Monday, February 01, 2010

Did Coney Lovers Save The Future Of The Astrotower?

Images courtesy of Captain Nemo (left) and Pablo57 (right)

This past week Captain Nemo and Pablo57, regular posters on the Coney Island USA message board, noticed a huge but easliy overlooked pool of gushing water on the former Astroland lot. They called 311 and were able to get the problem temporarily fixed by the city. If left to the woes of neglect as we have seen in the past couple of years with the likes of Thor Equities, the city could have easily overlooked this problem which could have damaged the base of the Astrotower. Or could it have? Perhaps. But thanks to the help of these two with their keen eye, we don't have to worry about it.

Here is Captain Nemo's account of the situation:

Walking along the site, it struck me strange to see the large water pond in the middle.

Now what bothers me about this water leak, think about what is very nearby, a 200 foot steel tower. How much soil erosion can happen before it undermines the base of the observation tower??

I called 311 today, emphasized the danger and the amount of water and how long its been like this, and asked if they will dispatch someone today. She said yes, will have to see.Forgot to mention this. NYC law says in each building they have to post a sign giving a number to complain to the DEP about water leaks, forget it, the number been disconnected.Bruce

I asked him what were the chances it did any damage to the foundation of the tower, he asked when it started, I told him I noticed it yesterday at least, he didnt know the answer.He told me there is a crew who will get here later today and by tonight it will be fixed. Said this isnt a major job.

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