Friday, December 01, 2006

Thor UnHoopla!

photo by Stefan Falke (Stefan Falke's Eye)

Comments and reactions to sale of Astroland gathered by the great Brooklyn blog: Gowanus Lounge

Coney Island Deathwatch:
Reactions to Astroland Demise
More Eulogies

Gowanus Lounge's own emotional reaction:

Killing one of the last two Coney Island amusement parks--no matter how unspectacular Astroland might be--is like ripping out part of Coney's soul. It verges on being an act of cultural violence. This is the point at which a mayor with a sense of history and a borough president who utters more than empty cheers would step in to say, 'enough' and work to ensure that Astroland stays a genuine amusement park and that the amusement zone--which is Coney Island's historic heart--is protected by zoning.

We would love to know exactly what Mr. Sitt has in mind for Coney Island, especially in purchasing Astroland.

Other bulletin boards and threads.
Stern Fan Network excerpt: It also means that the entire area between the new baseball stadium and the aquarium
will all become private property, and that includes the beach in front. That means from now on if you want to go swimming you have to walk several blocks west from the train station. excerpt: Thor Equities Has Purchased Coney Island Yards from the MTA!!!

Cool Images: Taken by Stefan last night
Stefan Falke's Eye

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