Friday, August 08, 2008

Thor's 'Summer Of Hope' Full Of Hot Air

Image by Capt Nemo (Coney Island USA message board)

Thor Equities is back with its insatiable love for cheap inflatable attractions. Last year it was the inflatable Hippo water slide and the inflatable outdoor movie screen. But now some kiddie bounce-house type party attractions have been set up on Thor's lot. Unless they will be used for a private function these are a cheap shot to the character of Coney Island. This season’s 'Summer Of Hope' promised rotating attractions in Coney Island until Labor Day weekend. But while most of that promise fell short – this only shows that Thor Equities lacks the kind imagination to come up with what’s exciting - or at least more suitable for Coney Island - especially after demolishing what was on those lots before.

Image by Capt Nemo (Coney Island USA message board)

Now Thor is trying to capitalize on popular children’s characters. If they had half that imagination they would use them as a come-on to more interesting things like The Waterboarding thrill ride by Steve Powers. A sideshow instillation that is much more in tune with the Coney character of today. Power’s come-one gives us Sponge Bob saying “I don't Gitmo better”

Photo by AnimalNY (click image to enlarge)

If a temporary inflatable kiddie park is what Thor wants to bring for the remainder of the season they should shop around for more interesting inflatable attractions like this inflatable roller coater. It even bestows one full loop. Okay don't get all excited, this is looks to be some sort of obstacle course, not a real roller coaster.

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