Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coney In The Daily News

Over the past couple days, there have been a couple of Coney Island human interest stories in the Daily News. Frankly, it's great to see a paper like the daily news focusing on the positive side of Coney Island.

The first story was Tuesday's story on the
Coney Island Sideshow School. The web version of the story is accompanied by a nice sideshow slideshow. Considering the attention she's been getting recently, it looks like sword swallower Heather Holliday is on her way to becoming quite the celebrity.

The second story was Wednesday's installment of 'Big Town Big Dreams,' a series which features different immigrant New Yorkers who have achieved their 'dream in our great city.' In this case, the featured New Yorker was Jimmy Bissan, a Yemeni immigrant and Coney Island business owner. The article focused on the ways in which the now successful Bissan gives back to the Coney Island community.

Freakshow wanna-bes cough up $600 to attend Coney Island sideshow school [Daily News]
'You have faith in yourself and you decide you'll make it.' [Daily News]

- post by Ben Nadler

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