Monday, February 22, 2010

More Summer Of Zamperla: The 'New' Future Of Coney Island

Hail to the city for saving Coney Island with the help of an Italian amusement ride company for shoving off Thor Equities to the side and showing them how to better remake Coney Island with a new renaissance full of better designed carnival rides over a fresh coat of asphalt!

They claim this is just the beginning. Let's hope they mean it.
Rememember this?...
They [Thor Equities] promised us the future of Coney Island but instead hauled in old carnival rides, swindled some sideshow operators, carted in the portable crank shows, and left us rotting tents still wreaking from a useless flea market.

We're putting our hopes up for Zamperla, but we'll smile broader when the original attractions designed for Coney are presented. In the meantime, with 94 days of this posting for the grand opening we hope they don't start late like their predecessor. You can keep abreast of updates on their LunaBlog and for those in need of employment - you can apply under their 'job opportunities' page. Hiring for the future Luna Park are positions for: ride operators, park services, retail, game operators, tickets, food & beverage and more.

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