Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boardwalk Businesses To Get 2008 Leases! Astroland Could Be Next!

According to some buzz created at Monday night's Save Coney Island meeting which was held in Williamsburg, Dianna Carlin of Lola Staar boutique who organized the meeting, mentioned that she received word from Thor Equities that "all was good" regarding the possibility of 2008 lease extensions for her business.

Wednesday night after the Community Board 13 meeting Dianna Carlin told Kinetic Carnival that she received official word that her business, along with others under Thor Equities like Ruby's Bar and Cha Cha's, have been offered leases for 2008. She also mentioned that she had asked whether the lease would include a gag order like the one that was forced upon her with the original lease version for 2007 and which was later removed. She said she did not get a definite answer. Even though she and the other business operators have yet to examine actual leases for signing, Dianna was very optimistic and excited about staying in business for next year.

Also last night at the Community Board 13 meeting Astroland owner/operator Carol Albert seemed unusually positive yet tight-lipped - which in light of this news leads one to believe that Astroland has been offered a reasonable lease offer for next year. Official details will most likely hit the news stands in the morning, since there probably has been some press release sent to the media.

This does not come as too much of a surprise since it would be a bad move on the part of Thor Equities and Joe Sitt to leave empty lots for next year since they'll be no construction. Even if this would be their tactic to press this administration or the next to rezone, time seems to be necessary to reconfigure a new strategy.

Carlin also mentioned that buzzing around is the possibility that Michael Bloomberg or someone in his administration will be making some sort of important announcement very soon.

On another note: The Community Board 13 meeting did not have attendees bring up much of the issues regarding concerns to save Coney Island from the rezoning that could hurt its amusement district.

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Astroland is saved, and news on the upcoming zoning changes at nycartsculture!