Thursday, May 01, 2008

More 'Coney' Screen Shots From Grand Theft Auto IV

Here are some screen shots and video clips from the new console game Grand Theft Auto IV (from Rockstar Games) inspired from Coney Island. The amusement zone here is called Firefly Island which is part of Liberty City.

The stills and vids that follow were found and posted by Switchback on the Coney Island USA message board. You will find references to Nathan's (here called Johnson's), Lola Staar, parked school buses, the Shore Theater (here called the Firefly), the old bank building, Coney Island USA, Astroland, and even Sea Gate (here called Beach Gate). In the game version it's the middle of winter and so everything is closed - which is also a time when the area radiates with mystic and charm.

Beach 1

Beach 2

Beach 3

Beach 4

Videos Posted by
coney112006 [YouTube]

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