Monday, July 21, 2008

Coney Events: Fisherman Plays the Harley Sadler Tent Show

Listen to the melody clangs of Harley Sadler as he works his xylophone at the Coney Island USA Freak Bar.

Fisherman plays the Harley Sadler Tent Show Marimba/Xylophone
Saturday, July 26th
at the Coney Island USA Freak Bar

Image courtesy Norman Blake

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susiebonds said...

I would love to see a full photo of the xylophone if you have one. Also, if there is a recording of the xylophone, I would be thrilled for the opportunity to hear the music. Harley Sadler was my adopted Grandfather. He and my father, Norman Bonds, were very close. So close that I have a sister named Harley and I was named after Harley's wife, Billie. What a joy it was to see your website.

Thank you,

Billie Suzanne (Susie) Bonds