Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coney Vid: The Secrets Of The Universe Revealed

The best presentation of Coney Island yet.  Amazing still images by our Coney Island connoisseur, Charles Denson, (author of "Coney Island: Lost and Found" and director of the Coney Island History Project) brought to life in this wonderful short film, now finally revealed and displayed to the public at large.   We thank Charlie for sending us this wonderful piece that was shown at last year's 2010 Coney Island Film Festival. 

As an era that came and went with Astroland's theme of the future, along with what stayed from Coney's heyday; Coney Island was like a time machine, with reflections from both the past and the future at the same time.  Now many of those future symbols have stepped into the past, itself.  But before most of them are gone, to make way for the conventional - brought in by the power structure, they've been captured ominously in this stunning and inducing short film.  This medley of Denson's hypnotic imagery echoes the reality in a place of fantasy and wonder that's forced into the trite and predictable.

CONEY ISLAND: Secrets of the Universe

A film by Charles Denson. Coney's iconic cosmology comes into play when a mysterious crypto-governmental force seeks domination of the island. Secrets of the Universe probes Coney Island's hyper-mythological role in fantasy, neo-symbolism, and the infinite!

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