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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coney's Season-End HOOPLA !

Image by brandonj74 (

Last Ride at Astroland [Village Voice - Runnin' Scared by Neil DeMause
Some Coney Island Rides Pack It Up...For Good [Gothamist]
Coney Island's Zipper and Spider sold to Honduras [NewYorkOlogy]
Coney Island's Loss Is Honduras' . . . [Bridge and Tunnel Club Blog]
Coney Island Folklore: Alive on the Inside [Icky in Brooklyn]
Who Will Front for Thor in Coney Island Now? [Curbed]
Long Island Woman [Long Island Woman]
Coney Island [Glob]
Coney's Astroland Closes [The Real Deal]
Today is the Last Day of Coney Island's 2007 Season [Gothamist]
Goodbye, Astroland? [T-Sides]
Last Train To Astroland [Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog]
Astroland Coney Island [The Rix Mix]
Weekend Wisdom [NewMRadio]
Coney Island Fireworks * Rally on Sunday [Found In Brooklyn]
Astroland's Last Day [NY Magazine - Daily Intelligencer]
Coney Island Carousel RFP Due Oct. 17 [The Carousel News and Trader Magazine]

Coney Island in the 20th Century: In pictures [The Bowery Boys]
Coney Island: Last Day for Astroland [Brit in Brooklyn]
Coney Island [AMG Photography]

As Change Nears, Coney Islanders Keep Dreaming [Posscope]
Coney Island [Ann Heppermannn and Kara Oehler]

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