Thursday, November 09, 2006

Totonno’s Claims Original "Brooklyn Style Pizza" Title

According to owner Louise Ciminieri of Totonno’s Pizza in Coney Island, thier pizza is what's reffered to as 'Brooklyn Style'. "We're the first ones", she says, when being compared to a new 'Brooklyn-style' pizza from Domino's. Domino's has launched a new marketing ad campaign along with a couple of contests and a website depicting stero-typical Brooklyn characters.
The New York Times reports: "As part of the marketing of that culture, Domino’s has started a couple of contests. One is a drawing for a vintage New York taxi, even though everyone knows it’s almost impossible to hail a cab in Brooklyn. The rest of the marketing blitz rests on television ads and on a Web site,, which features characters purchased at the Brooklyn Stereotype Store"........"Domino’s uses its standard sauce and a blend of mozzarella and provolone on the Brooklyn Style Pizza. At most slice stores in Brooklyn, you won’t find cornmeal on the crust, and the cheese is usually a blend of shredded part skim and whole milk mozzarella. The typical sauce is usually not as sweet as Domino’s, but it doesn’t compare with Totonno’s.
Totonno’s uses unadulterated tomato sauce and thin slices of fresh mozzarella hand-pulled with just a little salt in it, and a dusting of pecorino-Romano cheese."......"
Mr. Markowitz has yet to taste the Domino’s pizza. But that didn’t stop him from offering an opinion: “To our sophisticated palates, Domino’s is about as Brooklyn as Sara Lee Cheesecake is Junior’s.”

‘Brooklyn Style Pizza’ Meets the Real Deal [NYTimes]

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