Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vague Arquitectonica Designs for New Coney

Strange illustrations from Arquitectonica's landscape architecture and planning division: ArquitectonicaGEO. These drawings seem to be of structures on some part of the proposed Thor development. Cleary, noticeable, surrounding these structures, are what appear to be high rises. The same high rises that appeared in the earlier drawings found on the Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects website that were immediately retracted this past summer when they started popping up on blogs.

The recent Thor releases seemed cluttered and whimsical but these look vague and tamely dismal. The mini-parachutes that appeared to be a running theme seem to have morphed into jellyfish on sticks or mushroom lamps.
Whatever they are supposed to be - be it part of the midway, a hotel or condo's front entrance,
or another area away from the “amusement” side - it sure is in a completely different direction from what the last Thor renderings have presented. If those were unConey these are of another world very far from Coney.

Perhaps these are merely experimental sketches and only fodder for the ArquitectonicaGEO website.

ArquitectonicaGEO is a landscape architecture firm, focused on environmentally sensitive design. The firm explores the complex challenges of the contemporary built and natural environments, developing design solutions that balance a modern aesthetic with environmental concerns to create an aesthetic and sustainable landscape.

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