Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pic-O-Day: Modern Beach Shop Signage

(Image courtesy of Sam Dow)

In this photo, by Sam Dow, the Brooklyn Beach Shop located on the Coney Island Boardwalk boasts a throwback feel with a modern attitude.  This version of a Steeplechase / Tillie funny face looks like some sort of baseball team or brewery company mascot.  It proudly stands atop of the Brooklyn Beach Shop along with the rest of the boardwalk shops that have donned on a modern look with their signage.  This is something most of the new Coney Island has become.  A shiny Zamperla influence for sure, though impressive and likable, for us anyway.

In a post last May, Amusing The Zillion commented on the new signs; "The new look for the Boardwalk includes lighted custom signs replacing much of the quirky hand-painted signage of recent decades. One of the Boardwalk’s new stores, the Brooklyn Beach Shop, is a shining example of the new Coney Island. Located between the entrance to Scream Zone and Ruby’s Bar, the glass-fronted storefront features custom brickwork and a 6-foot-tall stone Steeplechase face sculpted by Italian artist Mario Ambroselli."

The souvenir shop owned by Maya Haddad and her father Haim Haddad, sells beach gear and t-shirts.  They also own and operate the wonderful Coney Island Beach on Stillwell Avenue right behind Nathan's.
This recent photo above from Sam Dow and a friend, who call themselves photo bugs, is part of their collection of pictures taken on their annual trek to Coney Island.

[Image of The Brooklyn Beach Shop signage lit up at night taken by Amusing the Zillion is after the jump]

(Image courtesy of Amusing The Zillion)

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