Friday, July 06, 2007

Dry Business For The Coney Water Slide

With a visit every day to the Hippo Water Slide along Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island it seems there aren't many folks interesting in taking a $3 dollar slide down the slippery inflatable wet/dry slide. The slide is actually dry until someone is about go down it - at which point a staff member turns the hose on and wets the slide. The beach chairs are $25 to rent which seems a bit pricey for sunbathing when that could be done at the beach for free. And too lofty of a price to be a spectator at the empty slide. The plywood shack next to it does some business selling cold drinks but the other items on their menu of choices are quite expensive. Lip balm is the same price as going down the slide. For a small 8 oz. tanning spray, the cough-up is $10.

Besides the high prices it's just plain awkward to have this water slide off the beach or a pool area. This kind of attraction is not intended as a stand-alone attraction. Now, if you inflate this huge Hippo on the real beach you'd get the business you're looking for. Anyone can easily predict that Thor Equities will close down the 'attraction' and remove it before the summer is up.

Many feel the that the water slide coming up dry is what Thor wants in order to claim that water amusements are not an interest to Coney goers and end up not building anything and merely flipping the property.

Let's see if Thor will bring the Cole Brothers Circus and have them pitch their tent before the summer is over.

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