Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lola...The Shiniest Star Above Planet Coney

If one person has all the zing zing and bally hoopla of the Coney kind...it's Lola Star.  Her Burlesquesque sparkling style keeps popping up everywhere like Coney rabbits overloading on pink popcorn!  From the rebirth of the boardwalk boutique to the long anticipated shiny spot at the subway terminal, and now all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge to the hottest pink pop-up this side of Houston Street in Manhattan's Soho district!

A soft opening for the Soho location is going on right now.  Every day from 11 am to 7pm.  Located at 435 Broome Street at Broadway.  The official opening will be on October 23, 2010 for this 1,500 square feet of pure Coney Island magic!
Lola Star boasts:
Unicorns, shooting stars, roller skates and rock and roll bunnies... All my seven year old fantasies have exploded into day glow rainbow reality in our massive new pop up boutique in Soho!
Coney Island was named by the Dutch settlers. The word "Coney" is the Dutch word for Rabbit. Bunnies were the first to rock the Island we know as Coney Island. They filled it with thrills, magic and enchantment. The Dutch settlers were shocked to find that the Island was populated by millions of starry eyed bunnies, already christening the land of enchantment with their bunny pizzazz. The bunny party was already rockin' way before the Dutch settlers arrived!

This marks the third store for the Coney Island impresario.  After her original boardwalk boutique was shut down by Coney's nemesis; Thor Equities, there was a well deserved rebirth and reopening of that location on the boardwalk.  Then after a long awaited and overdue wait by the Transit Authority's over-long process, the Lola Boutique at the Stillwell Subway terminal was finally opened for the summer of 2010.

So, just in time for the fall and upcoming holiday season you can shop for all your Lola Star goodies at all three locations.  Well, there's more.  This holiday season you can also stop by the annual Union Square kiosk (not yet announced) and the hopefull return of the Lola Star Dreamland Roller Rink...?

As somewhat secretly announced on the Lola Star website; the Dreamland Roller Rink may be open again.  Or will it?  We hope so!  The Lola Star website says, "Well, start getting ready because we have some exciting plans which we cannot tell you just yet... but hopefully by springtime we will have a Dreamland Roller Rink for your to rock your roller fashion once again!"

All pictures courtesy of Lola Star

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