Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Portrait of Coney Island

The Washington Post brings us this high quality portrait of Coney Island with panoramic views of Coney Island as well as a video which gives us a glimpse into some of what may be gone from Coney Island. Though this not the end for many of Coney Island's staples like the Cylcone, Sideshows by the Seashore, and The Mermaid Parade - this is surely the end for its other staples like Astroland and that Honky Tonk charm Coney Island has always bestowed.

With redevelopment on the way for this aging resort, Honky Tonk may give way for gentrification as Washington Post writer, Anthony Faiola reports in his article, "A Sea Change at Coney Island":
Supporters of the snazzy redevelopment say the run-down place needs a new look -- "a Coney Island for the 21st century," better suited to New York's evolution into a city that is safer, cleaner and richer than at any point in its modern history. But other New Yorkers are aghast, seeing it as the symbolic last nail in the coffin of the rough-edged fun that once made New York New York.

This city's once-serendipitous streets, they say, have gradually devolved into a bland collection of chain stores, over-conceptualized restaurants and upscale retail spaces that, while larger and higher-priced, increasingly have little else to separate them from similar fare elsewhere in America. They point to redeveloped Times Square, now kid-safe and complete with the world's largest Toys "R" Us, but bereft of urban vibe. They look at SoHo, once an edgy artists district with affordable lofts now fully transformed into multimillion-dollar spaces for
Wall Street executives and the stores that love them, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Chanel

The cheap thrills at Coney Island stood apart from the ubiquity.

(Below are sections of the panoramic images by the Washington Post)

A Sea Change at Coney Island?
Plan to Redevelop Aging Resort Pits Kitsch vs. Cash
[The Washington Post]

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