Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Before This Coney Blog There Was Another!

As with typical Coney tradition - well before the Brooklyn blogosphere exploded onto the scene a couple of years back, there was already a Brooklyn blog right here in Coney Island. And we thought Kinetic Carnival was the first Coney Island blog.

Direct from Coney Island USA, in early 2002 with a couple of posts, the Coney Island News and Events blog began. Though it lay dormant and floating out there in the world wide web, it has now been revived. This April, the blog has been started up again as a construction blog - posting about the Coney Island USA building renovations currently taking place. They also invite you to come inside and see for yourself the transformation in the process. Below are photos from the space that used to house the recruiting office.

The Coney Island News and Events blog

All New And Improved Blog!
You probably didn't even know this existed, did you?

It's been years since anyone updated this, but I'm going to jump back into things now, with a series of updates about our building project. As reported in the news, we here at Coney Island USA bought our building last year and we're starting the renovations necessary to move into the storefronts on Surf Ave. It's not a huge project by the standards of most businesses, but it's a pretty big step for us and it's going to make a HUGE difference on Surf Ave. and to the Museum.

Aaron Bebe

I guess one of the problems with working in a cave-like office with no windows or climate control deep in the bowels of an old building in Coney Island is that you forget how little the people outside actually know about what you're doing.

That's why this blog is such a
great idea.

The project is expected to be completed by mid-May with a grand opening party. The new expansion will give the museum and Freak Bar a bigger presence on the street to draw in the crowds. Also new will be the Coney Island Lager on tap, along with a few new sideshow beers, as well as brand new merchandise for sale at the giftshop.

Visit the
Coney Island News and Events blog for all the inside exclusive information!

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