Friday, August 01, 2008

More Of Thor's Temp Attractions Leave Coney

The World's Smallest Woman grind show brought in by Thor Equities is now leaving left the area over twelve days ago after being here in Coney Island for about a week according to Tricia who posted about it on the Coney Island USA message board.

Tricia writes:

If the intention was to draw business away from Dick, it didn't succeed. Here's a pic of a crowd watching the bally at CIUSA last weekend.

Today (12 days ago) the lot was empty again, waiting perhaps for the arrival of the other sideshows that Thor promised "to alternate throughout the summer" for his so-called "Summer of Hope." Yet to arrive are the 100 lb Rat, The world's Largest Alligator, and the World's Largest Horse mentioned in Thor's Summer of Hope/Dreamland Returns press release back in May.

Note: We appoligize to Tricia for not being accurate in this post and therefore we have made the above corrections. You can read her comment to this post below.

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Anonymous said...

World's Smallest woman is long gone--she left 12 days ago. My post on CIUSA board was on July 19. Pic of the crowd in front of sideshow was taken on July 12. But you're right--More of Thor's Temp Attractions are leaving. The rest of the carnival rides on Stillwell are all torn down and most have pulled out. It's an empty lot again