney Island", "A Day In The Life of Coney Island", is more than a "Neptune Jam" beside the "IC Waters'.  Program 16 also screens "The Blue Umbrella", which looks like another Coney Island funny film by filmmakers Amanda Jencsik and Chris DePierro.
"A Day In The Life Of Coney Island"

A special screening will be held at the New York Aquarium's 4D Theater, Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 5:30 and is of free admission. Screening will be "Atlantic Crossing: A Robot's Daring Mission"

This year Coney Island's Film Festival's Saturday Night Party starts at 7pm at the New York Aquarium, which features the bands Moto Wrays and Spanking Charlene.  Also some more burlesque and sideshow performances along with a few more go go girls.  Hosted by Adam the First Real Man.  Don't miss this huge event under a huge tent.

For detailed venue locations and prices, visit the Coney Island Film Festival website.
Order your tickets before more programs are sold out!

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