Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ratner & Gehry Eyeing Coney Again?

Recently, the NY Post’s Page Six reported that Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry were spotted eating hot dogs at Nathan’s in Coney Island. Speculation began to resurface as to the possibility of them scoping out Coney for the Nets stadium.

Whether courting, once again, the idea of dunking the Nets onto Coney, something inspired by the recent hearings for the Atlantic Yards environmental lawsuit, the arena could be a thorn to many who are trying to keep the spirit of Coney amusements alive.

Over at the CIUSA board, frequent and thorough poster; Switchback believes if this is the case and the Atlantic Yards end up arenaless, then this will end up as another failure for this administration in regards to dealing with developers. Switchback writes:
As for dropping the Nets from the Atlantic Yards project, I would have hoped that after all the trouble, rezoning, street remapping, and eminent domain the city has done for Ratner as well as the public money sunk into that project, that there was some sort of legal obligation that Ratner actually bring the Nets to that site. After all, the arena was supposed to be the centerpiece of the project. If Ratner can simply remove the arena from the project and continue on then he could also potentially sell the team to someone who would in turn either keep them in Jersey or move them to a completely different state. I have always said that the Ratner/Nets deal set up a dangerous precedent where from now on developers will see sports teams as the key to pushing through their controversial projects.
Some time ago, Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn (who made the case for the Nets arena in Coney) submitted a locational analysis of the arena in Coney Island as comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Despite it probably being an obstruction for the nearby property proposed for residential buildings by Taconic Investments - amusement preservationists would also find it an obstruction that does not fit in with what they wish for in the area. It seems nobody wants the arena. Let’s hope if the Nets are being considered for Coney again – that this does not become a battle between North and South Brooklynytes.

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