Monday, January 10, 2011

KinetOscope Video: Super Zamperla Comes To Coney Town!

While Super Nemesis Thor continues on an evil path of destruction, Super Zamperla arrives to turn Coney Town into a shiny new plastic paradise.  The hopes that Super Zamperla will save Coney, turn to fears that he is just another byproduct of the city's evil doings.  The real denizens of the island will have to take matters into their own hands and stand up for their rights and save Coney Town!

This mini-movie pokes fun at both sides of the issue in the redevelopment of Coney Island.

Super Zamperla Comes To Coney Town!

Super Zamperla In Coney Town! from ConeyHOP on Vimeo.

This video may not play in some mobile systems.  For YouTube version click here.

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