Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rally To Save Coney Island's History Gathers For Last Time While City Does Nothing

We've been pointing out Coney's nemesis Thor Equities for not giving Coney Island's historic district a chance to survive, but the city is equal to blame.  Last year the city saved the amusements in Coney Island by purchasing the land under the former Astroland.  But now they, are sitting still and allowing Thor Equities to bulldoze the only remaining historic buildings in Coney Island.  What seems like part of their plan with Thor Equities to allow him his chance for profit while disrespecting New York's important culture, the city is doing nothing but allow this killing spree to take place.  

The last chance to save Coney Island's historic district will take place this Saturday October 30th 2010, which will include the last walking tour of the historic area, Sunday, October 31st, before it's dead and gone thanks to greed by those who simply don't care about the city and its people but merely their own profit.

From Save Coney Island group:

Please join Save Coney Island for a rally to preserve the amusement district's endangered historic buildings.

Four of Coney Island's most historically significant buildings -- three more than a century old -- are in danger. Demolition appears imminent. Developer Thor Equities has thus far ignored the pleas of leading historic preservation groups.

We need to raise our voices and say that we want these buildings saved, restored, and made part of Coney's future.

One of the endangered buildings, the Henderson Music Hall, is where Harpo Marx made his stage debut, alongside his brothers Groucho and Gummo.

That's why we're giving our demonstration a Marx Brothers theme - "A Many Marxes March to Save Coney Island's History."


WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 30, at 11 a.m.
WHERE: Meet at the corner of Stillwell and Surf Avenues in Coney Island

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself and your friends. Signs focused on the importance of
saving these buildings and preserving Coney Island' s history are welcome. (We are
trying to keep our message as positive as possible.)

WHAT TO WEAR: Costumes are optional but welcome. In particular, we need Groucho
Marxes and Harpo Marxes! (Groucho glasses are available for $5 at most Halloween

AFTERWARD: Stick around to watch the brand-new Coney Island Children' s
Halloween Parade at noon.

Walking Tour on Sunday (last one!)
Don't miss your final chance this season to join us in our walking tour of historic Coney Island! The guided tour will cover all the historic buildings along Surf Avenue, as well as Coney's existing landmarks. We will discuss the famous history of the district and the importance of restoring its historic buildings in order to create a unique 21st Century Coney Island.

WHERE - In front of the Shore Theater, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Aves
WHEN - Sunday, October 31st at 11:00 am

FREE! (but suggested donation of $10 appreciated)

All comers get a free Save Coney Island button and a copy of our brand new Save Coney Island map! (while supplies last!)

Forward this to a friend! As always, thanks for your support!
Save Coney Island


ConeyRocks said...

Omar - When the city rezoned they split the zoning south of Surf - with land just for outdoor amusements (parkland) and land for hotels indoor entertainment and retail.

The buildings you are trying to save are zoned for hotel development, and basically they are standing in the way. The city will be starting its $150 million infrastructure spend next year to support the year round development.

I understand you want Coney developed only your way with amusements. The zoning was a compromise and will change Coney. Everybody will be very happy in the end. There is going to be a mix.

In my opinion, your anger is totally misguided and very foolish and selfish. Coney absolutely had to change. The mission of the CIDC was to make Coney year round. It wasn't to build only amusements.

ConeyRocks said...

Omar - I also told this to Brian from BKSouthie when he emailed me about a blogger get together-

I absolutely adore Brooklyn as you know Omar. But how can I attend a blogger dinner when I vehemently disagree with all of you. I honestly believe, much like the Atlantic Yards development blogger slant, all of you have had this whole scenario completely wrong from the beginning. The Bloggers did not stop Barclays Arena and the Bloggers will not stop Coney Hotels either. Not a chance in the world. It quite honestly smacks of just pure anger and bitterness to me.

ConeyRocks said...

I will leave you with this Omar - and Bloomberg mentioned it at the Atlantic Yards groundbreaking, and Ratner also mentioned it at the development of Metrotech (which was a longer harder fight than Atlantic Yards)-

Nobody remembers how long it too and how hard a fight it took to happen. People only remember that the new development DID HAPPEN.

Very very important.

Omar Robau said...

The new development will suck. With no imagination like you want.
And stop talking about hotel. What hotels, here? For what?
If anything there will be condos.

ConeyRocks said...

The zoning prohibits condos in the zone. The room size for the hotels is restricted to hotel size only. It is illegal to build condos there.

Once the old buildings are down, you guys have zero options left to stop the hotels. Absolutely zero. Hotels will be built. Guaranteed.

Omar Robau said...

Muscle, you have zero magic in you. You are so gung ho about nothing. Why do you have a blog about Coney Island just to rally about nothing. You stand for run-of-the-mill! Coney rocks because it's going to be like every where else. What's the matter, huh?

HOTELS for what? For WHAT? What are people going to need to stay here for? To shop? To bowl? To the cinema? And don't say the beach because they won't stay at one of the high-rise hotels to go to the lovely beach.

They'll be no hotels. It's all a ploy and you're falling for it.

ConeyRocks said...

Omar~ There are currently 40 hotels in. development or advanced planning in Brooklyn. Will Coney be left behind the rest of Brooklyn? Not this time. Guaranteed

Omar Robau said...

Based on a quick research. Your info seems to be what I thought. A bit narrow. But please correct me if I'm wrong.

According to NY City & Company website:, there are about 33 new hotel developments in BUSTLING areas of throughout the city from Manhattan down to north Brooklyn, like the ones recently opened.

they quote the following:
A significant number of the hotels that have opened over the past few years are located in the city’s
diverse neighborhoods – from the Bronx to the Upper Eastside to Long Island City to Downtown
Brooklyn and back to Lower Manhattan as well as Chelsea, SoHo, NoHo, TriBeCa, Flatiron, and
Harlem – where visitors can take advantage of the shops, restaurants, galleries, arts & cultural
organizations, businesses and transportation alternatives that are unique to NYC.

Where are all the shops, restaurants, and shop galleries as well as the cultural arts besides the sideshow? Oh, they're coming you say by Thor Equities? Well, aren't those temporary? Hotels in Brooklyn, yes. But at this point I don't think so in Coney Island.

ConeyRocks said...

I gotta tell you though Omar. I just can't believe you guys focused on the hotel issue when the Boardwalk businesses were the absolute only place you guys could have had an impact. I didn't see any effort made.