Friday, May 16, 2008

Save Coney Island Demonstration

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This opening
beach day at Coney Island come out and help save
Coney Island with the Save Coney Island Demonstration. 9:45AM will be the gathering for the rally to start at 10:30.

NO to High Rises in the Amusement District. . NO to Retail, Malls or Entertainment Retail in the Amusement District. NO to shrinkage of the Amusement District from 15 acres to 9 acres! YES to preserving Amusement Zoning in the Amusement District!! YES to keeping Coney Island the People’s Playground- providing accessible Amusements for ALL to enjoy!!

Big Colorful Signs!! (see below for slogan ideas)Attend our FREE Poster making party on May 13th (details below)

We will be providing FREE Save Coney Island tee shirts to those attending the demonstration (while supplies last!!) or Wear the Save Coney Island colors electric blue, red, and yellow!!or Costumes! Glitter! Face Paint! Wear whatever costume that you feel expresses the Spirit of Coney Island!!

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!!: Download this
Save Coney Island
Demonstration Flyer
Make copies! Hang it up in your neighborhood! Pass em out!! Decorate your office with them!! Please help us promote these events!!

There will also be a sign painting party for the event as well as a brand new Save Coney Island website coming up soon.

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