Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Eak the 'Freak Lawyer' Geek

The popular former Coney Island Sideshow performer, Ed Arrocha A.K.A. Eak the Geek, who's been traveling across the country performing his shtick has been eloquently writing about his travels on his MySpace blog. He has landed back to his law studies to follow in the steps of his father and brother. He told the AM New York newspaper that he wants to be a 'freak lawyer' and work with 'alternative' people, "the so-called riffraff, to give them legal representation that is not judgmental." He said 'Eak the Geek' is the performance but that he is also a person.

AM New York writes:
"The people here are very curious about me," he said. "I'm the new zoo animal here." Arrocha, a burly six feet tall with tattoos from his shaved head to his toes, acknowledges that his new career will bring a fashion challenge: "I've never had to tie a tie before."

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