Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Astroland Opening Day Photos

New York Nooks brings us a nice slideshow of this year's opening day at Astroland. Though most believe this is, for sure, Astroland's last year - some folks who own businesses down here in Coney Island have heard a different buzz: That Astroland may be back for yet another year. Reason being that a closed Astroland may spell some hardship for other Coney businesses. And with plans of what's to really become of Coney Island up in the air - It's in everyone's best interest to keep Astroland open for as long as it can be.

New York Nooks writes:
Will Astroland be open again in the years to come?

“Unless there’s an interim plan to establish Astroland here for another three to five years,” said Carol Hill Albert, Astroland’s current lessee and former co-owner, “I don’t see how we can.”

The Beginning of the End for Astroland? [New York Nooks]

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