Thursday, May 08, 2008

Save Coney From A Shrunken Amusement Zone

The Save Coney Island coalition of over 4,000 members has formed and is standing strong to fight for Coney Island's amusement district from being swallowed by a huge residential and retail complex. The City's rezoning plans would considerably shrink the amusement area to only nine acres.

The following is their press announcement:

For Immediate Release

New Coney Island Coalition Says:
Oppose New Zoning! Save Coney Island!

Coney Island USA, The Coney Island History Project, Citylore and the Coney Island Hysterical Society are just a few of Coney Island Community groups who have joined forces with Save Coney Island, which has over 4,000 members, to form a coalition to oppose the city’s new zoning compromise. The City's new plan almost completely abolishes the amusement industry for the sake of residential condos, hotels and retail.

The Under the new proposal, Coney Island will be overwhelmed by new residential, hotel and retail uses and amusements will be squeezed out!

Coney Island is currently zoned for 61 acres of amusements; the city’s new proposal reduces the amount of amusements to 9 acres, supplemented by retail.

This reduction of proposed space for amusements will be unable to create critical mass for the amusement area, defeating the goal of creating a world class amusement and tourist destination. This is not the grand amusement park that we were promised!

Goodbye day at the beach…hello day at the shopping mall!

25 to 30 story towers do not belong in an amusement neighborhood!

Retail is no substitute for amusements! Niketown is not a rollercoaster! Toys ‘R Us with a ferris wheel is not an amusement park!

“Amusements are not profitable” is a lie! Ask Disney, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Astroland, Deno’s or the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions!

Politicians seeking to turn Coney Island into the Mall of America are placing their own parochial interests over those of Coney Island, Brooklyn and New York City! Shades of Walter O’Malley!

There is plenty of other space in Coney Island for hotels and retail! Why destroy the amusement area forever to meet this goal?

Save Coney Island will protest the city's plan with a demonstration during the Opening of the Beach Ceremony on May 22nd in Coney Island. In glittering Coney Island style, we will demonstrate that Coney Island Community does not want malls and high-rises in the Amusement District.

Publicity Contacts:
Dianna Carlin, Save Coney Island - Lola Staar

Charles Denson, Coney Island History Project

David Gratt, Coney Island USA

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