Monday, November 13, 2006

New Release Of A Thor Sitt Dream

Once again, it seems that Thor Equities is going with the flow and cautiously releasing yet another glimpse into their proposed redevelopment. Since retracting the drawings from the Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn (EE&K) Architects website this summer this has been the third time they give us a release of cluttered renderings. (Aside from the un-detailed high-rise blue-colored hotel drawings that were also retracted this summer.)

Perhaps Thor is paying attention to all the comments and rantings on bulletin boards and blogs in retort to their drawings because with each announcement they come closer to reflect what people are hoping for - which could be a positive sign. Since the last release, Coney locals and buffs have been shouting for more amusements. And just last week the CIUSA bulletin board comments were declaring a more desperate need for a big rollercoaster – one that could be incorporated into the design of whatever is built at the coasters base. So, now Thor throws in a generic roller coaster and promises the traditional Coney aesthetics combined with a modern take. Yet, the drawings still seem to be rehashing the same futuristic glam-rock glitzy vision.

And like it or not they are underlining the need for the residential structures and the high-rise hotels by stating that; including them are the only ways to assure revenues for the project because amusements do not generate enough money and are too seasonal. Though this is true, what most people want to see is a bit of that old traditional Conyesque architecture finally thrown into the mix. And also a bit more concrete clarity in the next designs. These renderings are too busy and in fact have an over-the-top Vegas feel or a Salvador Dali hangover- as if they are meant to confuse and stall for answers.

Again - as of yet it looks like Thor and company still do not have a concrete vision and merely improvising and presenting to us a muddled and vague colored sketching of a Sitt dream as he rolls out of bed before grabbing his coffee and heading to Thor headquarters.

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