Monday, November 15, 2010

Coney Island USA Building Brightens Up All Night , All Year!

Image courtesy of The Great Fredini (CIUSA message board)

After always being somewhat quiet in the dark for a long time, the Coney Island USA building finally brightens up to a delight all night every night of the year.  Coney Island USA  artistic director; Dick Zigun describes the enhancements to the structure on the Coney Island USA message board:

We are two weeks away from finishing a major upgrade to the exterior of our building:

The entire facade has been power washed;  the fancy tin cornice at the top of the building is being cleaned, primed and painted;2nd floor windows frames are also being painted;  anti-bird spikes are being installed and the exterior lights (which have not worked for twenty years) have all been repaired.

The Surf Avenue facade will be illuminated every evening, 365 days a year; the West 12th Street lights will be on when we are open for business any evening.


ConeyRocks said...

Omar - It appears like the old Coney Island is becoming more and more irrelevant as the new Coney Island begins to take shape.

Scream Zone may be the most amazing new attraction yet.

Anonymous said...

Now if they would only remove the cheesy signs. They look so amateurish .