Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More School Bus Parking On Thor Lot

Photo courtesy of me-myself-i (Flickr.com) via CIUSA board

For most of the Carnival rides that were placed at the Stillwell Avenue lots owned by Thor Equities, their stay was brief. It now seems that on their lot on W. 12th Street across from Deno's they have moved in more of those unConey yellow school buses. Some posters on the Coney Island USA message board are asking weather this is legal for a C7 zone.

It's interesting that Thor's Joe Sitt proclaims in the video below his vision for Coney Island of the future . "You take a look at a lot of Coney Island today and it's hard to believe, but you've got hundreds and hundreds of buses being kept in a storage here in the boardwalk, on the beach", says Sitt in the video clip, which attempts to win you over with their plans of a very small, tight, and vertical space of an 'action packed environment' in a dramatic rescue of Coney Island that only the Thor super powers could achieve.

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