Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Circus Headed For Coney Island For One Week: July 30th - August 5th 2007

This July 30th to August 5th The Cole Brothers Circus will set up tent and perform at Coney Island. The information came to Kinetic Carnival by an e-mail received from Renee Storey, Vice President-Administration of Cole Bros. Circus.

Joe Sitt and Thor Equities had promised the circus in Coney as well as the water slide and movie showings. One out of three so far has come true. While the Hippo water slide did not make much of a splash, the circus, though only entertaining for one week, looks like a better contender in creating a short-lived, added excitement to Coney Island.

The following is an excerpt from Renee Storey's e-mail:
Cole Bros. Circus proudly presents performers from around the world, including acrobats, aerialists, animals, and clowns from Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and the United States. The action-packed, two hour show includes ThunderDrome: MotoGlobe of Death, Suspended Sway Pole Gymnastics, Flying Trapeze, Juggling on Horseback, Aerial Ballet incorporating Revolving Ladders, Cords, Trapeze and Double Chiffon routines, Dressage and Liberty Horses, Clown Gags, Trampoline, Bungee Diving, Pastel Poodles, Hoop Acrobatics, Trampoline, The Human Cannonball, and Elephants.

With its long history of providing summer recreation and entertainment for families, Coney Island seems the perfect venue for Cole Bros. Circus. Our extended, circus family looks forward to joining the Coney Island community for a week, eager to delight area residents and visitors as well as to enjoy this wonderful, historic locale.

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