Tuesday, December 12, 2006

InTENT For Year-Round Amusements?

The city may be intent, on forcing...uhum...rather encouraging any amusement operators to go year-round.....or sell - but how and how much? The how much is obviously too much (An option even too steep for the Astroland's Albert family) and the how has not exactly been explained by the developer that claims everything will be year-round by 2012 or so. Perhaps one solution is a plan going up in Central Asia.

Found on Gowanus Lounge and originally reported on BBC News; A 500 foot tent or dome is planned for Astana, capital of Kasakhstan and designed by UK architect Norman Foster. The tent which will be made of special material that absorbs sunlight to create the effect of summer inside it will be built in just over a year.

BBC reports:
Underneath, in an area larger than 10 football stadiums, will be a city
with squares and cobbled streets, canals, shopping centres and golf courses.
The idea is to recreate summer, so that when the outside temperature is

-30C, the residents of the Kazakh capital can play outdoor tennis, take boat
rides or sip coffee on the pavement cafes.
Called Khan Shatyry, the project
is designed by Lord Foster, who has recently built a giant glass pyramid in
"Nothing of the sort has been done before, and from the engineering
point of view it's an extremely difficult project," says Fettah Tamince, the
head of Turkey's development company Sembol that is building the tent.
Tamince is nevertheless confident the company can complete the construction in
just 12 months.

The architect firm further explains what Khan Shatyry will do for the city of Astana:

Held by a mast, the vast tent-like cable net structure is clad in ETFE, a
material that allows light to wash the interior spaces while sheltering them
from extreme weather conditions. A park steps up the height of the building in
undulating terraces providing public space and green oases for the visitors. A
tropical water park weaves its way through the landscape and its wave pools,
river and waterfall are lit by roof lights that are seamlessly integrated into
the design. The highest terrace is a viewing deck which will offer dramatic
views over the park.At the core of the building is a large flexible space that
will form the cultural hub of the centre, accommodating a varied programme of
events and exhibitions. Complemented by 40,000sqm of retail space with a wide
range of cafes, restaurants and cinemas, as well as ample covered car park
facilities, the Khan Shatyry will offer leisure facilities for all.

So far, Thor equities has not shown any visual plans on anything year-round. All the renderings, so far, have only shown activities for the outdoors. It would be interesting to see what the big developer in Coney comes up with to make their amusements year-round - without it all being housed indoors. Otherwise the New Coney may still end up as a seasonal destination to visit during the winter and leave the summers for the outdoor.

Then again, with all those beach goers on the Coney beach - Thor may still get their audience to come on up and step inside!

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