Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aquarium Model & More Renderings Presented

Design proposals for the New York Aquarium at Coney Island - Master Plan by Enric Ruiz Geli that were submitted to the Wildlife Conservation Society for consideration has now created a physical model. (pictured above) The model and new renderings, posted on Curbed, seems like a not-so-distant cousin from the dreamlike extravagant conceptions proposed by Thor for the property they own in Coney's amusement area. (If you notice what holds up this array of mesh in the Aquarium model are other mini-parachute-jumpesque pillars. You need to see the web site and view the moving pan of the model to see them)

Somehow, the Aquarium can be spared for an extreme makeover because the renderings for it have been received positively. The opposite of how people are feeling for the Thor plans. Perhaps that's because the Aquarium really isn't part of Coney's long history.

In addition to the clip panning the model you can see the clip from Coney Island at night in 1905 by Edwin S. Porterfor Edison Manufacturing Company Co.

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